• IndustryLifestyle

  • App Type Life Coaching App

  • Platform Web App

  • Services Provided Full-stack Development

Client’s Requirement

Client’s Requirement

The customer wanted to build a web-based AI life coach platform. An intelligent platform that understands the concerns of its users using NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology, and gives actionable solutions. As he knew the solution required understanding and expertise in advanced technologies like AI and NLP, he was looking for a top-rated AI development agency in the USA or Canada with expertise in custom AI development, training AI models, and full-stack web development.

Solution We Developed for Our Client

Coachee, an AI-powered life coaching solution that provides users with personalized guidance and actionable advice to overcome life’s challenges such as career planning, time management, health and fitness goals, relationship issues, stress management, and work-life balance. To develop this web solution, Space-O assigned a dedicated web development team to the client with an experienced AI consultant, full-stack web developers, QA, and a certified ScrumMaster.

Here are the different technologies we used to develop the Coachee application from scratch.

  • For front-end development, we used React.js to develop an engaging interface for easy navigation.
  • For backend development, we used Python and Django to build a strong server-side foundation and ensure the app easily manages user data, handles several processes, and scales with users.
  • For database management, we used PostgreSQL to securely store user conversation histories, profiles, and preferences, allowing the app to deliver context-aware responses.
  • For NLP-based conversation, we used OpenAI’s GPT-4 model to maintain a meaningful conversation with users and generate insightful follow-up questions to engage users.
Solution We Developed for Our Client

Coachee App Key Features

Natural Language Understanding

Natural Language Understanding

Analyses and interprets user input and queries with precision to ensure precise and contextually relevant responses.

Contextual Understanding

Contextual Understanding

Uses context-aware algorithms to easily adapt to the conversation’s context to maintain relevance in technical and non-technical discussions alike.

Human-like Text Generation

Human-like Text Generation

Uses text generation models to craft text responses that closely mimic human language, facilitating engaging and relatable conversations.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Evaluates the emotional tone of user input, allowing it to respond empathetically and provide appropriate emotional support when needed.

Technology Stack for Coachee App


  • htmlHTML
  • htmlCSS
  • React jsReact.js


  • SwiftPython
  • DjangoDjango


  • Node.jsPostgreSQL

AI Model

  • AWSOpenAI’s GPT-4

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