• Client From Hong Kong

  • Solution We DevelopedColouring Book App For Adults

  • Year 2018-19

  • Platform iOS and Android

Abstract of Colouring Book App

Colouring book app is mainly designed and developed for kids and adults, allowing them to enjoy colouring artwork pictures of animals, architectures, most popular paintings, different patterns, sceneries, doodles and a lot more. The happy colour app is the new trend to calm and relax the mind, so children and adults both can have fun with this app.
Available on the Apple App Store and Play Store, users can download this app for free and bring their creativity out through it. Kind of social networking app, this adult colouring app makes it easy to connect with other colourists, who have the same interest in this. They can follow each other, like their work, and get inspiration from the work. Now moving ahead and let’s know about our client and how he got this unique idea.

Colouring App Devlopment

About Our Client And His Requirements

Belongs to Hong Kong, our client observed the increasing stress among children and adults due to the increasing pressure of studies and other various reasons. So, he was looking for one such solution that calms the mind of children and reduces their stress. He started searching it online but did not find any app or other solution that has any activity to soothe children.

While researching this, our client got an idea to design and develop one such mobile app that reduces the stress of both children and young people. And the most soothing app idea was a colouring book app.

He wanted to develop an activity app that allows users to enjoy colouring in the artwork of animals, patterns, popular paintings, architecture, fun doodles and other pictures. With a clear vision in his mind, our client started looking for a mobile app development company that can convert his idea into app. Now, you must be thinking of how he found us. Right? Here’s the answer!

The client from hong kong

How We Came Into Scene

While looking for the best and experienced mobile app development company on Google, our client landed on our mobile app development page and scrolled our portfolio section to review some apps developed by us. While scrolling our portfolio section, he found many of our unique apps that impressed him to get in touch with us.

He instantly contacted us, describing his requirements for the app for colouring book. One of our sales representatives reviewed his requirements and got his idea because our client had a very clear vision and described his requirements in detail. After analyzing his requirements in detail, our sales team prepared WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) to give a basis for estimating staff, cost, and total time.

After checking the WBS prepared by our sales team, our client decided to work with us and asked us to start working on the project. Now, let’s check out the top features and functionalities we integrated into this adult colouring app.

How We Came Into Scene

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Top Features We Developed & Integrated Into This Colour Therapy App

A range of artwork options

A Range Of Artwork Options

In this painting app, we have included a range of artwork options, allowing users to enjoy colouring in different artworks from simple to intricate. In fact, there are different categories of artworks to choose from, so users can choose any artwork as per their convenience.

Personalized colour palettes

Personalized Colour Palettes

This adult colouring app offers users with personalized colour palettes, providing millions of colours options to users. The users can choose colours from custom, solid and gradient and start colouring in the artwork.

A community of users

A Community Of Users

This best colouring app has a community of colourists where they can follow each other and review their work. They can review each other’s coloured artwork and share it with other colourists.

Favourite colourists

Favourite Colourists

This colouring app for kids and adults allows them to mark any colourist as their favourite. They can instantly check for their favourite colourist and his coloured pictures.

Colouring tools

Colouring Tools

The app has colouring tools, including brightness control and gradient angel control. Using brightness control, users do not need to waste time looking for similar colours and make bright/shades just sliding the bar.

Different frames

Different Frames

The pigment colouring app has a range of frames to choose from. Users can enjoy colouring and add different frames to their pictures. They can apply frames as per their choice and image type.

App Screens

Technology Stack


  • XcodeXcode
  • Android Studio Android Studio

Programming Languages

  • SwiftSwift
  • JavaJava

Icon Concept

Icon Concept


We have used clean and minimalistic UI design with bright accent colors to make it look intuitive.



How This Online Colouring Book App Helps Users?

According to The American Art Therapy Association, stress relied on colouring apps and colouring book apps for adults and kids often use the healing power of art to reduce stress and anxiety. These apps help individuals to focus on the moment and get relax.

When users’ thought is focused on one simple activity, their brain tends to relax. During this time, the mind is safe from the constant difficulties that users might be facing in their lives. Using colouring apps is the best and rewarding feeling for people.

So, users, who are feeling pressure and stress in their lives, can make use of colouring book app and enjoy colouring in different architectural, animals and other images.

Colouring Book App Helps Users

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4.6 Rating Out of 5 on App Store Today, this colouring app has received 4.6 ratings out of 5 on the Apple App Store. In fact, this colouring activity app received over 150 positive reviews within 2 months of launch.


1,00,000+ Users This best colouring app has over 1,00,000 users, who are using this app on a regular basis. In addition to this, the subscription has increased by 25 times today compared to the day of launch.

Quality Work

Secured Place in Top 200 Book Apps in the USA The colour therapy app secured a place in the top 200 books apps in the USA due to its unique features and stress relief quality.


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