7 Powerful Features to Create a Massage App Like Massago

Are you a home service massage startup or a successful massage service provider with an idea to create a massage app? Well, this blog is just what you need to be reading right now. We went through a couple of on-demand massage apps to find out the basic features that every massage booking app needs. Our app-developed consultant pitched in and recommended 3 features for your app to get more traction.

Haven’t you faced a tiring day at work, and all you need is a good relaxing massage?

Now, it would be quite ironic if you have to make efforts to go to a massage parlour in order to get relaxed (unless it is on the way home). In-home massage apps have changed this scenario completely.

You would be surprised to know that the market size of the massage service sector is reached to 15.75 billion US dollars in the year 2020. The massage industry is growing day by day, so it becomes the right time for entrepreneurs to invest.

Statistics of Massage Industry

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Well, the on-demand massage apps like Massago, Soothe and Zeel can convert a house into a massage parlour. This is not even an exaggeration. The massage therapists bring all the massage supplies (including a massage table) and provide the best massage at home. 

Some Famous In-home Massage Booking Apps

  • Massago app is the Canadian Uber for Massage app with thousands of downloads and provides service in Canada.
  • Soothe app has over 100 thousand active users in over 66 cities in Canada, the US and UK.
  • Zeel app has over 50 thousand downloads and installs on Google Playstore.

If you run a massage service or a hotel with a massage parlour, or just starting out in this industry as a start-up, you might have some confusion about massage booking apps and features to include. 

In this blog, we will be discussing some of the basic features of a massage therapist booking app as well as tell you about expert-recommended features. Let’s begin with the basic features.

Basic Features to Consider When You Create a Massage App Like Massago or Soothe

  1. Booking Massages With a Few Clicks

    Getting a massage appointment should be as easy as getting a massage. The users should be able to book a appointment with just a few taps on their smartphone screens.

    In-home massage applications send in-home massage therapists right at your doorstep. Someone might need a massage at their workplace or at a hotel they’re staying in, you cannot let these customers down. 

    In fact, even hotels have their individual apps that guests can use to book a massage and spa services appointment.

    Whether they need a deep tissue massage or a prenatal massage, all options must be available on a mobile massage therapy app. The users may only enter the details like time, type and location of the massage and that’s all your appointment is booked.

    Massago app

    Source: Massago Application

    You must create a mobile massage booking app like Massago app that enables the user to easily find and book a professional massage therapist as per their requirement. 

  2. Payment Gateway Integration

    Imagine a situation like this

    After getting a deep tissue massage, what would a customer want to do? Take a nap and relax or look for cash/card in order to pay the therapist? Obviously the former option. This simple question explains why your app for massage needs a payment gateway integration. 

    A customer should have an option to save his card details in the app, use a mobile wallet or use internet banking via the app to make payments. This will make the process quick and hassle-free.

    Online transactions are considered to be risky and insecure. This is why it is essential to make transactions transparent and secure. All the details of the customer should be safe from any unauthorized third-party.

  3. Therapist Information

    When a customer puts the details like type, time and location, they should not be assigned a massage therapist right away. Mobile massage app should give a list of therapists available for them during that period.

    The customers should be able to see the information of the therapist like their name, image, training experience, expertise, among others. This helps the customer to choose a therapist according to his wish.

    In fact, an option to save favourite massage therapists can make things easier for the customers as well as the admin. The customer can choose from his list of favourites according to his requirements and their availability.

    When you develop an app like Soothe app, make sure the customers do have an option to see the therapist bio and pic or change their therapists according to their convenience. 

  4. Manage Bookings

    This feature is for both- the customer and the therapists. The customers must be able to see their appointment for a massage. It would be a bonus if they get push notifications and alerts when their appointments are near.

    The customers might need to cancel their bookings owing to different reasons. They should be able to easily cancel their mobile massage service if needed. Uber for massage services like Soothe app and Zeel app provides this feature to users.

    Zeel massage app

    Source: Zeel Application

    As for the therapists, a therapist receives a booking request which shows the details of the customer like name, location, time of appointment. If the therapist is available and ready to travel to that location, he/she can accept the request.

    The therapist must get the option to accept or deny the request as per the availability. They must also have an option to cancel an appointment. At such time, the client must get a replacement or a refund as per his choice.

    These basic features take care of the basic necessities of the client as well as the therapist. Now, let’s see some of the features recommended by our mobile application development consultants.

  1. On-demand Massage

    If your customer is stressed today and needs a massage within an hour or two, he won’t wait for an appointment on the weekend. This is why your app should be a massage on-demand app. 

    Soothe app

    Source: Soothe Application

    The customers should be able to book a massage instantly and a masseuse or therapist should reach their location with all their supplies. This will help you to build an on-demand massage app that the customers will love.

  2. Advanced Search Filters

    Whenever someone buys a product online, they search for it on an e-commerce app. To make the search process easier, these apps have search filters. This helps the customers to get exactly what they are looking for.

    The same concept could be applied in massage service apps. The clients may be able to put filters like the type of massage, budget or gender of the therapist. Also, location can be a parameter in the section filters.

  3. In-app Chat

    There will be situations when the therapist would like to ask some specific details like change in time or location to the client. In-app functionality would help to bridge the communication gap between both the parties.

    Customers might also need to specify certain details about their massage requirements like oils, salts or aromatic candles. They can just message the therapist about their needs so there is no confusion.

    Now, all these recommended features are not needed but will definitely make your app stand out from the crowd. Here is a poll that you can take and tell us which features you think are necessary to include in the app like Massago app.

Sit Back And Relax, We’ve Got You!

Yes, these features might make it sound like its a difficult task to create a massage app. Do not worry. This is the right time to trust your massage app idea. Think about the features you need in it and also find out strategies for massage app development

If you have a massage app idea you may cross-verify it with us. We are an Android and iPhone app development company based in Canada. We have experience in developing websites and apps that perform seamlessly on the web, Android and iOS platforms.

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