• Client From USA

  • Solution We Developed Event Management Website

  • Year 2018-19

  • Platform Laravel, MySQL

Abstract of Event Management Website

Space-O Technologies has designed and developed an event management website, for event startups and entrepreneurs to increase their user engagement and business networking. It is developed to list, schedule, promote, and increase event business networking.

Using this web solution, users can get event insights (followers, details, venue, and organizers details). The event businesses can keep a close eye on their competitors and promote their services, get new followers, and can also generate business by partnering with other efficient startups or users. Before we talk about the website features, let’s get into our client requirements.

Event Management Abstract

About Client and His Requirements

Based in Miami, Florida our client is passionate about events. He came with an idea to develop a content scheduling event website. He approached us with a business vision for other event planners & managers.

According to his idea, even a small event startup can get registered on his website and directly approach their event audience. The major problem that he saw penetrating in the event market was the audience. Event companies never had a facility where they can get to know how many users are coming to the event, the same goes for users. They never got to know the company’s past events and organizers details listed at one place. Thus, he came up with an idea to develop an online access portal for both entities, we can also say it as business directories.

About Client and His Requirements

Important Features We Integrated into
Event Management Website

Profile Setup

Profile Setup

Herein there are two entities users and business. During the profile creation, an individual can make his profile as well as a separate company profile. We have curated information for both profiles. The user has to manually fill the personal details, gist about his work, profile photo. For business profiles, we have curated event listing, personal company details, photo/video integration.

Search Filter

Search Filter

Our event management website design is done as per the user’s convenience. The search bar is designed with a comprehensive search filter which has worldwide data of events with its location. Thus, even with the “N” number of event company listings, a user can find his preferred event or company easily.

Event Listing

Event Listing

Keeping tabs on the items available or the ones out of stock in your warehouse becomes easy with custom POS solutions. They swipe out the probability of errors that occur when the stock is counted manually.

Activity Feed

Activity Feed

This is an important and unique feature of the event web development project. The users can scroll down their feeds to look for more activities happening in the month. The users are allowed to schedule an event if they are interested. This in return plays a major role in brand recall. It is similar to Facebook & Instagram feed updates.

Trending & Suggested Events

Trending & Suggested Events

The website users can see the trending events on the homepage. These events come on the trending page based on the number of schedules and followers. Suggested events are the ones which are according to the personal likings. Events are suggested based on the individually chosen categories by the user.

In-app Messaging

In-app Messaging

The website has a one-to-one chat option where the users can initiate business deals or ask any query regarding the event. This feature helps in eliminating miscommunication and also builds trust among the two entities.

My Calendar & My Events

My Calendar & My Events

The in-app calendar shows a user about created, scheduled and personal events, which helps him keep a track of the date and event to attend. My Events is a user’s personal listing space, where he can schedule events as per his memory.

Notification Alerts

Notification Alerts

The users get notifications whenever they schedule or get an invite of an event. Whenever a user schedules a particular event, the entry is directly done into his My Calendar. Thus, in the future, he can keep a database of events to be attended.

Promotional Events

Promotional Events

These are paid promotions. If a user wants his event to get promoted, he can set the campaign. For instance, he can keep a threshold, at 50,000 schedules for his event 2 lucky winners will get a car or a gift. When the campaign reaches the threshold, admin gets a notification and the winners are selected by him.

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Website’s Screens

Technology Stack


  • JavaScriptJavaScript


  • LaravelLaravel


  • Microsoft SQL ServerMicrosoft SQL Server

How Top Event Planning Websites Can Help Event Organizers and Users

Get everything on one platform

Get Everything On One Platform

The major purpose solved by the event listing website is to get everything on one platform. Whether it is looking for a wedding florist to concerts happening in the month. An individual is informed about the events taking place at his current location.

Promotion & user engagement

Promotion & User Engagement

For businesses, this platform is for promotional as well as user engagement purposes. By automating the business online, the labour cost and other miscellaneous costs of ticket printing, stationery, food for labour will be eliminated immediately.

Builds the credibility of brand

Builds The Credibility Of Brand

A user can refer to a trustworthy business when he comes across the online presence of your event company. He can obtain every information from website to current projects, audience engagement, and promotional activities. It builds the credibility of your brand digitally.

Manage business process

Manage Business Process

By creating an event management app or website, businesses will be able to manage equipment and asset tracking, staff management, vendors, exhibitors, sponsor management, space planning.

Data analysis & reporting

Data Analysis & Reporting

One can easily manage event data analysis by real-time data oversight, reporting tools to manage finances, calculate ROI on an event-by-event basis. A user can easily schedule an event, make an online payment for the tickets, keep track of the past event successes.

Collect registrations 24/7

Collect Registrations 24/7

Attendees can register for the event anytime. Online event registration saves time of attendees and event organizers both. It will reduce the manual form fill work and automate the registration process.

Challenges We Faced During Web Development Phase

For this particular website, knowing its complex scheduling scenario, we assigned this project to more than 3 years experienced web developer. The unique features of the website including activity feed and promotional events were a real challenge during the development phase.

Activity feed had to be automated in real-time with suggested as well as general events, which needs a lot of data integration. The UI of the website had to function smoothly even after immense data scrolling. Thus, it took a little longer but we provided our client with a sane and intact website with trustworthy data secured libraries.

When we came to promotional events, the client’s idea was very specific of thresholding a certain number and offering a gift to the lucky winners out of it. It required a lot of functionality and design. The promotional events feature is kept paid which requires payment gateway integration, scheduling calendar, individual user notifications, selecting a winner out of the mass. We managed it by using apt libraries, data solutions, and technical coding integrations.

Challenges We Faced During Web Development Phase

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Network of over 5K influencers

Online Scheduling Made PossibleWith this website, businesses can easily know the audience, followers, attendees to the event, and users can decide their events as per the preferences. It is equally beneficial for both parties.

Over 10K brands & agencies

Real-Time Event ManagementThe event companies can easily manage their crowd management tasks, as they have kept track of people who have scheduled their event.

Over 15K successful campaigns

Listing of Event Companies & EventsThe companies can list their firms and improve their business networking through the event website development. Such listing makes a company have a close eye on competitors, which helps them in competitor analysis.

Over 10K brands & agencies

Categorized Events On One PlatformIf someone lives in a small city and wants to attend a specific event, he can easily search manually by the “search filter” and can schedule the event as per his priorities.


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