• Client FromUSA

  • Solution We Developed Milestone Tracker App Solution

  • Year 2021

  • Platform iOS and Android

Abstract of Growth Tracking Application

The observant mom is a milestone tracker application for the parents who have newborn babies. This app tells if the baby’s development is on target and what type of mood a baby will have in the coming week. The user just needs to enter the child’s information, i.e., photo (not mandatory), name & birthdate. On entering this information, the calendar is displayed which shows an irritable and intense period of the child. Irritable & intense periods are differentiated by colors, such as yellow and pink respectively.

On tapping the irritable or intense period, the user can get the complete milestone summary of the baby. With this handy information of the baby’s milestone, the user keeps track of behavior, understands the different milestones, and learns about mental leaps. This app costs USD 1.99 and is open for all countries; thus anyone can download it from Play Store and App Store.

Abstract of Growth Tracking Application

Client’s Requirements

Our client is one of the well-known authors in the USA. She has written two book series “ Misbehavior is Growth” which gives ideas of how to handle behavior and conduct educational activities for a child’s growth. Our client has been the mother of three babies and has been documenting these age-related milestones since then.

She already owns a website where she has described the milestones as per the baby’s age. Since she wanted to grow her user-base, she wished to develop an app where the caregivers/parents can track the baby’s growth in a few taps.

Earlier, she contacted another company for this app but it didn’t work well for her. So, the client got in touch with us through Upwork. Since we have 99% of job success on Upwork, she validated our portfolio, developers’ experience in multiple domains, and conducted meetings before development. Thus, we collaborated to work on this app.

Client’s Requirements

What Solution We Offered to Our Client

Our client was quite clear about the requirements for this baby app development. She had her requirements and specifications cleared that she wanted to integrate into this app. We conducted market research, studied a similar app, performed analysis, and validated her idea for developing this app.

Our business analyst team provided her estimation, tentative build plan, WBS, general & technical specifications, and SRS to get the structural view of the app. With the client’s approval, we started designing and developing the solution.

As per the requirements, we designed and developed the mobile app on both iOS and Android platforms. UI was an integral part of this app; thus our UI/UX designers worked hard to offer a seamless experience to the users.

We have also added the calendar functionality to make it easy for the users to check the irritable and intense milestones with a single tap. Apart from this, the users can even add multiple children, check the client’s two books, share the app, and rate the app.

Challenges We Faced

The client wanted a calendar view to display the customized milestone as per the baby’s age. For instance: if the entered birthdate is 21/02/2021, the app must display “1 year 1 week” on 28/02/2022 and the customize milestone of 1 year 1 week. And displaying the same on the app was not easy for our developers. Majorly, the calculation coding part for showing the baby’s present age was quite challenging for them.

We conducted thorough research from different websites, performed trials and tests, and ultimately resolved this challenge.

Challenges We Faced

When the client gave us a baby’s milestone data, it was in the excel and document file. It was a challenge for our mobile app developers as static data cannot be directly used in the mobile application.

Our app developers converted the entire data into JSON format – a standard text-based format for representing structured data based on JavaScript object syntax. This made it easy to import data in web applications.

Apart from this, the client had her requirements specific, so we didn’t face any technical challenges while developing The Observant Mom app. Since we have experience in developing such apps, it was easy for us to integrate the features and functionalities as per her requirements. Our iOS and Android developers successfully developed this app in 2.5 months which was our pre-decided deadline.


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Features We Integrated Into Week-by-Week Baby Development App

Track Baby’s Growth

Track Baby’s Growth

Tap on the intense or irritable week and track the child’s development progress according to the age like 2 months, 2 months 3 weeks, 24 months till 4 years. Through this app, the parents get insights into cognition ability, gross and fine motor skills, and sensory skills in a few taps.

Complete Milestone Summary

Get a Complete Milestone Summary

Gain complete information of what to expect from the baby in the first four years of life. Know the milestone name, milestone start and end week, look for the important milestones from the illustrated checklist, and experience the world through the baby’s eyes.

Child’s Profile

Make a Child’s Profile

Easily add a photo, child’s name, date of birth, and make the baby’s profile to get the development information. On adding know in which week baby feels irritable or intense. The user can even edit or update the child’s information anytime.

Multiple Children

Add Multiple Children

One user can make the profile of multiple children. Users can easily check the growth milestones of multiple children on a weekly basis.

View Intense & Irritable Week

View Intense & Irritable Week

From the calendar view, know the intense and irritable period to see how the child reacts in specific weeks. The intense period is marked in pink, and the irritable period is marked in yellow.

Manage Settings

Manage Settings

Check the author’s information, get the answer to the most frequently asked questions, share the app with your peers, rate the app, and contact any time for any queries.

Technology Stack

Programming Languages

  • SwiftSwift




  • UbuntuUbuntu
  • LinuxLinux

Computing Architecture

  • amd64amd64



Benefits of Baby Milestone App for Parents

New Audiences

Know the Child’s Behavior Determine if the child is meeting the appropriate milestones as per the age and whether a child’s development is on track.

Saves Time in Video Enhancing

Mental Readiness New mothers can be mentally prepared for what the child will be going through in certain weeks.

Provides Visual Content

Identify ChallengesAwareness of general baby’s development milestones can aid in identifying struggles babies are having and enable the users to get early assistance and expert advice.

Shows Your Personality

Plan Milestone Success Early identifying the milestone, the new parents can take intentional actions to test the child’s progress along with the timeline by arranging play activities. This can facilitate milestone success.

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