3 Tips for On-demand Home Service App Development like TaskRabbit

Does home service app development sounds like a difficult task for you? Don’t worry. TaskRabbit will take care of it. No, it won’t develop an app for you. For that, you need to hire a mobile app development company. But, you can have 3 effective tips from this app that you can use to develop the best home services app. 

When was the last time you needed to get something fixed in your house but handyman wasn’t available? Or get something delivered but didn’t have time to drop it off to the courier service?

We’re pretty sure it wasn’t too far back in time. 

This is a common scenario. No wonder, the on-demand economy or gig economy is flourishing. Proof? 

CBInsight reported that 23 out of the 310 private companies of the Unicorn club (by January 2019) belong to the on-demand industry. 

According to Statista.com, in 2023, the projected gross volume of the gig economy is expected to reach 455.2 billion U.S. dollars. 

On-demand apps found their niche in the on-demand marketplace and made a place for themselves. The on-demand app industry is flourishing since 2015, it was $22 billion back then. In 2018, it reached a ravishing number of $57billion.

One such app that has made its mark in the on-demand home service market is the TaskRabbit app. It has become a household name among the best gig apps as all your chores and many errands are taken care of by just one on-demand service app.

This app has around 2 million users that use the services actively on a daily basis. Let us look at some takeaways from this app that you could consider while your own home service app development.

3 Tips From TaskRabbit that could do Wonders for your Home Service App Development

  1. Provide versatile services

    TaskRabbit is different than other gig economy apps in having a wide range of services. Usually, there is one app for one service but TaskRabbit is like an umbrella that hosts a number of home services.

    home service app development

    Source: TaskRabbit App

    TaskRabbit acts like an Uber for home services and provides uber for house cleaning, uber for laundry, uber for handyman services, uber for moving as well as yard work, among other services.

    It is not only an on-demand services app, but it is also an errands app or an errand service app. Users can run their daily errands like delivery, waiting in line, among others.

    If you wish to create an app like TaskRabbit, you should also make sure that your app provides such versatile services so users don’t have to keep separate apps for every service.

  2. Easy booking and fast service

    The most essential factor in any home service app is convenience. TaskRabbit has understood this very well and hence the working of the app is very straightforward. 

    Users can book any service very easily by describing and posting about their needs. TaskPosters get a list of qualified and available Taskers from which they can select one depending on reviews and pricing.

    home service app development

    Source: TaskRabbit App

    The process does not take more than a few minutes and help is sent on the same day. The taskers are skilled and fit into the user’s budget also. The users find this extremely useful. This is why TaskRabbit has a loyal customer base.

    If you’re planning on home service app development, make sure that the customers can easily book any service and get a quick quality service.

  3. Powerful features

    Any on-demand app development is incomplete without a powerful feature set. After a user posts his service requirement, TaskRabbit scans over 140K taskers, carrying out Task matching. Users get the best options to get their work done. And taskers can accept or decline service on their TaskRabbit tasker app.

    TaskRabbit has a feature for the TaskPosters to give ratings and reviews to a tasker on the basis if the service he provides. Such feedback helps other users to make a decision.

    This home service app also provides an option of in-app chat. The users can chat with the taskers if they have special requirements or have a change in the plan. 

    home service app development

    Source: TaskRabbit App

    There is also a feature of payment integration like other on-demand economy apps. The payment is secure and fast which makes it breezy for the users.

    Now, you have seen what are the 3 vital pointers that you can learn from Taskrabbit for your home service app development.

At Your Service!

We hope that these achievements, features, and strategies of the TaskRabbit app act like lessons or tips for your own on-demand app. You still might have queries and doubts about your app idea. It is totally understandable. You could clear them with an on-demand app development company

Feel free to share them with us. We are an on-demand mobile app development company based out of Canada. We promise to deliver advanced feature-rich on-demand economy apps and Uber for X apps. Our on-demand apps run seamlessly on iOS, Android, and web platforms.

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