How to Validate Your App Idea [5 Simple Step Process]

Ideas create value in human lives, and they provide a vision to make things possible. It could be generating the idea to build an app for solving numerous day-to-day problems. Building an app could be the secondary thing. First, you need to validate your app idea. If you crack the perfect mobile app idea, you can easily attract your target audience. However, cracking the perfect app idea that solves the problem is not easily available in the market. Do you know why?

Because there are currently 3.14 million apps that are available on Google Play Store and 2.09 apps on Apple Play Store. As you see the market is very competitive and it is difficult to beat your competitors. So, here are a few questions that you need to answer accurately. It will assess you to make a successful app for your audience.

  • Is your app idea providing a solution to real-life problems?
  • Did you discover the problems and research on social media, search engines, and forums?
  • Have you identified your target user’s group?
  • What types of new features is your user group looking for in the existing apps?

This article will discuss five essential steps that you can follow to validate your application idea. So, ready to start your journey?

If you already have an app idea and are still stuck on how to move further proper direction. No worries, we have prepared a five-step guide on how to validate an app idea.

5 Key Steps to Validate Your App Idea

We, at Space-O Canada, thoroughly validate your app idea and provide you with the perfect solution from scratch to deployment. So far, we’ve accomplished 100+ app ideas into reality, which brings trust to offer you quality service. How do we do this? Do you wonder how to know if your app idea is good? We follow these mentioned steps for validation. Let’s have a look at these steps in detail.

  1. Conduct Market Research for your App Idea

    First step; you need to conduct research that will help you to understand the requirements of the audience. Creating viable product ideas make a huge difference, as they provide information to solve problems easily. App development is feasible, but what makes that product best from the contenders in the market? Your audience always looks for a better option for the problems.

    Conduct Market Research For Your App Idea

    Providing a better user interface is not the only thing. You need to check the features if there is already an app on the Google Play Store or iPhone App Store. Conduct thorough research by analyzing your competitors’ apps. Create a user persona to find out what users are seeking in the app.

    Look over the product in app stores and uncover the necessary points to implement in a new way. Also, focus on improving the existing features and try to bring something new to the app.

    Ask for opinions from your audience and conduct surveys, which make your idea more specific. Reach out to your target audience, and ask about what features they are craving to have in that app. Also, after some research consulting a business analyst is considered a good approach.

    Market research offers a better perception of investment, design, facilities, conducting marketing campaigns, and your users’ persona.

    Find the best trending apps in your niche by exploring given websites:

    • AppAnnie
    • SensorTower
    • AppTopia

    These websites will give you insight into your competitors’ domain and the advantage of building better mobile apps. To better understand your competitors, here are some points to note down.

    Essential Points to make your app as product market fit:

    • Categorize the importance of features
    • Provide values through your application
    • Your app meet your target users’ needs

    Now, as your research is complete, you should recognize the trends of the mobile application market.

  2. Analyze the Trends of Relating your App Idea

    App idea validation is correlated with trends of mobile app development companies. You have to keep an eye on the latest tech events to gain insight into making mobile apps. The durability of the app is one of the important factors.

    Analyze the Trends of Relating Your App Idea

    If you are planning to build a food delivery app like GrubHub, then include several factors that are very crucial, like live tracking, online payment, and more. For example, SkipTheDishes is a famous Canadian food delivery app with features like a food tracking system, integration with multiple payment gateways, a simple checkout process, multiple order placement, and more. So, consider including the latest technologies in your app. Check the investor portfolio pages to know the business ventures they would like to fund. It helps you to bring relevance to your app concept.

    Moreover, the product design can also be challenging, but knowing the latest user experience trends helps you solve the problem for users in an easy way. Easy navigation to all the features can make life simple for the app user. An app with many excellent features built with bad user interaction can make all your efforts dead.

    So building an app from scratch is a good approach, but the essential part relies on its proper implementation. That is possible by getting a proper idea validation with perfect execution till final product development.

    The mobile app development process is divided into several parts. So, before actually building an app, consider all the aspects that directly impact the development of your app concept. That makes it convenient for the mobile app development company to deliver the exact application as per your requirements.

  3. Customer Journey Map is Important

    The customer journey is the route to direct your users accurately, and there are multiple steps that you need to accomplish to design an effective process for potential customers.

    A customer journey map is a process to represent the visual portrait converting a lead or prospect to a successful customer for achieving the goal of the company.

    Customer Journey Map is Important to Validate App Idea

    While creating a customer journey map in your business, you have to process the events that are going to be performed by the end-users. You can take this ready-to-use customer journey map template prepared by the Hubspot team.

    The customer journey is the route to direct your users accurately, and there are multiple steps that you need to accomplish to design an effective process for customers.

    How does it help you in product development?

    We’ve illustrated the points that are essential to solving customer journey problems.

    • Step 1: Enhance your application and lessen the steps for customers to finish something.
    • Step 2: Figure out the negatives of existing applications and problems of any feature. Bring improvement in that feature and analyze the inputs of users.
    • Step 3: Identify idle activity of the users in the application, check inputs on every stage. It will lead to delivering the best-improved experiences better for your audience. Entrepreneurs always look for improvement in the existing products. They look out in the market to offer a better value proposition to the audience.
    • Step 4: Explore the features that the users love and spend their most time and you can make money. Identifying that will help you to rebuild your unused facilities.

    The above steps will assist a way to perform product development that can solve the problem of thousands of people. Moving further, as you have got the product idea for your customer journey, now it’s time to prepare a primary product with the MVP module.

  4. MVP to Measure Your App Success

    You may encounter a thought: What is MVP?

    MVP stands for a minimum viable product that is app idea testing purpose-built app sent in the market with important features. It allows your efforts to be validated in a structured way to learn how users interact with your app’s functionality.

    MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to Measure Your App Success

    Perform complete market research, interact with existing app features, perform keyword research, and know the target market. It helps in the validation process. These all things help you to create the correct MVP in the process of idea validation. It also solves your problem of higher investment in the initial stage. MVP of your idea will develop your perception of how your app would function.

    MVP refers to building the prototype application with the most important features and placing it on the market to check its performance in the real world. It helps entrepreneurs to figure out the pain points, make something that can solve their problem.

    Once your MVP is ready, you can share it in social media groups and ask for feedback in the forums. You can also ask your contact to share your app to reach more target audiences.

    MVP allows you to achieve your app concept’s primary model and makes it handy to fulfill the basic stages to validate your mobile app development.

    Do you wonder why you should use the MVP approach?

    The objective is to use the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach to make things sustainable for the development team and set the future development stages based on the application’s current scenario. Well, it also gives you clarity that project directions are changing or on a stable path.

    This saves you extra money, builds the application rapidly, and provides your product’s faster delivery to the audience. Through this approach, you can rectify the pain points that make something better than the market’s existing apps.

    After successfully launching your MVP product, you can now create a marketing strategy for promotion and a landing page that includes the customer feedback section. It will create convenience for users to share feedback on your product. Even, you can write blog posts about your product to educate your audience.

    When your startup business website is getting ready, bring excitement to your target audience by including the following things in it,

    • Prepare a lead generation form to collect the email addresses of prospects
    • Provide detailed information about your app ideation process
    • Include feature set in your business website and launch date
    • Include images to display the first look of your application

    Generating the design sprint for your product is one of the practical concepts; it helps you execute the app in a targeted time frame. In this process, you need to set peculiar tasks and effectuate them.

    Then release the beta version to test on a handful of the audience which ultimately takes you to gain valuable feedback. Therefore, the design sprint works well in testing and verifying the idea in a short duration. After a successful launch, create a monetization model to earn and introduce a better version for the future.

  5. Get Feedback to Enhance App Idea Validation

    One of the best ideas to build something awesome is possible by knowing the users’ problem. Asking them about their feedback on your app can immensely ease your app validation process. By getting remarks from the audience is the best way that can help to provide specific technical inputs to app developers.

    Get Feedback to Enhance App Idea Validation

    Conduct survey polls to ask your target audience the questions for which they are looking for solutions. These questions can create an impact on UX level and technical interface functionality for the smoother execution of all things in your app.

    No one likes long processes in the apps, so make sure to build accurate steps to perform each task as it reduces the bounce rate. The importance of feedback gives you a chance to improve your apps. Companies that are implementing the feedback of their customers are likely to win the hearts of the customers.

    Pop-ups at the right places can deliver the best result to get feedback from your potential users. Considering this feedback makes the audience more personalized to your mobile app. Offer them value, be attentive to your users’ needs and make their experience exceptional.

Still, have some questions on validating an app idea for app development? Don’t worry, here we have answered some of the most asked questions from readers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if my app idea already exists?

    Don’t be demotivated. There is no compulsion that every idea should be unique. Uncovering the loopholes can offer you the chance to offer the better version of your idea existing in the market. Point of view to representing the prevailing way in a new form can attract the target audience.

  2. Can I license my app idea?

    Yes, you can license your app idea if it’s unique. The investors are always excited to rent your idea that brings value to human life. Hence, startups get thrust to live their idea from validation to business model.

  3. How do I validate my mobile app idea?

    It’s easy. You can go through all the aspects mentioned in this blog. Validation of your app can initiate change in the life of thousands of people. These processes could be brainstorming, but ultimately you will present the better version of your product into a business idea that creates value.

  4. How to do market research for an app?

    Conducting marketing research includes checking the existing app, knowing the competitors, and validating your app where it stands in the market. You can read our competitor analysis to gain an in-depth understanding.

  5. How to create an app idea?

    Find and escalate the problem that is making human life challenging. You can read our blog on 101 best app ideas that could change the world in 2023 for instant guidance.

  6. I do have an app idea and where do I start?

    You can start gathering information about your app idea, and the second step could be validating your idea. Rectify the lacks people are facing if there is an app on your idea. Otherwise, you start making a prototype for the beta version app of your idea.

Decided to turn your app idea into reality?

We do have a team of experienced developers to work on your project.


On a concluding note, entrepreneurs build a business with the power to stick to their ideas and continuously perform evolutions to improvise in the existing solutions. Similarly, turning an idea into reality can be smoothly executed by performing the app’s essential checklist and validation.

We’ve demonstrated five simple steps procedures that can meet the demands of the existing market and deliver a top-notch product. That makes your idea a valuable product for your audience. Ideas are always great, except that are flawlessly carried off.

We would suggest you don’t just start developing your app idea, instead validate it first. For any confusion, feel free to contact Space-O Canada and get your app idea turned into reality.

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