5 Reasons to Create a Custom mHealth Application

Planning to invest in healthcare mobile app development? Here, we have carefully researched and curated them to give you the 5 most viable reasons that every hospital, healthcare centre and mHealth startup should checkout before developing your own mobile app.

Bonus: We don’t leave you hanging with just reasons, we also tell you about the considerations you must know before you dive into the process.

In the good old times, a visit to the hospital would be considered an entire day’s affair. After all, the patient would not be equipped to do anything more after the visit. The long hours waiting to see the doctor, the records that needed to keep with them, and the number of tests they need to go through would leave them bored and tired.

With the mobile health app, not only are you able to manage patient care better but also induce operational efficiency into your clinic or hospital. The patients won’t complain of long queues, as you have brought an end to the ordeal with the hospital app culture and healthcare mobile apps trends.

Let us see some statistics that prove that efficiency in healthcare is proportional to digitizing your healthcare with mHealth apps.

Some Important mHealth Statistics

  • In 2018, mHealth saw an investment of around $1.3Bn by VCs. In fact, it was the most acquired industry in that year.
  • According to 93% of physicians, mobile health apps can improve a patient’s health.
  • Approximately 74% of the hospitals globally that collect healthcare data using mobile apps are more efficient as compared to those that render it offline or using paper records.

A look at all these statistics, you can say that If you are still contemplating whether or not you should have a medical app for doctors, then here are a few reasons that should help you.

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5 Reasons for Hospitals and Healthcare Centres to Invest in Healthcare App Development

  1. Immediate Access to Caregivers

    With the best healthcare apps, hospitals and healthcare centres are directly accessible. In case a patient wants emergency support for medication, prescription or, want to make an appointment, the app is the go-to place. They will immediately get connected with the doctor.

    Some apps allow patients to connect with doctors over chat to talk about problems, while others allow you to connect with them offline via appointments.

    In case you are in a remote place where accessing offline care is not possible, the healthcare apps allow you to connect with the patient over a video or audio call.

    Some healthcare centres also offer home visits through the app. There are infinite ways in which you can improve caregiving for patients through mobile health apps.

  2. Increase Operational Efficiency

    Caregiving is not just about talking to patients. There are a lot of other things involved in caregiving, which include resource management, maintaining the inventory, knowing what you need to avail and other such details.

    With mobile healthcare apps, you can increase the operational efficiency of the hospitals and health care centres. From managing the inventory in the hospitals such as the injection and medicine supplies to coordinating with the administration, the mHealth is the best opportunity to induce operational efficiency.

    Mobile apps can help you know when you need to empty the garbage bins in the rooms, which rooms are available, how many nurses are on duty, as well as the inventory that you need to purchase immediately.

    Keeping track of everything helps make sure you don’t lose out on opportunities to engage and empower employees as well as offer good experiences to the customers.

  3. Prevents Errors in Diagnosis

    The diagnostic errors run maximum in case you are doing everything manually. Consider asking people to take the wrong tests because you diagnosed the wrong disease, and then giving them medicines accordingly? Imagine what a horror that can be? Instead of curing, you are actually increasing the problems for them.

    Innovative healthcare apps for patients can reduce errors due to wrong diagnosis. You can run the tests and accurately decipher the reports for the patients. The app will contain all the reports, which will help you understand what the patient is suffering from, and help you prescribe medicines accordingly. In case the patient has some allergies, you will know about them, which in turn helps you prescribe the medicines.

    Record management and calling patient history has become easier as a result of the Electronic Medical Record apps or EMR apps.

  4. Making Payments Easily

    The mobile app has sorted a major problem that was facing the patients- making the payments. Cash or card payments were necessary early on. Sometimes they would carry the cash or card, and other times they won’t have the necessary card for the payment. Going cashless with wallets and mobile payments has taken over the healthcare industry by storm. With secure payment structures and proper gateways, they can pay the bills online via apps.

    In case, they visit the doctor or hospital regularly, they can also choose a payment plan, and make their payments accordingly.

  5. Patients Own Their Health

    It’s time people started taking care of their own health and actually owned their health. With the inception of the medical app for patients, health wearables, and fitness trackers, it has become easier for people to take their health into their own hands. You can get them to keep track of their body functions such as heartbeat, pulse rates etc. The fitness band also ensures that the people exercise regularly, keep an eye on their diet, and make conscious decisions with respect to their health.

    In case you observe a slight variation in your health, you can immediately connect with the caregiver and get the right medication. 

Things to Consider During Healthcare App Development

If you are planning healthcare app development, then there are a few things that you might want to consider.

  • Choosing the hardware is the first step to developing a mobile healthcare solution for your clinic or hospital. You need to define the kind of solution you are devising. For instance, if you are initiating a patient engagement app, then you ought to choose the mobile as your target device. If you are inclining towards an enterprise solution, then you should choose the tablet as the target device
  • You need to develop a mobile app that will work with the traditional hosting environment, as that is mandatory for the hospital systems. Apart from that, you need to make sure that the mobile or software solution works with the traditional software
  • Whether you are developing a patient-centric or the admin-centric or caregiver-centric app solution, you need to devise the UI/UX in a way that it makes their lives easy. The app should be intuitive and easy to use. Keeping a record and accessing should be easy and intuitive
  • Do not complete the development and then wait to test the app. Sprint development will help make the process iterative, and ensure that the end product is ready to launch early and has zero bugs
  • The data security is a challenge for hospitals and clinics as their data needs to be private. However, you can overcome that challenge by introducing end-to-end encryption in health software solutions or, use secure channels to communicate the data. This way the data cannot be intercepted and patients feel more secure using your app solution
  • Always begin with an MVP before moving on to the next level of development. It is important that you know what solution you are devising and whether it will prove to be useful or not.

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It is important that caregivers go digital if you want to acquire new patients and engage the existing ones. However, there are a few things that you need to consider before developing a healthcare solution. One such consideration would be the features of the app.

Make sure you incorporate latest technology trends such as Blockchain and Wearables when defining the features for the healthcare app development. Apart from that, you should also introduce the latest APIs and telemedicine into your app to make it successful.

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