How to Create a Weather App from Scratch in 2024

We have become more reliant on our smartphones these days, with more than 5.34 billion unique mobile phone users in the world today.

Now, we look for everything on our smartphones, including weather reports. Gone are the days when we used to sit in front of the television just to get information on the weather so we could plan our trips or holidays. It is now easy to access such reports through weather apps efficiently.

In fact, this is the reason more entrepreneurs are looking to build weather apps. But how to create a weather app that helps you to stand out from the competition?

Don’t worry; we have answered this question in this article. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Overview of the Weather App Market

  1. According to a report by Grand View Research, the weather app market size was valued at USD 803.9 million in 2021.
  2. This report also states that North America dominates the weather app market with a share of 33.01%.
  3. Statista reports that weather apps’ projected market size is expected to be USD 1.06 billion by 2026.
  4. This report of Statista also reveals that the average revenue per download is expected to amount to USD 1.04 as of 2023.

Looking at these statistics, we can see that there is a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to build weather apps. Weather app owners can be a part of this high-demanding market, using various monetization strategies, such as ads and in-app purchases, to generate high revenue.

To leverage this opportunity, you first need to know how to develop a unique weather application that attracts your target audience and helps you make the most of the app by building a brand for your business or generating revenue.

Want to Develop a Fully Functional Weather App?

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How to Build a Weather App for iOS and Android in 5 Easy Steps

A well-defined weather app development process is required when you want to build a successful app that helps you check weather forecasting and alerts in real-time. And if you are an entrepreneur, you must be looking to earn a high ROI from your app.

Therefore, in this section, we are going to discuss 5 essential steps that will help you build a high-quality weather app. Let’s dive in to discover the weather app development process.

  1. Conduct Market Research on Your Weather App Idea

  2. When you want to create a mobile application from scratch, you should never underestimate the process of conducting market research.

    By conducting proper research, you need to identify the market trends and customers’ problems, understand revenue models and find out how your competitors are doing exceptionally well in the weather app market.

    But how do you conduct research before you start building an application?

    • Look for the existing weather apps available on the app stores which are similar to your app idea
    • Evaluate the reviews and feedback given by the app users to find what they have liked and disliked, along with services users are now expecting from a weather app
    • Find out the basic and advanced features your competitors have integrated into their mobile apps
    • Look for the opportunities and mistakes made by the competitors
    • Take help from a professional market research company for an in-depth report
  3. Look for Features to Include in Your Custom App

  4. Once you complete your research, you must evaluate the basic and advanced features that you want to integrate into your app to solve complex weather forecasting-related challenges.

    Refer to the following features that we have mentioned in a weather app. You can surely take references from here and customize your app accordingly.

    • Smart notifications for weather forecast
    • Hyper-local forecast to predict rain, storm, and weather changes
    • Weather visualizations with stunning maps
    • Snow and ice depth analyzer
    • Tracker for sunset and sunrise time
    • Predictions on wind and updates about humidity
    • Ultraviolet radiation of the sun by the Solar UV index

    Apart from these advanced features, you can also use other functionalities that will make your app unique and stand out from others.

  5. Hire a Development Company for Weather App Development

  6. Once you decide on all the parameters for your weather app, you need to look for a reliable and experienced app development company in Canada.

    When you have a special idea in mind for your app, you would surely want to invest in a top app development company that can ensure quality delivery within the estimated timeline and budget.

    To hire a competent app developers team, you can check various platforms like Clutch, Upwork, and Toptal. Before hiring the team, ensure their work experience, related portfolios, and reviews and feedback from previous clients.

    If you do not want to do all this tiresome work, you can also consider Space-O as your technological partner. We have experience building more than 300 software solutions and working with over 100 clients across the globe.

    Here is feedback from our client Mr. Bashar who was happy with our services and how we helped him optimize his overall idea and deliver a unique solution.

    Bashar Aanbtawi Testimonial Space-O Canada

  7. Initiate Native Weather App Development

  8. This is the stage where the weather app development team will start developing your app based on your requirements and business objectives.

    After this, the business analyst team will prepare a wireframe for your weather app. Next, the team will sketch a clear picture of features and functionalities that need to be included in the app. Also, you will get to know the estimated app development timeline for your project.

    Later, the UX/UI team will create the sample designs using the latest app designing tools, such as Adobe XD, Figma, and Photoshop. Once the designs are finalized from your end, the app developers will start developing your weather application and complete the process within the estimated timeline.

    Testing the app is also a part of the mobile app development lifecycle. The team will perform various tests, such as usability testing, performance testing, and security testing, to ensure that your weather app is bug-free and runs seamlessly on various platforms.

  9. Launch and Market Your Weather App

  10. Launching an app is also a part of the mobile app development process. Developers know the app store guidelines and will successfully help you launch the app on the respective app stores.

    So once your app is launched, you can also use the following strategies to market your app to the target audience.

    • Write a blog or guest post
    • Create a landing page
    • Create a video introduction and teaser
    • App store optimization
    • Offer promo, coupons, and discounts

This was all about the weather app development process. Now, let’s see how much it would cost to build a weather app based on some criteria.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Weather Application?

The cost to develop a weather app ranges between $25,000 to $1,50,000.

Generally, the app development cost range is influenced by several factors. For example, your weather app development complexity, UX/UI designs, the third-party API services you will use, and the developer’s location will influence app development cost.

We talked to our senior app developers to find the app development cost based on different factors. They have helped us with the below cost range. Let’s check.

  1. Based on Weather App Development Stages

  2. Like other simple apps, a weather app development process is divided into several stages. Let’s check how much it would cost you based on different app development stages. The following cost is for medium-level weather applications.

    Weather App Development StageEstimated Cost
    Planning and Prototyping$2,800 – $3,500
    Designing and Coding$21,000 – $22,400
    Weather App Testing$3,150 – $3,500
  3. Based on Weather App Complexity

  4. App complexity also influences the app development cost. Please know that the app features increase the complexity of the app. Hence, the more you integrate features into your app, the more it will cost you to build a weather app.

    TypeWeather App FeaturesEstimated Cost
    Simple Weather App
    • Day-to-day forecasting
    • Severe weather information
    • Next hour precipitation
    • Air quality index
    • Maps and graphical representation
    • Forecasting with latitude and longitude values
    $21,000 – $22,750
    Complex Weather App
    • Smart push notifications
    • Detailed weather reports and updates
    • Interactive maps
    • Visualization and animation
    • Integration with social media
    • The snow depth map
    • Reports on UV index and humidity
    • Home screen widget for the latest weather reports
    • Weather forecasts at hyper-local level
    Starts from $35,000
  5. Cost of Weather App Developers Based on the Locations

  6. As we discussed above, the location of the developers also influences the app development cost; check per hour cost of developers from different locations.

    LocationPer Hour Cost
    The USA & Canada$100 – $250 per hour
    Western Europe$80 – $150 per hour
    Eastern Europe$25 – $100 per hour
    India$20 – $50 per hour

You know now how much it costs to build a weather app. So let’s discover the top 10 weather applications. Looking at these apps will help you know the existing competition in the market and find what these apps are doing to be at the top. Discover more about them.

Want to Know Exact Weather App Development Cost?

Contact us to discuss your unique weather app development requirements. We will help you devise a strategy and execute your idea into action.

10 Best Weather Apps of 2024

Combining our knowledge and feedback taken from different platforms like Popular Science, PCMag, and Tom’s Guide, we have accumulated a list of the top 10 weather apps based on their features, downloads, and pricing.

AccuWeather iconAccuWeather
  • Quick weather forecasting report
  • Detailed analysis of precipitation
  • Minute-by-minute forecasting
  • Report on UV index, air quality, wind direction, and humidity
  • Free
iOS | Android
RadarScope iconRadarScope
  • Displays the velocity and dual-polarization
  • Easy to view NEXRAD Level 3 and radar data of super-resolution
  • Get updates on tornados, thunderstorms, flash floods, and marine warnings
  • $10 per year
iOS | Android
Weather Underground iconWeather Underground
  • Plan a time for hiking, running, or a trip
  • Get precise weather forecasts at a truly hyper-local level
  • Get current weather data from the Nexrad network
  • Free
iOS | Android
Flowx iconFlowx
  • Visualize the forecast with maps and graphs
  • 20+ forecast models, plus radar reflectivity
  • Best user experience with all data on one screen
  • Get finger swipe control
  • Free
Weather on the Way iconWeather on the Way
  • Most accurate weather app in Canada to predict bad weather situations
  • Catch your current location data and update weather information
  • Weather conditions for specific locations
  • Free: Basic features
  • Pro: $9.99 per year
Yahoo Weather iconYahoo Weather
  • Images that show current weather conditions
  • Get a five-day forecast, radar data, and satellite maps
  • Add a home screen widget to get the latest weather reports
  • Free
iOS | Android
The Weather Channel iconThe Weather Channel
  • Get the desired climate coverage through short weather forecast videos
  • Get alert for lethal viruses and racing hurricanes
  • Social sharing feature to upload images, videos, and tweets, and share links
  • Free
iOS | Android
Carrot Weather iconCarrot Weather
  • Get access to hourly and daily forecasts
  • Tap on the screen for more meteorological alerts
  • Android: Free
  • iOS: $4.99 per year
iOS | Android
Dark Sky iconDark Sky
  • Offers hyperlocal weather information
  • Gives minute-by-minute predictions for your location
  • Offers beautifully smooth radar animations
  • Receive up-to-the-minute alerts before the rain starts
  • $3.99
NOAA Weather Radar Live iconNOAA Weather Radar Live
  • Radar overlay to see the rain, snow, & mixed precipitation areas
  • The snow depth map to display the detected snow
  • Receive push notifications for the bookmarked location
  • Free: All features
  • Pro: $1.99 to remove ads
iOS | Android

Still, looking for more answers on weather application development? Then, check the following FAQ section, where we will answer some mostly asked questions.

FAQ About Weather App Development

  1. How much time does it take to build a weather app?

  2. It takes 2 months to 9 months to develop a full-fledged weather application.

    The time range generally depends on the type of weather app you are looking to build. If it is a complex app, you would need to invest more time than building a simple one. Generally, the app complexity, the features and functionalities you would integrate into your app, and the usage of the third-party APIs increase the app development timeline.

  3. What are the things to take into consideration before developing a weather app?

  4. Here are the following parameters you can consider if you are building a weather app.

    • Your unique weather app development idea
    • Clarity on the target audience
    • Weather app design to attract more app users
    • Unique selling proposition
    • Monetization strategies
    • Your budget and app development timeline
  5. How to monetize a weather app?

  6. You can implement the following strategies in your weather app to monetize it.

    Monetization StrategyDescription
    SubscriptionIf you are offering some of the app features for free, then you can choose this monetization strategy. The subscription method will ask your app users to purchase some advanced features on a recurring basis. They can pay the fee for the time being they are availing of the advanced weather reporting services.
    In-app AdsIf you have to keep your app free to use, then this monetization model will help you earn revenue. All you need to do is integrate ads in your app for the users. So, whenever your users will see the ads and click on them, and the user installs the app via the same advertisement, you will get paid. You will also be paid when an ad is displayed.
  7. Which are the best weather API providers?

    • Weather Underground API
    • OpenWeatherMap API
    • AccuWeather
    • Foreca API
    • DarkSky API

Create Your Own Weather App

With this guide, you learned how to build a weather app with 5 easy steps. Now, you also know how much it costs to build a weather app, the features of a weather app, and the top 10 weather apps which are ruling the market.

Now it is your time to make your own weather app that helps you give a competitive edge and generate high revenue. If you are looking for a reliable app development partner, contact us with your requirements. Our app developers have wide experience building unique weather mobile apps and web development for startups and enterprises within the estimated timeline.

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