• Client FromFrance

  • Solution We Developed Fitness App

  • Year 2021

  • Platform iOS

Abstract of Fitness App

AZ Stretch fitness mobile app like Freeletics built especially for fitness enthusiasts. It provides HD quality video tutorials of exercises. Whether a user is a sports enthusiast or a fitness freak, get a specific workout session based on their choice. Getting registered on the application is super easy, and with a simple signup/login process, you are in the mobile app. The design of this mobile app is aesthetic and has smooth navigation within the application to get familiar with the user interface without any hassle.

Moreover, the main screen has a list of exercises to choose from and start a workout session. To enhance the exercise experience, it also provides a countdown timer. So users can exactly know when to stop their workout session. Users can set and adjust the timer for the time they want to exercise. Being a fitness enthusiast, you would love to use this app for your daily routine of exercise. You can download this fitness mobile app and start doing exercise to lose weight and look physically fit.

Client’s Requirements

Our client is from France. He runs a company that makes people aware of the importance of sports and fitness. Based on his vision, he wanted to create a fitness application for users and guide them regarding proper workouts to stay energetic for the whole day.

By developing this fitness application, later on, he wanted to monetize and earn from it. Also, he wanted to establish his mobile app worldwide for his custom workouts in the app.

So, when looking for experienced developers from a reputed mobile app development company on Google, he found us. Then, he checked the products and services that we offer on our website. As he was impressed by our previous work, he contacted us and scheduled a consultation to discuss his app idea and workout apps available in the market.

Client’s Requirements

Solution We Offered to Our Client

The vision of this fitness mobile app was very clear in our client’s mind. He had clear and specific requirements to share with us. He also shared some examples of fitness apps and a workout plan that needs to be integrated into the fitness app.

Further, after understanding his needs and consultation, we started with market research. After knowing the market trends and conducting a proper study on his fitness mobile app idea, we validated our client’s app idea.

Further, we provided a work breakdown structure document to our client with all the details like the project timeline, scope, features list, technical specifications, and terms and conditions. Next, we started work on his custom fitness app.


Challenges We Faced

We didn’t face any significant challenges during the iOS mobile app development process. From design to development, everything was in line. Even, the integration with Google Cloud Infrastructure was smoothly done.

In addition, we made this fitness and workout app available in two different languages: English and French. But, as our client wanted to integrate the high-quality exercise video tutorials into the app, it was making the app loading process slower.

Therefore, our developers need to integrate original videos without compromising the quality. To do so, our iOS developers need to research and compress videos in a way that doesn’t get any quality problems and integrate them.

Challenges We Faced

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Features That We Integrated into AZ Stretch for Users

Register and Login

Register and Login

Create an account by signup via Apple ID or email ID. Once you create an account successfully within the app, you will be redirected to the main screen of the application. Thereafter, you can choose any exercise format and start your exercise.

Set Timer

Set Timer

Get the flexibility to set or adjust the countdown for the time you want to exercise. This way, you are able to create a customized workout session for yourself. So you achieve your fitness goal daily without struggling with the mobile app.

Download Videos

Download Videos

Manually turn off or on the automatic download of exercise videos on your mobile phones. By default, this option is enabled so the exercise tutorials automatically get downloaded from the Google Cloud and the mobile app works smoothly.



Change the language of the application with a single click. It allows you to change the English language to French. So, if you are a french user, you can easily use this feature to make this app personalized to you.

Start, Pause and Finish

Start, Pause and Finish

Choose the exercise session you want to do and click the start button to go on. Pause the workout when required and resume it. Once you complete the workout, click the finish button to exit the main screen of the application.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Get notifications on your device regarding daily exercise sessions. Get aware of the new features, policies, sessions, and on-demand training as a pop-up message. This way, you stay updated about this app.

Technology Stack

Programming Languages

  • Swift Swift


  • FirebaseFirebase

Benefits of AZ Stretch Fitness App

Schedule a Routine for Daily Exercise

Schedule a Routine for Daily Exercise With this application, whether you are a beginner or experienced in exercise, you get complete exercise tutorials. So, you don’t need to have a fitness instructor to get trained to do exercises. This way, you save your hard-earned money.

Stay Motivated for Your Fitness Goals

Stay Motivated for Your Fitness Goals Going physically to the gym is quite a difficult thing. As you need to wake up early, so you can reach the gym to perform your daily exercise. As the life of humans is getting busy, it becomes difficult to stay on the same path consistently. But, Fitness mobile apps solve this challenge.

Save Your Time and Money

Save Your Time and MoneyBy using this fitness application, you save time and money. How? As you don’t need to go to the gym or any fitness center to do exercise. You just need to install this fitness app and register it to get started. Thus, you save time and money.

On-demand Training Sessions

On-demand Training Sessions Getting special exercise training at gyms or workout studios is quite expensive. The reason is you get dedicated instructors who charge a lot based on their experience and training certifications. But, with this app, you get different work training based on your choice without paying any single penny.

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