How to Choose a Mobile App Development Company

Key Takeaway:

  • Use multiple channels like LinkedIn, technical events, and B2B directories to create a well-rounded shortlist of app development agencies.
  • Utilize platforms like Clutch for reviews and ensure the agency’s expertise aligns with your project’s technical needs.
  • The cost of hiring an app developer in the North American continent ranges from $40/hr to $120/hr.

What do Airbnb, Uber, and Instagram have in common? Besides being industry disruptors, these famous apps started with a great idea and a solid mobile app development team behind them.

If you’re an entrepreneur with an app idea, choosing the right development company can make or break your business. So, how do you make the right choice? As a leading mobile app development services provider, we know the assessment process to find and select the right app development partner.

In this blog, we have described the complete process on how to choose a mobile app development company.

Once you have a clear understanding of your project requirements, budget, and time duration, your next step would be to select the right app development partner. By the end of this blog, you will be able to select the right partner for your project.

How to Choose the Right Mobile App Development Agency: 7 Steps Process

Here is the entire process of finding the right app partner when you want to develop a mobile application.

  1. Start researching good mobile app development companies. Either referrals, directories, or social media and forums, each of the platforms helps you to find the right partner. Apart from this, here are the steps you can follow:

    • Ask your professional contacts on LinkedIn to get trusted recommendations.
    • Attend tech-related conferences or events to network and ask for referrals.
    • Leverage your previous work relationships to get insider tips on finding a reliable app development company.
    • Take help from your investor relationships to get referrals to trusted tech partners.
    • Take advice from academics in the tech field who may have industry connections.
    • Search on reputed B2B directories like Clutch, GoodFirms, G2, or 99 firms to find app development companies.
    • Find on social media platforms or forums like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn to identify or get aware of trustworthy companies.
    • Join relevant industry groups on social media where members often share valuable recommendations and insights.

    For example, if you want your mobile app partner to have expertise in OpenAI integration or the latest technologies like Flutter and React Native, you need to set basic criteria and companies that stand on them. You can add the companies to your list.

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  2. Check Reviews and Testimonials of the App Development Companies

    After you make a list of the best app development companies, you need to look for customer reviews and testimonials to count the reputation of the company.

    For example, when you search for a car, usually you read reviews on or AutoTrader. Learning about the reviews makes the decisions effective and easy. This same rule applies here in the software development industry.

    To find mobile app development companies, you need to review directories like Clutch GoodFirms or Google to find the reviews and testimonials about each mobile app development company.

    For example, you choose Space-O Technologies as your app development partner and check their client’s reviews on the Clutch platform. The reviews and testimonials of the Clutch platform are true as they are rigorously tested before going live. Check one of the testimonials of Space-O Technologies below.

    On Clutch, you can search for a particular vendor and learn about the company’s portfolio. From project types to development costs, every piece of information you get on the platform about the company’s project.

    Moreover, a good app development company provides you with all the essential information and has good reviews on their websites, video testimonials, or interviews given by clients.

  3. Assess the Portfolio of Mobile App Development Agencies

    Once you have a list of qualified companies, check the portfolio and their work. Go through the list of the apps developed by previous clients. Knowing what types of apps the companies can develop and learn about their work expertise.

    From eCommerce to gaming apps, and everything in between, you get an idea of the experience of each company and their mobile app development expertise. In addition, you get an idea if they have a proven track record in mobile application development services.

    Check the project portfolio section to learn about the mobile apps they have built for different industries like logistics, manufacturing, roofing, food, and transportation. Here is a glimpse of the recently developed mobile app projects by Space-O Technologies.

    Name and Description of Mobile App Solutions
    pick-up-and-delivery-appA custom pick-up and delivery app developed for the audience of the USA. LINX is a custom app that facilitates pickup and delivery services based on your requirements. In addition, this app allows you to schedule delivery of the packages prior. LINX apps also allow users to choose package size, delivery vehicle, and delivery time as per the requirements.
    on-demand-drinks-deliveryAn on-demand drinks delivery app for the audience of Saudi Arabia. Within the first week of release, the Material app gained impressions of over 75,000 with 11,000 downloads on the Apple App Store.
    video-editing-appA custom video editing app for YouTube videos specifically designed for iOS app users. From importing avatars to editing videos, this app allows you to get complete editing of your video. This app has over 5,000 active users and 4.1 average ratings on the app stores.
  4. Learn About the Experience and Technical Expertise of the App Partners

    Your next step is to assess the experience and technical expertise of your mobile app partners. At this stage, get insights into whether an app development company can execute your specific or not.

    Start by understanding how long the app agency has been in the IT and software development business. The best app development company is likely to have all the necessary infrastructure, manpower, and expertise to manage different types and scales of projects.

    Also, you need to learn about a company’s industry-specific experience. For that, you can ask for case studies or client references related to your industry to see if they understand the unique mobile app development challenges and opportunities in your niche.

    Furthermore, learn about the technical expertise and skills of your potential app development company.

    • What programming languages do they specialize in?
    • Do they have expertise in native app development for iOS and Android?
    • Do they focus on cross-platform technologies like Flutter and React Native?
    • Are they able to do integrations with technologies like OpenAI, blockchain, or IoT?

    In addition, whether it’s Agile, Scrum, or Waterfall, the methodologies a company uses provide you with how they approach, plan, and execute projects.

    Focusing on these elements, you get a detailed view of a company’s technical and experience. This way, you make a proper decision which results in a successful project outcome. And, enables you to choose the best app developers to make a performant application.

  5. Request Proposals and Quotes to App Development Companies

    Next, after making a final list of companies that set your defined criteria, you need to request the proposals and quotes. Then your shortlisted companies provide you with detailed proposals and quotes on your mobile app idea. Here is a general overview of what an RFP document includes.

    What to Include in Your Request for Proposal (RFP)?

    • Project overview: Start by outlining the core objectives, features, and functionality you expect in the mobile application. This serves as a guiding document for the companies to understand what you’re looking for.
    • Scope of work: Specify the tasks, deliverables, and milestones that the app development company would be responsible for.
    • Timeline: Indicate your desired timeframe for each phase of the project. Whether it’s the initial design stage, development, or deployment, knowing the timeline expectations is vital.
    • Budget constraints: If you have any budget limits, make sure to state them clearly to avoid any misunderstandings later on.

    What to Expect in the Proposals?

    • Project timeline: Companies should provide a detailed project schedule, outlining the time allocated for each stage of the app development process.
    • Cost breakdown: Look for a cost structure that covers everything from initial consultations and design to development and post-launch support.
    • App development team structure: Who will be working on your project exactly? Their proposal should outline the structure of your dedicated project management team, from project managers to developers and QA testers.
    • Maintenance and post-launch services: What happens after the app goes live? Maintenance, updates, and potential future development should be part of the proposal.
    • Tech stack: Expect details on the technology stack that will be used for your project. This is especially important if you have specific technical requirements.
    • Legalities and compliance: The proposal should also contain information on compliance with data security laws, code ownership, and confidentiality agreements.
    • Payment terms: How and when will payments be made? Are there any milestones that trigger payment? This needs to be clearly defined to prevent any future conflict.
  6. Compare and Negotiate the Proposals

    After you get the proposals from the companies you’re considering, it’s time to look at them closely to make a good choice. Here’s what you should focus on:

    Points to Consider for Comparison:

    1. Cost-effectiveness
      • Look at what price proposal you are getting.
      • A cheaper price doesn’t always mean it’s a better deal. Check what the agencies are offering, like their team’s skills and what kind of help you’ll get after the app is made.
    2. Technical Capabilities
      • Make sure they can use the tech tools you want for your app.
      • Check if they can work with special tech like OpenAI or blockchain if you need it.
    3. Timeline
      • Check the time given by the companies to make an app.
      • Make sure it fits with your plans. Taking too long can cost more and you could miss out on other chances.
    4. Quality of Previous Work
      • Look again at the other apps they’ve made.
      • Check if they’ve won any awards or got special mentions.
    5. Legalities and Documentation
      • Look at the contract carefully. Make sure it talks about keeping your data safe, who owns the app, and keeping your information private.
      • Watch out for things that don’t look right, like terms that are too strict or confusing parts about who owns the app.
    6. Payment Terms
      • After you compare the proposals, see what you can talk over and change.
      • Talk openly with the company. Tell them what you need and see if they can change things to fit better with what you want.

    Remember, talking over the price is not just about making it cheaper. It’s about making sure you’re getting the best for your project. If they’re a bit more expensive but they offer a lot more, it might be worth it.

    This way, you can be sure you’re making a smart choice for your mobile app project.

  7. Start Your Mobile App Project Development

    At this stage, you would have a shortlist of three to four companies that fit within your criteria. Next, you need to move forward to get your mobile app development started.

    Schedule consultations or kickoff project meetings with the company. Discuss your mobile app development requirements and learn what types of services they offer to you. By the end of the call, you get an idea about which app development company is the right fit for your project development.

    By taking the time to go through these steps, you have a better chance of selecting a mobile app development company that is a good fit for your project and can deliver a successful app.

Develop a Scalable and Powerful Mobile App

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Do you still have questions regarding the process of finding the right app development company? Check the following FAQ section to learn more.

FAQ About Choosing an App Development Company

  1. What are the must-have qualities to check in a mobile app development company?

    When choosing a mobile app development company, it’s essential to check their expertise and experience, while also examining their portfolio and ensuring they provide excellent customer service.

  2. Which factors to consider before hiring an app development agency?

    Here is a list of the factors that you need to consider when hiring an app development company.

    • Look for a company that has made different types of apps with high ratings from users.
    • Choose a technically skilled company you need, and check their successful projects.
    • Choose a company that has experience with similar businesses to yours.
    • Confirm all costs beforehand to avoid hidden charges.
    • Check if the company consistently meets deadlines for finishing apps.
    • Make sure the company will update you regularly on your app’s progress.
    • Pick a company that is open to changes and adjustments as the project moves forward.
    • Prefer a company that uses its own experts for faster and more reliable work.
    • Read the contract carefully to understand deliverables, deadlines, and ownership, and consider adding a confidentiality agreement.
    • Select a company that will help you update and improve your app after it’s launched.
    • Trust companies that have strong recommendations or positive online reviews.
  3. Which questions should I ask before hiring a mobile app development company?

    Here are the questions you need to ask before hiring an app development agency.

    • What experience do you have with projects similar to ours?
    • Could you provide three references from past clients with similar projects?
    • Can you provide a detailed estimate of the project’s cost and timeline?
    • Who will be my primary contact, and how frequently will I receive updates?
    • How do you handle changes to the project’s scope after it’s started?
    • Do you perform all development work in-house, or is any part outsourced?
    • Could we see a sample contract detailing IP rights, deliverables, and milestones?
    • What support do you offer after the app goes live?
    • How do you approach the design and user experience of an app?
    • What’s your process for app store submissions and updates?

Choose Space-O Technologies As Your Mobile App Development Partner

In this blog, you have learned about the process of choosing the right app development agency. From searching companies to getting your app development started, every important step we have discussed. We have described all the important factors that should be considered while choosing your app development agency.

However, if you want to develop a mobile app and are looking for a reliable partner in Canada, we can help you. As a mobile app solutions provider, we have experience in developing custom apps for multiple industries like logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare. So far, we have developed over 300+ custom mobile-based app solutions. Let’s connect and start working on your project together.

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