3 Tips to Make a Marijuana Delivery App like Leafly and Weedmaps Apps

Do you own a marijuana dispensary? Or are you planning to dive into MMJ delivery business? If yes, congratulations! This short but detailed blog is just the piece of writing you should be reading right now. Cannabis is finally legal and marijuana delivery apps are in demand. We had a chat with our app development consultant and according to him, it is an ideal time to invest in weed delivery app development.

We also convinced him to share a few tips with us that could make a weed app successful. Go ahead, take a look!

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‘A friend with weed is a friend indeed…’ – Pops O’Donnell

Unless it’s illegal, of course. Getting weed delivered to your home is now easier than ever. 

Getting cannabis on-demand is no longer a luxury but a regular activity. Ordering weed online and getting same-day cannabis delivery is possible with marijuana delivery apps like Weedmaps, Leafly or Eaze.

If you own a medical marijuana dispensary or planning to be the next successful marijuana delivery service startup, you must have a medical cannabis delivery app

With weed becoming legal in Canada from 2018, the number of marijuana users has spiked up. Even the sales of medical and regular marijuana show good growth.

You may take a look at these numbers and see for yourself.

Some Important Statistics about  the Cannabis Industry

  • As reported by Statista, the market size for combined top-shelf medical and non-medical dried marijuana last year was Canadian $1.1 billion which is projected to reach Canadian $2.8 billion by 2020.
  • In North America, ArcView (a leading cannabis research firm) estimates that sales will grow by a compound annual rate of 26% a year through 2021. 
  • In Canada, the total active client registrations with a federal licence holder in October 2018 were 345,520. This number increased to 363,917 in a short span of time till July 2019. 
  • Total sales of dried cannabis increased from 21,616 kilograms between January and March 31, 2019, to 28,374 kilograms between April 1 and June 30, 2019. 
  • Finished production (quantity packaged) of dried cannabis increased from 35,258 kilograms between January and March 31, 2019, to 52,765 kilograms between April 1 and June 30, 2019.


marijuana delivery app

Source: Canada.ca

These statistics make it really appetising to develop medical marijuana delivery apps. If you are interested, then here are 3 tips to make an online weed delivery app.

3 Tips To Develop Marijuana Delivery App like Weedmaps, Eaze or Leafly

  1. Provide accurate information

    Different people have different needs. Marijuana users have different requirements. Some use it for recreational purposes while some use it for medical purposes. Your app like Leafly or Eaze should have a range of strains for various needs.

    You can also inform the users about the strains based on their reported effects, feelings, and reviews of different weed strains. 

    Try and keep your users updated with the latest cannabis news and lifestyle information. Inform them about the latest medical marijuana studies, legalization updates among other cannabis-related content. 

    marijuana delivery app

    Source: Leafly App

    You may also give lessons on how to use marijuana, how to grow weed, make your own pot edibles, and more via video or written tutorials. 

    When you plan to develop a marijuana delivery app, make sure the users find is useful for knowledge as well as to buy weed online.

  2. Use Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

    We will explain this with a few examples. 

    It is now time to overlook the hysteria and speculation over Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Especially for the weed selling apps, they must utilize the underlying blockchain technology.

    Blockchain can provide an alternative to only cash-based business transactions. The traditional banking system will soon be outdated for cannabis dispensaries.

    Budbo is a Cannabis app for finding pot products at near-by dispensaries. It wants to offer a blockchain-powered seed-to-sale system for mmj dispensaries and companies and even launch its own cryptocurrency.

    DMG Blockchain company has a project which is a full-service supply chain and provenance platform for Canada’s legal cannabis industry.

    CannaSOS is a Toronto based blockchain-facilitated platform that lets users browse, rate and review different dispensaries and marijuana strains. Their cryptocurrency – PerksCoin (PCT) promotes transactions and drives engagement within the system.

  3. Integrate advanced features

    Whenever a customer uses a weed delivery app to order weed online, he will probably search for ‘Marijuana dispensary near me’ and this is why location tracking important in your app. Your app should provide a list of mmj dispensaries along with their distance from the user. If you own a weed dispensary, you may skip the search option for other dispensaries. 

    marijuana delivery app

    Source: Weedmaps

    Your app must also provide a list of products that they can get if they order from your app. The list may also give details like user-submitted ratings, effects, aromas, flavours, and availability.  

    You may also include other features like an in-app chat to communicate with other users and which will help interact socially with friends, groups, and fellow cannabis enthusiasts. This makes it easier to find and share useful information and connect with local businesses.

Our Contribution to the Cannabis Community

We have developed a live video-streaming app for the global marijuana community. Our streaming app is for iPhone as well as Android platforms and has provided the cannabis community with a safe and non-judgemental platform. Here, they can discuss any medical marijuana centric activity without the fear of being misunderstood.

This is a unique app that stands apart from the crowd of other weed apps.

We have also developed a Marijuana Delivery App for our Arizona based client. we made sure that the app had the utmost security and integrated the features of Face ID or Touch ID in it.

Wanna Develop an App for the Marijuana Community?

The best part about this sector is that you are not restricted to only one type of app. You can build an Uber for marijuana or a live-streaming like above or something else entirely.

Surely, you must have questions and queries regarding marijuana delivery app development. We would be happy to help you. We are a leading web and mobile app development company based out of Canada.

We have developed apps in various categories for Android, iOS, as well as Web platforms. We are known for our performance-driven apps that run seamlessly on these platforms. In fact, we also specialize in Uber for X app development

Have questions in mind? You may also avail a 30-min free consultation from our expert by just filling the contact form given in the footer. As soon as you do, one of our sales representatives will contact you within 48 hours.

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