7 Healthcare App Ideas for Healthcare Startups

This blog is for those entrepreneurs, who want to develop Healthcare IT solutions , but don’t have unique app ideas in mind. Herein we have curated 7 health and fitness app ideas that you can check out.

Why should you look for ideas for mobile health and fitness app ideas for your healthcare IT solutions? We’ll explain in a minute of your time.

Suppose you have an app that would allow you to directly chat with a doctor, tell your symptoms and get a prescription, there and then. Why would anyone go see a doctor for small visits, taking too much time?  This small scenario that explains why the mHealth market or Mobile Health market is booming.

  • In fact, according to statista.com, it is estimated that the digital health market particularly driven by mobile and wireless health market will reach the US $206 billion by 2020.
  • Proving this, statista.com also reported that the mobile medical apps market worldwide will grow from the US $2.4 billion in 2017 will grow to 11 billion by 2025.
  • Another growing area of app area is fitness apps or fitness training apps. People keep a track of everything, from daily steps to heartbeats. It is only natural that fitness tracking apps are boosting.

Here, we have laid out a list of health and fitness app ideas for healthcare IT solutions. Check them out and get one built for yourself! 

Healthcare IT Solutions: 7 Health and Fitness Apps Ideas

  1. On-demand doctor app

    Develop a mobile app that connects patients with different doctors to get online consultation. Using such on-demand doctor app, patients can easily get in touch with doctors and discuss their health issues and problems to get treatment. They can connect and discuss through live chat support or video chat anytime and anywhere using a smartphone.

  2. Health check-up reminder app

    Many people have to visit the doctor on a regular basis for their weekly, monthly or quarterly check-up. But with busy schedules and agenda, they forget to visit the doctor for a checkup, so health check-up reminder app will remind people about their weekly, monthly or quarterly check-up with complete details. It will also remind users of an exact appointment time, so they don’t get late for it.

  3. On-demand physiotherapist app

    Develop an on-demand physiotherapist application, allowing people to hire a professional physiotherapist anytime from the comfort of their home. Users can search for the nearby physiotherapist and choose the one that has good reviews from other users. Moreover, they can also book their appointment in advance and make a payment online.

  4. Fitness challenge app

    Develop a fitness challenge app, allowing different people to come together at one platform and challenge each other for fitness goals. Together they can challenge each other and track each other’s progress by daily activities, total calories consumed and burned by them. Moreover, they can directly share progress with their friends through social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

  5. Healthy food list app

    Make a healthy food list application, allowing people to search for healthy food options by different categories like vegetarian, non-vegetarian, carbs, high-protein and more. Even, the app allows users to search for a list of food to eat and avoid during any health problem. Users can maintain a completely healthy food list in the diary and access it anytime and anywhere.

  6. Hospital & fitness center directory app

    Develop a hospital and fitness center directory application, allowing users to find a complete list of hospitals and fitness centers with doctor and coach name and other details. Users can look for different hospitals and fitness centers by cities, fees, rating & feedback and choose one that meets their needs. Moreover, using this app, they can directly book an appointment with a doctor or coach in just a few seconds.

  7. Medical record app

    A personal medical record app is a diary kind of application idea that allows patients to add their personal health records to save it for future purpose. The saved medical records can be accessed anytime and anywhere by a patient and share its doctor prior to the appointment. This way, doctors can have a look at the patient’s past health history and prescribe medicines accordingly.

Brimming with health and fitness app ideas yet?

We hope that this blog gave you new ideas for your health and fitness app development. Also, if you already had a health app or health tracker app idea but had doubts regarding its development, we hope to have cleared them out.

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