• Client From North America

  • Solution We Developed On-Demand Delivery App Solution

  • Year 2017

  • PlatformiOS, Android and Web

Abstract of On-Demand Delivery App Solution

We have developed an online delivery platform, where residents of Toronto can purchase different products like groceries, food & drinks, tobacco, medicine, pet care items, and other personalized gift items and get them delivered at their doorstep. Using this delivery services app, users will get any listed product or gift item within 45 to 60 minutes at their home, office, or anywhere as per their convenience.

This on-demand delivery app accepts a special request for customized gift items, products, and flowers that users can send to someone special in Toronto. Apart from this, users can order care packages, seasonal gift items, and requests for a card and gift wrapping while checking out. In short, we developed this online platform as a one-stop solution for the daily needs of Toronto residents.

On-demand Delivery App

Our Client and His Requirements

Based in Toronto, Canada, our client wanted to develop one such online platform, where users can find all the daily needs products like grocery items, food & drinks, medicine, pet care products, gift items, and seasonal gift products. He had the vision to bring retailers and customers one step closer by making their lives easier and faster.

Therefore, he started looking for the best mobile app development company on the Upwork platform (a platform that connects businesses and professionals). Landing on our Upwork profile, he was amazed as we have already developed over 40 on-demand apps for different categories.

Instantly, he contacted us through Upwork and discussed his requirements with one of our sales representatives. With extensive experience in developing such on-demand delivery apps, our sales representative instantly understood his business and requirements.

So, we suggested developing an on-demand delivery app solution for Android, iOS, and web, making it easier for Toronto residents to purchase any listed product from the comfort of their home.

Our Client and His Requirements

Important Features We Integrated into this On-demand Delivery App

Being a professional applications development firm, we made sure to provide our client with the most convenient features and functionalities for his targeted audience. So here are some of the intuitive features.

Product listing category-wise

Product Listing Category-Wise

The main feature that we integrated is product listing, allowing users to check out all the products and items with its details like brand, price and description. So, users can find all the products at one place that they can easily scan in one look.

Filter product search

Filter Product

The filter option in the app makes it for users to apply filter by lowest to highest, highest to lowest price range products and product type. Users can apply a filter to all the product categories as per their needs.

Schedule delivery for later

Schedule Delivery For Later

Considered as one of the most useful features of this delivery app like Uber. Users can schedule delivery of any product like medicine, food & drink, pet care item or any other product for later. For scheduling delivery, users need to select a date, time, and location.

Payment gateway integration

Payment Gateway Integration

This Uber like delivery service app comes with a safe and secure payment method, including Apple Pay for iOS users, Google Pay for Android users, and debit/credit cards. Users can instantly pay for the item or any product that they have ordered.

Send custom gift deliveries

Send Custom Gift Deliveries

This delivery app allows users to make custom gift delivery request, asking for the special customized gift product with gift packing and message on the card. This delivery helps users to send a custom gift to their beloved one on the same day and same time across Toronto.

My Cart


Under My Cart, users of this app can check their total added items with name and price. As per the requirement, they can modify the quantity of an item or products. If required, users can remove items and check subtotal of their items in cart.

Easy checkout process

Easy Checkout Process

The in-app calendar shows a user about created, scheduled and personal events, which helps him keep a track of the date and event to attend. My Events is a user’s personal listing space, where he can schedule events as per his memory.

Notification Alerts


Popular as the best app for delivery and requesting any product and item, this application gives real-time updates and notifications to users. Updates and notifications like product delivery confirmation, the status of delivery, and any discount offer and deals on festivals. So, users will be updated about the whereabouts of their product delivery.

Reorder items from a previous order

Reorder Items From a Previous Order

Users can reorder the items or products from their past selected items. As per their convenience, users can modify the cart and add/remove any item or product.

We design, develop, and deploy delivery apps.

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Future Feature Update for On-Demand App

These features are planned to be updated in our client’s on-demand delivery apps genre. Our app developers have come up with the following integrations that can make the mobile app a more convenient and successful online business model like Instacart, Postmate, UberEats, GrubHub.

Geofencing detection for drivers

Geofencing Detection For Drivers

This feature notifies the customer when the service provider comes in the desired area or the user’s current location. Such push notifications will update the online users about their parcel or if any other courier service to be made. The geofencing helps in notifying the accurate in-out of service providers in a location, which results in systematic logistics for both, the business and the customer. The delivery companies can also find loopholes by such in-app functionality.

Edit cart before delivery

Edit Cart Before Delivery

This integration is helpful for both the customer app and driver or shopper app. It allows the delivery guy or user himself to edit the grocery shopping list or product list according to the availability in the store. They can edit the list by product alternative, type, number of available quantity, cost, or even delete the product. Also, add some description by making the purchase for a detailed shopping experience.

AI chatbot with multilingual functionality

AI Chatbot With Multilingual Functionality

For better communication and user experience, you should integrate chatbots. These help in the decision making process of online users. For instance, if a shopper is stuck while shopping in the mart regarding a particular item, he can easily ask his query and buy it quickly. In the same way, if the deliverer is stuck in the area, and is not able to find the user’s destination he can message him for contact information, house address, and get done with the delivery. For more advantages, the messaging feature will have a multilingual functioning for no language barrier.

Social media integration

Social Media Integration

This is an advantage for an online business to create its own niche online via its loyal users. It creates awareness among others about the mobile app and opens more opportunities to increase the user base as well as the workforce. The in-app users can share their experience through the account or profiles created in the delivery model directly to their social media handlers.

Rate the service

Rate The Service

This feature creates transparency with the users. It can provide better customer support once you get to know the reviews, ratings, recommendations, and feedback about the app’s functioning. The users can share their opinions freely and also pin-point some of the not so pleasing factors of the app. This works as an opportunity for your business to update the features according to the online user’s convenience.

Advanced Admin Analytics

Advanced Admin Analytics

Your business needs useful reports that can help you decide how good your company is. A successful analytics framework would allow you to closely track and gauge your existing plans, and allow you to see where you can adapt and make changes. With advanced admin analytics that is optimized to your company’s needs, you can access a suite of interactive reports that are focused on your inventory, order, and customer details.

App Screens

Technology Stack


  • Android StudioAndroid Studio
  • Xcode Xcode

Programming Languages

  • Swift Swift
  • Java Java



Defining the Delivery App Design

When it comes to creating a seamless online delivery app, it was a task for us to synchronize the backend to go hand-in-hand with the design.

UI/UX plays a very important role when it comes to making intuitive app design. Our experienced app developers came with a navigational in-app design.

We came up with a descriptive box for each product and a search bar for a better user experience. The placement of icons and trigger buttons were effectively after studying the consumer demographics.

Defining the Delivery App Design

How this On-demand Delivery App Help Customers and Retailers?

Mainly developed to bring customers and retailers one step closer, this on-demand delivery service app connects customers and retailers in real-time. This on-demand and eCommerce app solution helps retailers in local areas of Toronto to boost their sales and increase business revenue. Moving ahead and let’s discuss how this delivery app solution helps both customers and retailers:
Helps Retailers

How it’s Helps Retailers

  • T`his on-demand delivery solution helps retailers of different category products to showcase all their products and items in this app and increase their sales and revenue of the business.
  • Through this app, the retailers of Toronto can target a wide audience and receive a lot of orders daily.
  • Using this on-demand delivery platform, retailers can make it convenient for their customers to give orders by using their fingertips. In addition to this, customers can schedule for later, so get the products and items like medicine on time.
  • In short, this eCommerce solution improves customer services and retailers can get the benefit of the customer’s satisfaction in the form of word-of-mouth marketing.

Helps Customers

How it’s Helps Customers

  • The customers will get the freedom to order any grocery, food & drink, medicine, pet care, and gift items from one platform. They need to make a few taps on the screen.
  • It helps customers to order anything from the comfort of their home and get it delivered to their doorstep.
  • Customers are allowed to make payment for their order using Apple Pay, Google Pay and debit/credit card. The app helps customers to make a cashless transaction with a safe and secure method.
  • Instant access to enormous products and gifts items that users can send to their beloved one across Toronto. Users can access this delivery service platform from the web, Android and iOS device.

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Challenges We Faced While Developing This On-Demand Delivery Solution

As we have already mentioned that we have developed over 40 on-demand delivery apps for varied businesses, so we have extensive experience in this type of app development.

Therefore, we did not face any major challenge while developing this app except one. Yes, we faced only one challenge during this project. And that challenge was – Apple Pay via Moneris.

Moneris is Canada’s largest financial technology company, specializing in payment processing. We faced an issue while integrating this payment processing solution along with Apple Pay as we were not much aware of Moneris payment processing solution.

However, we resolved this issue within 3 to 4 days as assigned iOS developer, who has over 4 years of experience in iOS app development, learnt Moneris SDK and then implemented it as per our client’s requirement. Our developer also communicated with Moneris customer support via Email and Call and discussed issues that she was facing.

Challenges We Faced


Connected Customers and Retailers in Real-time

Connected Customers and Retailers in Real-timeWe successfully developed this on-demand delivery app, connecting customers and retailers in real-time. Customers can order varied products.

Automated process for admin

Automated Process For AdminOur developed on-demand delivery app like Uber has automated the entire process of receiving orders, assigning them to delivery drivers, and manage complete orders with their payments and delivery status.

Served Over 100k Customers in Toronto

Served Over 100k Customers in TorontoThis delivery app has served ordered items and products to over 100k customers across Toronto.

Served Over 100k Customers in Toronto

Management of Over 2k RetailersThe app has over 2k retailers on the app, who are selling different products like snacks, drinks, electric items, customize gifts, flowers, seasonal gifts, pet care products, and other pharmacy products.


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