5 Unique Dating App Features to Develop the Best Dating App

Are you planning to create a dating app? Do you wish to make it stand apart from the crowd? You have come to the right place. In this blog, we have talked about 5 unique features of dating app that you must integrate in the app. We have also discussed how such features will help your users and in turn make your app more popular.

When was the last time two strangers met in a bar and it happened to be the beginning of a beautiful love story?

Probably in a Mills and Boon novel.

The truth is- people spend quite a lot of time on their smartphones. The best way to find someone now is via these smartphones themselves.

If you look around, you will find that most single people have tried their hands on online dating. Either successfully or not is another question.

Mobile dating apps have made it convenient to meet new people. Yet, even when one person is on multiple online dating apps, it is difficult to find the perfect match. There are a lot of people who haven’t found what they’re looking for. With so many apps in the market, why is it so?

Because most of the apps still have rudimentary features and out-of-date matching algorithm that doesn’t satisfy the current needs of people. What they need is an app with the latest preference-based matching algorithm and unique features.

It might be a little difficult to explain the algorithm as it is a technical aspect but we can definitely talk about the unique dating app features to consider when you plan to create dating app ideas like Tinder and Her.

Here are 5 features of dating apps that you should integrate into your app to make it the best mobile dating app.

5 Unique Features to Integrate When You Plan to Create a Dating App

  1. Verified profiles

    Meeting new people is exciting but at the same time, it also arouses a sense of fear. There is an alarming rise in cybercrimes and many of them have been affiliated to online dating sites and apps.

    This makes profile verification supremely important. When you build a dating app, the feature of verifying profiles is of utmost necessity. This is done by verifying social media and emai;l accounts. This feature makes dating online safer by preventing fake profiles.

    To add to this, the Zoosk matchmaking app has a feature of image verification as well. The profile pictures are verified by analyzing 7 second-video of the person. Even you should add this feature while building a dating app.

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    Source: Zoosk App

  2. Icebreakers

    It takes guts to make the first move. Most people do not do it because they’re underconfident or don’t know what to say, how to begin the conversation. This is where the feature of ‘icebreakers’ comes in.

    Various apps like Match app have a feature of great conversation starters (called Topics). This feature is a savior for the people who can’t think of something clever to get the conversation going.

    create a dating app

    Source: Match App

    When you are planning on dating app development, this is one feature you must not forget. In fact, you can also make these icebreakers customized according to the profiles of the users.

    It is a great feature to have because at the end ‘what and how you say, matters!’.

  3. Discover events and meetups

    Top dating apps like Her (LGBTQ)and Clover app decided to go one step further.  Her app lets the users discover events that they might be interested in. Pride parades or other events that the people of this community would like to attend are shown to them.

    Clover, on the other hand, has a feature called ‘Mixers’. This feature helps in organizing group meetups for the people. Clover sends out various ideas like ‘Game of thrones night’ and if anyone is interested they would respond to. 

    create a dating app

    Source: Clover App

    Both these are great ways to meet a bunch of new people. So we are guessing this could be a nice addition to the best dating app features list

  4. Profile performance analysis

    If you were to ask people about which feature would they like to see in a dating app, this would the top feature. 

    Everyone knows how they’re doing in the dating scene in real life but what about the online scene? How many likes or matches is the profile getting? 

    When you create a dating app, you should integrate a feature of profile analysis. This feature would help the users in analyzing the performance of their profiles. This would let them understand if they need to improve their profile.

    In fact, you can also add a feature of improvement recommendations. This will help the users to enhance their profile and get better matches. 

  5. Filter

    Each person on the dating app has his own set of requirements. Someone is looking for a serious relationship, someone wants a casual fling while someone just wants to meet new people and see where it goes. 

    People may also have preferences in age, gender, astrological sign, education, political leaning, religion, and others. This is why the feature of filters in a dating app is a must. 

    create a dating app

    Source: The League App

    This will help the users to get matches based on their preferences instead of going through users randomly. The sense of exclusivity will also make sure there is user-retention and the app performs well.

These features are sure to help you in developing tinder like app or even better. But, how is the industry faring in the market? Let’s take a look.

Want to Develop a Dating App?

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Cta Image

How Online Dating Segment is Performing in the Market

  • According to statista.com revenue in the Online Dating services segment amounts to US$1,667m in 2019.
  • This is expected to show an annual growth rate of 4.2%, resulting in a market volume of US$1,968m by 2023.
  • The average revenue per user currently amounts to US$4.90.

It’s a Date!

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