4 Features of Custom Music Streaming App Development Like SoundCloud

Planning to start your own music startup or already have one that you want to grow? Herein we have mentioned 4 non-negotiable features of music streaming app that you can consider during music streaming app development.

Going on outing with friends or family members? Suddenly, you realized that you can’t carry your music system with you to listen to your favorite music on the way. It irritates you, right? Well, it irritates many of the people across the world.

In fact, there are millions of people who want to listen to high-quality music while going on an outing, traveling, or on the way to work. With the emergence of smartphones and other devices, people listen to their favorite tracks on devices, but still, it is not a satisfying solution for people. People are looking for something that stores a huge music collection by category.

Thanks to music streaming apps and services that allow people to listen to their favorite music anytime and anywhere. In fact, people can search for a wide collection of music by category and bifurcate.

When it comes to talking about one of the top music streaming apps, SoundCloud has secured the fourth place in the list of top music apps in Canada for 2018 by downloads. Before moving ahead and discuss the features of top music streaming apps, let’s know more about SoundCloud app.

SoundCloud: Top Music Streaming App

  • SoundCloud was established in Berlin in 2007 by Swedish sound designer Alexander Ljung and Swedish electronic musician Eric Wahlforss.
  • The application is well-known for its largest music and audio streaming platform with 180 million tracks and growing.
  • The music recommendation app allows users to discover, stream, and share a constantly expanding mix of music – anytime, anywhere.

So, if you as music startup or entrepreneur has decided to develop successful music streaming app like SoundCloud, don’t forget to consider these top 4 features of SoundCloud while developing your own music app.

4 Must-have Features of SoundCloud to Consider During Music Streaming App Development

  1. Allow Users to Discover Music Catalog by Category

    The first and foremost feature to provide your users is – allow users to discover music catalog by category. It must be a lot easier for users to discover incredible music in each genre, from all-time greats to the newest and hottest tracks.


    If the search or discover feature is easy, users will only use your music app to listen to their favorite music and tracks. So, allow users to search and discover music by artist, recording studio, album, or genre so that they can find one that they are looking for.

    While developing music streaming apps like SoundCloud or Pandora, provide users with music recommendations based on their earlier choices or listening habits. It will help them to find the best music or track that they have an interest in using the best music app.

  2. Personalized Playlist

    Another feature to consider while developing music streaming app is, a personalized playlist that allows users to create their own playlist. They can include their desired and favorite songs on the list. In fact, users can create different playlists for different moods like gym, home, driving and other playlists.


    With this personalized playlist feature, your users would be thankful if you allow them to store their favorite songs, create playlists, and albums in a library. Moreover, you can also suggest your users with top-chart playlist, fan-chart playlist, and new release playlist so that with a single click on the list, users can listen to songs or music.

    So, don’t overlook this feature when you develop music streamer app like SoundCloud for your music startup.

  3. Want to Develop a Music App Like SoundCloud?

    Our app developers have expertise in integrating the features like personalized playlists, social media, and music libraries in music apps.

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  4. Give Access to Millions of Songs, Online & Offline

    Another feature that you can include in your list is – allow users to access millions of songs both online and offline. Through this feature, users can get instant access to millions of songs, music and tracks that they can listen online and offline as per their convenience.


    For online mode, users need to have seamless access to the Internet, but when users are offline, they can store a local copy of a particular music file or song in the music library. This feature is also useful when users travelling in low network areas or destinations.

    So, you as an owner of music streaming startup or company can include this feature in your audio streaming app and allow users to get access to millions of songs of their desire.

  5. Social Media Integration & Connect With Friends

    A lot of users or music lovers love to share their playlist with their friends, family members, and colleagues. When they come across any interesting song, they instantly want to share it with their friends or siblings, so it is must to include social sharing feature. With this feature, listeners can share any music or song with just one single click.


    Include social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter, allowing users to share music file with one click. In fact, this feature for your music streaming app development works as a promotion for your app to attract more users. So, don’t miss this opportunity to attract new users to your music app.

Some Other Features to Consider While Music Streaming App Development

  • Recommendation: In the near future, you can include a feature like a recommendation, giving users recommendations on songs, music events, and suggesting tracks that they might like to listen. Whether you are developing on-demand music streaming app and radio streaming app, this feature plays an important role. In fact, popular streaming apps like Spotify and Pandora Music offer this feature.
  • Updates & Notifications: Another suggested feature is – keep your app users informed about the new release and music events nearby. You can notify them through push notification feature and keep them updated about the latest music events.
  • Favorites: Allow users to make any song, music, track, and artist as their favorites. They can maintain favorites list, where they can save all their favorite tracks and music files. Moreover, make it easy for them to directly share the entire favorite collection with anyone.


On a Concluding Note

You have just gone through the 4 non-negotiable features of music streaming app that will make your audio streaming app stands-out in the market. So, if you have any music streaming app idea that will be loved by millions of music lovers across the world, just cross-verify it with us. We are a leading mobile app development company and have already turned over 3500 app ideas into successful applications.

So, if you have any query or confusion related to music streaming app development cost, how to make a music streaming Android app, how to create a music app like Spotify,  app development timeline for the best free music app, you can fill our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will get back to you and answer all your questions. The consultation won’t cost you any money.

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