• Provided Services UX / UI Design, App Development

  • Year 2016 – 2017

  • Platform iOS and Web

Abstract of Time Clock

Time Clock is an offline attendance tracking app that provides a hassle-free way to track employee attendance. It is a QR code attendance app to simply scan the QR code and take mobile attendance. Use the front or rear camera to scan the QR code of the attendance sheet and mark attendance. Pincode can also be used in place of QR code if needed. This entire process doesn’t even need the internet, it can be done offline.

Like an employee time tracking app, it makes an entry when the employee enters and leaves. This way this daily attendance app is also useful in tracking employees’ time.

The most unique feature is that this employee attendance app can even manage the attendance of on-site, remote or off-site employees.


Remarkable Features of Time Clock App

Customized Pin-code Icon

Customized Pin-code Usually, attendance is marked using employee or student details (in case of student attendance app). While this virtual attendance app generates a customized pincode for every employee individually which can be used to mark their attendance.

Customized Pin-code Screen

QR Code Icon

QR Code There is no need to type the entire details of the employee while taking attendance. In fact, no need to search for the employee’s name to take his/her attendance. The admin can just scan a QR code to take a quick daily attendance of the employees.

QR Code Screen

Admin Panel Icon

Admin Panel The authorized person has access to the admin panel from where he can manage and keep tabs on employee attendance. The admin can log in to the app and check the employee details like absence, working hours, in time, out time, etc.

Admin Panel Screen

Offline Mode Icon

Offline Mode Offline attendance tracking software sets this app apart from other timesheet apps. Using this application, the admin can easily track employees that are located remotely even when the internet is not available. This makes it one of the best attendance apps.

Offline Mode Screen

GPS Location Tagging Icon

GPS Location Tagging Like GPS attendance app, this feature is especially for managing remotely located employees. The real-time GPS location feature in this employee time clock app enables the admin to trace the current location of the employees. This prevents malpractices like buddy punching.

GPS Location Tagging Screen

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Icon Concept

Icon Concept


We have used clean and minimalistic UI design with bright accent colors to make it look intuitive.



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