What is Poparazzi App? (Everything You Need to Know)

Undoubtedly, social media apps have changed our lives by making social interaction with people easier.

The above research determines a promising future in the social media app industry and the growing trend of picture-sharing applications.

Taking advantage of that, Alex and Austen Ma have built Poparazzi a new social app. They had 10,000 beta testers in just a few days and even had the first position in App Store charts, receiving 500,000 pre-installs. As per Forbes, this new “Poparazzi” app has received $135 million of investment after its launch.

In this blog, we will go through the features that have resulted in the success of Poparazzi and why you should consider developing a similar application.

What is Poparazzi App Exactly?

Poparazzi is a new photo-sharing network app where user’s profiles are made by their friends. This anti-selfie app doesn’t allow users to take and post their pictures from a front-facing camera.

Well, here the question arises, can a user take their selfie from the back camera? Yes, the user can take a quick photo from the rear camera but can’t post it as the app doesn’t allow users to tag themselves.

Users are only allowed to post tagged photos on a friend’s poparazzi profile. If you’re tagging any user to post the snap who isn’t following you, it will go into the approval process. Moreover, it doesn’t allow captions, cropping, editing, or filters when you post a picture.

Poparazzi App

How does it find your friends? First, users need to provide permission to the contact and phone numbers. Then, the app automatically, by default, starts following the people who are using the Poparazzi application. The idea of the application is to share your moments with others rather than only your own.

So, to be precise, you’re your friend’s paparazzi, and they’re yours. Poparazzi came into existence to take away the pressure of a perfect snap. The company has provided basic information about the application on the website in the FAQ section. Further, we have described how to use the Poparazzi app.

If you are an appreneur or venture capitalist looking to develop a similar social-media application, we have got a complete step-by-step guide on creating social media apps for you.

Let’s see further to check on the working functionalities of the application.

How Does Poparazzi App Work?

  • First users need to go through the sign-up process. Once they make an account on the application.
  • A user’s Poparazzi profile is divided into two phases: the user captures photos for friends and the one who takes their picture.
  • The profile also shows the name of users who frequently capture you on camera (Top Poparazzi).
  • Users simply capture snaps, and by tapping the snap button multiple times, users can make a stop-motion GIF.
  • Users are only allowed to take candid photos of their friends and tag them while posting.
  • After posting, users can share photos from their profile to other social apps like Facebook, Snapchat.
  • Tagged photos only appear when both the users follow each other.
  • By default, the application automatically follows those present on an individual’s contact book from the phone.
  • One of the exciting things for users is, it will give a pop score on how many photos they snap.
  • It gives an option to unfollow, delete and untag the photos, which users don’t want on their profile.
  • It also gives an option to delete your account if you want. To delete the Poparazzi account, you need to visit the FAQ section of the Poparazzi app website. You will find a link to go ahead with the account deletion process.

Isn’t this an excellent application? A creative concept and a new way for users to interact with each other.

Furthermore, let’s take a look at the features of the Popparazi application that you, as an app entrepreneur, can consider while developing your own photo-sharing network application.


Source: Apple’s App Store

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Top Features of Poparazzi Photo Sharing App

Let’s check the new features of this application because of which it is on the top trend on Twitter.

  1. Unique Profile Creation

    In the application, the profile of the user is divided into two sections:

    • Users will see their captured pictures
    • They will have captured pictures of their friends

    It doesn’t show a number of followers on user profiles like Instagram. Instead, it shows the number of posts, views, and reactions on the Poparazzi profile.

  2. Pop Score

    The Poparazzi application has a feature that provides a pop score to each profile on this new social media platform. This score tracks how many pictures a user takes of individuals. This gamified feature brings the excitement of post-pandemic reunion by capturing more photos of their buddies and relatives. It is a quite unique feature that you can consider while creating your own picture-sharing application.


  3. Control Over Profile

    The application only allows the user’s paparazzi (friend) to create a profile. However, users still have control over the profile. It won’t allow everyone to upload an individual’s snap on their profile unless they follow each other on the social apps.

    But if a user unfollows any friend, then that person will no longer be part of his/her Poparazzi pops. However, that user can still post photos on the profile. To restrict unfollowing users, it allows changing another setting called “Allow Pops From”.

    control over profile

  4. No Selfie Feature

    This application itself is “The Anti Selfie Application”. That means it doesn’t allow its users to post photos using a front-facing camera. Instead, it only allows taking candid pictures of friends without any filters or captions.

  5. Top Poparazzi

    The user’s profile shows the names of people who are frequently capturing the pictures and posting them on the profile.

  6. Slow-motion GIF

    It allows users to capture the slow-motion GIF by continuously tapping on the capture button of the camera. Rather than capturing only pictures, users can easily create the GIF of their friends and share it on their profile.

    If we compare it to existing social media apps such as Snapchat or Instagram, this application concept is innovative for the new generation. It will likely give competition to all picture-sharing apps out there.

Want to Make Your Own Photo Sharing App Like Poparazzi?

As you have already seen, the growth of the photo-sharing apps industry is growing rapidly. Investors and venture capitalists are showing interest and investing in new social media apps.

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  • Customizable Text
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  • Create Social Media Thumbnail
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a photo-sharing application?

    A photo-sharing application is one such app that allows users to upload and share photos of anyone. While uploading photos, users can make edits, crop, and add filters to their pictures. It also makes social interaction with people around the world faster and easier.

  2. How much does it cost to build an application like Poparazzi?

    The approximate cost to build an application like Poparazzi lies between $50,000 to $1,50,000. Basically, it also depends on the complexity and features of the application that you want to include.

  3. What are the unique features of photo-sharing applications?

    You can develop a photo-sharing network application with some of the following unique features:

    • Stories
    • Direct Message
    • Push Notifications
    • Filters
    • Video sharing
    • Live
    • Background templates
  4. How long will it take to build a sharing photo app?

    The development of the application depends on its complexity. Approximately, it can take between three to eight months depending on the structure of the project. To get the exact time, get in touch with our mobile app experts and share your mobile app ideas to get the quote.

  5. Is Poparazzi app available for Android OS?

    Yes, Android version of Poparazzi is available. You can download it from official website as well as from Google Play Store.


The concept of this social app is fascinating, and it has created a buzz across the internet. The Poparazzi application is significantly different from Instagram and Facebook because it cuts off popularity competitions between users by removing likes, comments, and shares. Unlike polishing the snap before sharing with friends, Poparazzi can help to enjoy the live moment.

So, do you want to build a mobile application like Poparazzi? Or do you already have a prototype for your social media application and need guidance? Our Android and iOS application experts who have years of experience delivering great mobile apps can guide you with an innovative approach. Connect with us by filling up the contact form.

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