• Client From Canada

  • Solution We Developed Influencer Marketing App

  • Year 2018

  • Platform iOS, Android and Web

Abstract of Peersway

Influencer marketing app is a Toronto, Canada-based app that connects top brands of Canada with thousands of influencers in real-time. Rather than working with some of the influencers, our developed iOS and Android apps allow brands and agencies to work with thousands of nano influencers on a daily basis to work on their campaigns.

The registered influencers have promoted some of the top and most iconic brands across different industries like consumer-packaged goods, beauty & personal care, mobile apps and electronics, events, and more. Our developed influencer marketing service platform comes with a turn-key solution to handle different aspects of the influencer campaign like shortlisting users, communicating with influencers, reviewing posts, and handling payments.


Our Client and His Requirements

Based in Toronto, Canada, our client is running a startup that provides a completely new marketing channel for brands and agencies. The main aim of the startup is to connect brands and agencies with thousands of nano influencers for the same cost. However, our client decided to develop a mobile app for nano influencers, who are looking forward to joining campaigns of brands and agencies.

With clear requirements in mind, our client started looking for a mobile app development company that can design and develop his online marketing channel in terms of iOS and Android app, allowing influencers to register and join different campaigns. While searching for the company on Google, he found our mobile app development page and contacted us with his requirements.

Client Requirements

How We Responded

As soon as our sales representative team reviewed our client’s requirement, the team instantly understood our client’s idea and what he wanted to develop. One of our sales representatives communicated with our client to better understand his business and his idea in detail.
Then, our business team prepared WBS (work breakdown structure) to give a complete idea about the features, estimated hours to develop them and the total cost of the project. Our client reviewed it once and instantly asked us to proceed ahead and start working on his project. Moving ahead, let’s talk about the features we developed and integrated into this influencer marketing app for Android and iOS platforms.

How We Responded

Planning to build a mobile app platform for connecting brands and influencers?

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Top Features We Integrated Into This Influencer Marketing App



The first feature of this app for influencer marketers is sign-up. Following a simple sign-up process, influencers can register themselves as influencers. While registering, they need to fill details like name, contact details and answer other questions.



Once users or influencer marketers registered themselves and get approval from the admin, they can log in in the application through email id and password and explore the app.

Edit/update profile

Edit/Update Profile

Influencers can edit and update their profile with information like name, gender, age, Instagram account details, contact details, and country.

Active campaigns with details

Active Campaigns With Details

Under Active Campaigns, users can check all the active campaigns of different brands and agencies. In fact, users can check all the campaigns with complete details such as start and end date, about the brand, departments of the campaign, and cost.

Browse different campaigns

Browse Different Campaigns

Browse different campaigns of brands and agencies. Influencer just needs to swipe right to check all the campaigns along with their details like campaign requirements, FAQs, pictures/stories to post and more.

Join campaigns

Join Campaigns

With Join Campaign button, users can join the campaign that fits in their requirements. By joining the campaign, the influencer needs to post and share photos as per the requirement of the campaign.

My campaigns

My Campaigns

Under My Campaigns, influencers can check all their campaigns that are active and completed. They can check previous campaigns with details and currently active campaigns with start and end dates.

Push notifications

Push Notifications

Influencers will get regular updates and notification about new campaigns, active campaigns, start & end date of campaigns and other details.

Share your invite code

Share Your Invite Code

Influencers or app users can invite their friends, colleagues, family members and other people to start using this marketing app and earn some extra cash.


Add Campaigns With Details

The admin of the business can add campaigns of different brands and agencies who want to hire the best influencers instead of hiring one popular influencer. From the admin panel, the admin of the business can add campaigns, filling in all the required information.

Employee Administration

Verify Influencers

The admin can verify all the influencers’ requests that they receive on a daily basis. They can check and verify their profile and accept their registration request.

Inventory Records

Manage Campaigns With Progress

The admin can manage all the campaigns of different brands and agencies along with their progress. Whether it is an ongoing campaign or a completed one, the admin can check it with one click and update its status.

App Screens

Technology Stack

Programming Languages

  • SwiftSwift
  • JavaJava


  • XcodeXcode
  • Android StudioAndroid Studio


Network of over 5K influencers

Network Of Over 5K Influencers This influencer marketing app has a network of over 5K influencers, allowing them to connect with different brands and participate in campaigns.

Over 10K brands & agencies

Over 10K Brands & Agencies There are over 10K brands and agencies that are launching different campaigns for influencers. All these are registered brands and agencies that launch a campaign on a regular basis.

Over 15K successful campaigns

Over 15K Successful Campaigns This native Android app for influencer marketers has successfully completed over 15k campaigns, connecting brands, and influencers.


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