• Client FromMiddle East

  • Solution We Developed On-demand Photographer App Solution

  • Year 2017

  • Platform iOS, Android and Web

Abstract of On-Demand Photographer App

Considered as an app like Uber for hiring the best photographers, this on-demand photography app allows users to hire nearby professional photographers and videographers. This photography app solution comes with the customer’s app, photographer’s app, and admin panel, making it easier for people across the world to get in touch with professional photographers.

This app like Uber for photographers allows customers to view all the listed photographers along with detail information like total experience, work portfolio, contact details, and cost. Using photographer’s app, photographers can create their profile, upload their portfolio in their profile and find new customers according to their charges and availability.


Our Client and His Requirements

Belongs to the Middle East, our client is a well-known entrepreneur, who runs multiple companies and startups in Saudi Arabia. Oneday, he was looking for hiring a professional photographer for one of his business events.

At that time, he realized that finding professional photographers, interviewing them, reviewing their previous work, and choosing the right candidate was a quite tedious job to perform.

However, our client recognized this as an opportunity and decided to develop one such platform that helps people in Saudi Arabia to find and hire professional photographers and videographers after reviewing their work, charges, past client’s work history, and availability.

In short, our client’s main aim was to develop one of the best photographer app solutions that helps both customers and photographers to get in touch in real-time and communicate directly. Now, you might be thinking about what solution we provided him. Right? Continue reading to know

Client Requirements

Solution We Provided

After comprehending our client’s requirements in detail, we decided to develop on-demand photographer app like Uber, which allows customers to find and hire an experienced photographer or videographer for different events like weddings, product launch, business seminars and meetings.

We decided to develop a complete solution, including the customer’s app, photographer’s app and admin panel (desktop panel). As per our client’s requirement, we created UI and UX design, including mock-up designs, wireframe design, and screen-by-screen flow of the app.

Moreover, we also developed front-end for both Android and iOS platforms, successfully deploying the app on both the platforms. Here are a range of features we integrated into this on-demand solution:

How We Responded

Connect photographers and customers at a single platform.

Talk to our experts now and know how on-demand photographer solution will automate photography business and take it to next level.

Features We Integrated into this Uber
for Photographer App Solution


View All Listed Photographers

We have made it easy for users of this app, listing all the photographers in one place. Users find it much easier to view all the listed photographers, along with their total experience, work portfolio, previous clients, cost, availability, and other important information.


Book Any Photographer With a Click

The customer’s app comes with a simple booking option, allowing customers to book any photographer with just a single click. The customers can check all the photographers and book one that has the required experience and qualities.

Edit/update profile

Search Option

This app like Uber for photographers has a search filter for all the customers, enabling them to search for different photographers by experience, ratings, expertise, category, and popularity.

Edit/update profile

Receive Quotes & Proposals

This photographer’s on-demand app allows customers to receive quotes and proposals in real-time that they can compare and choose the best one. Users can compare ratings & reviews, total experience, cost, view portfolio, and select one who is best.

Edit/update profile

In-App Chat With Photographers

Whether customers have any query related to cost, availability of photographers, or any other confusion, they can directly communicate with photographers through an in-app chat feature.

Edit/update profile

Payment Gateway Integration

The apps for photographers and users also allows customers to make payments directly from the app. Customers can also save their card details and make an instant payment with one click.

Edit/update profile

Add to Favorites

Another useful feature that we integrated into this on-demand personal photographer app is added to favorites. It allows users to add their favorite photographers to the favorite list and hire them as per their needs.

Edit/update profile

Real-Time Updates

Customers will get real-time updates and notifications about the bookings, cancellation, new photographer profile added, and other important updates related to the app.

Edit/update profile

Push Notification

Customers will get real-time updates and notifications about the bookings, cancellation, new photographer profile added, and other important updates related to the app.



The photographer’s app has an easy-to-follow sign-up process, allowing photographers to sign-up, filling details like name, contact details, bank details and other required information.

Employee Administration

Create Profile

Once users sign-up with the app, they can create their entire profile, including all the information like total years of experience in photography, expertise, work portfolio and maintain it on a regular basis.

Employee Administration

Manage Packages

Creating a profile is not enough for photographers as they need to manage their packages in this on-demand app. Photographers can create different packages according to customers’ requirements.

Employee Administration

Booking Request

The app shows all the booking requests, be it new or unchecked requests. Photographers can manage all the requests and take actions as per their availability.

Employee Administration

Maintain Total Earnings

On-demand photographer app allows photographers to keep a track of all the earnings, including total, received, and outstanding. Moreover, photographers can generate the report on earnings by week, month and year.

Employee Administration

Real-Time Updates

The app for photographer sends real-time updates and notifications, letting photographers know about the new photographer request, bookings, cancellation and other important updates.


Manage All Photographers

The admin of the business manages all the photographers and their profiles on the desktop panel. The admin can accept and reject the registration of photographers, depending upon the expertise and experience they have.

Employee Administration

Manage All Customers

The admin of the business can manage all the customers with their complete details with MMJ card information. From this system admin, admin can view, search, and de-activate the account of any customer.

Employee Administration

Block Any Photographer or Customer

With one click, the admin blocks and unblocks any photographer or customer in case if they are creating any problem. With one click, the admin can check all the blocked photographers and customers.

Employee Administration


The admin of the business can generate reports on the total number of deals, earnings, customers and photographers by month, quarterly and yearly. The admin can send this report directly from the admin panel to their email.

App Screens

Technology Stack

Programming Languages

  • SwiftSwift
  • JavaJava


  • XcodeXcode
  • Android StudioAndroid Studio

How this On-demand Photographer App Helps Customers and Photographers?

Our client mainly wanted to develop this on-demand photographer app solution to connect customers and photographers in real-time.

Earlier, people in Saudi Arabia used to spend days when it comes to hiring the best and experienced photographer, but now it takes approximately one day or less than it with hire a photographer app. Moreover, this Uber for photography platform has also helped photographers to get new projects as per their requirements. Moving ahead, let’s quickly check out how this platform helps photographers and customers.

How We Responded

Analysis and planning

How It Helps Customers

  • Customers can hire a professional and experienced photographer in less than one-day, reviewing his work portfolio, experience, and other details.
  • It becomes easier for customers to check out all the photographers at one platform along with required details like name, contact details, reviews, past work and packages.
  • In fact, this app for photographers helps customers to compare various photographers in terms of work, experience, rating and cost. By comparing all the photographers, customers can choose the one who is best and cost-effective.

Analysis and planning

How It Helps Photographers

  • One of the main benefits is, photographers can easily get new projects and work as per their requirement and availability.
  • Photographers on demand connect with several customers, showcasing their work portfolio, expertise, and communicate directly from the app.
  • Photographers can get more business and earn more money by connecting with a lot of people across the world. They can connect, talk and earn with this on-demand app solution.

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Challenges We Faced During On-demand Photographer App Development

We, at Space-O Canada, have designed and developed over 40 on-demand app solutions, giving us extensive experience in the on-demand app development industry. Therefore, we did not face many challenges except only one.

During the development of this on-demand photographer app, our mobile app developers faced only one issue that was deploying the dynamic logic of suggesting a budget feature. Our client wanted to suggest the right budget at every single step of the customer’s requirements, so the code complexity increased during that time.

But, our team of on-demand app developers spent almost two days to resolve this issue by applying a number of logics until this feature works perfectly. At last, our team successfully developed this feature, suggesting the right budget at every step of the customer’s needs.

How We Responded


Network of over 5K influencers

Connected Customers to Over 5K Photographers Our developed on-demand photographer app has connected customers to over 5k photographers, who have different expertise in the photography industry.

Over 10K brands & agencies

Automated the Process of Hiring Photographers Our developed solution has automated the entire process of hiring photographers. Now, customers can check all the photographers in one place and connect with them digitally.

Over 15K successful campaigns

A Platform of 10K+ Customers and 5K+ Photographers This on-demand app platform has over 10K customers and 5K+ photographers. And these numbers are increasing as more and more people as customers and photographers are using this application.


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