• Client FromCanada

  • Solution We Developed Cloud-based roofing process management solution

  • Year 2021

  • Platform iOS, iPad

Abstract of Roofing Management App

This Canada-based roofing app solution helps roofing contractors to go completely paperless. It helps manage customers using a mobile device, schedule the tasks, set up customized alerts, and upload photos/docs from anywhere with internet access.

With this solution, the roofing contractors in Canada add employees and can give them role-based access. The employees get a notification when the project is assigned. The user can get the entire team connected to this app and improve the efficiency of roofing projects. Moreover, the user gives access to the employees based on the job duties. Different employees have different accesses to the app as per their responsibilities.


Client’s Requirements

Our client is based in Canada and has been in the roofing and contracting business for a decade. With the increasingly paperless business, to save time in managing appointments and track employees’ tasks, he wanted to create a digital solution for roofing contractors which helped them stay organized and manage their customers with ease.

He looked to building innovative products for the roofing industry that simplifies the way they coordinate and manage the work performed. He wanted to develop a cloud-based mobile app solution that enables contractors to run the company from a mobile device with a tap of a button.

Client Requirements

What Solution We Offered to Our Client

Our client contacted us with all his requirements for this roofing management app. Since he was quite clear with his ideas and requirements, our iOS app professionals understood the client’s features to integrate into the application.

We validated his idea of developing an app for roofing contractors, gave him a breakdown structure to understand the work required, and potential risks associated with it. With the client’s approval, we started designing and developing the solution.

We have integrated several features like calendar control to ease the appointment scheduling, appointment alerts for fewer no-shows, and statistics to keep track of records about the number of estimates, projects completed, projects paid compared to the previous year.

Solution We Offered

Challenges We Faced

A minor challenge we faced during the development was the signup flow for a company and employees was not fixed. As a result, we spent much time streamlining the flow and coordinating with the team to make it up to the mark.

We didn’t face any major challenges while developing this app. Since we have experience developing mobile apps for any industrial domain regardless of any complexities, we have easily integrated all the features per our client’s requirements. Ultimately, we resolved this challenge and ended up developing this mobile app within the expected time frame.

Challenges We Faced

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Features We Integrated into Roofing Solutions

Customer Management

Customer Management

Add and manage new customers after filling in the required details like address, schedule estimate, and scope of work. It further allows you to add project photos, roof diagrams, documents, and schedules of the customers and keeps everything organized in one place.


Gantt Chart Integration

Manage the timeline, schedules, and projects like a pro. With the Gantt chart integration, the managers can see total projects in one month, time duration, start week, and end week of the project. If the project is not completed, the manager can schedule and extend the timeline.


Calendar Control

View the scheduled projects and other tasks from the calendar according to the date (newest first) with the details like task name, customer name, number, address, and time. The manager sees the time schedule of 1-hour intervals of that particular date.

Employee Management

Employee Management

With this app, the manager can add any number of employees. The manager can assign red, green, black, and different color circles, indicating each employee’s unique color code working on various tasks. Employees get the notification when the project is assigned.


Statistics Dashboard

The manager can view the graphical representation and the percentage of increment/decrement in total count (number of estimates, contracts, project completed, project paid) compared to the previous year. If the number of completed projects is higher compared to last year then it is in green color, if it’s lesser compared to last year it is black color.


Push Notifications

The manager receives notification when the customer has signed the contract, a project is completed, a project is in progress, a project is invoiced, and the total amount is paid for the project. Moreover, the manager even gets appointment reminders with the details like project status, customer name, time of the event, and address.

Role-based Access Control

Role-based Access Control

Access allowed features by the employer like the home screen, customer screen or document, or photos as per the job responsibilities assigned. Making sure employees and employers are on the same page.


Push Notifications

Receive the push notification when the job is assigned by the employer. Get instant reminders when upcoming tasks are due or the project scope is modified. No need to worry about due tasks or remembering your tasks.

Access Information

Access Information

Get instant information about the job responsibilities assigned. You have all the required data to complete your roofing job.

Technology Stack

Programming Languages

  • SwiftSwift
  • JavaJava
  • Objective-CObjective-C




  • UbuntuUbuntu


  • LinuxLinux

Computing Architecture

  • amd64amd64



Benefits of Using Roofing Solutions

Secured Storage

Provides Secured Storage and Access to Information This easy-to-use roofing mobile app can make the job easier by doing away with paper files and spreadsheets. Customer information can be tracked on the go.

Boosts Productivity

Boosts Productivity With this roof management app, the managers can easily upload customer’s data into the relevant documents. This reduces the amount of time spent on small tasks. Moreover, it simplifies the process, provides in-depth performance statistics, and monitors every project’s progress.

Enables to Stay Organized

Enables to Stay Organized Roofing contractors can organize customer profiles and sales reports in one centralized system. These documents can be accessed anytime, anywhere by the manager but only with internet access. This results in fast, efficient, and reliable decision-making.

Brings in Mobility

Brings in Mobility Roofing contractors and employees can access this solution from a mobile device at any time, anywhere. Within the tap of a button, the manager can manage projects, add new customers, and schedule appointments.

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