How to Outsource Laravel Development: [A Complete Guide]

Laravel development refers to the process of developing custom web applications using the Laravel PHP framework. Laravel framework offers tools, libraries, and conventions that handle common tasks and patterns faced during web development.

As of now, 1,26,104 worldwide customers are currently using Laravel as their programming tool for web development, according to 6sense. Popular companies like Oracle, SoftServe, BBC, PWC, and Unilever Group are using the Laravel framework.

Not only this, the Laravel framework provides features and functionalities to develop web applications faster. This framework is easy to use and offers delivery flexibility, security features, and is backed up by a strong community.

All these reasons become a strong consideration for choosing Laravel when developing web applications. However, to develop scalable, secure, and maintainable web applications, you need experienced and skilled developers for your project development.

If you are looking to hire Laravel developers or outsource Laravel development, read this complete guide. This guide provides all information regarding the process, cost, benefits, and challenges of outsourcing.

When to Outsource Laravel Development Projects?

Here are the core reasons to outsource Laravel development projects.


  • Mitigating risks associated with project delays, resource constraints, or unexpected challenges.
  • In-house team lacks the necessary skills and expertise in Laravel development.
  • Aiming to optimize the project expenses without compromising quality by hiring skilled developers with lower labor costs.
  • Facing mitigating project deadlines and the need for rapid team expansion by scaling up the Laravel development team.
  • Undertaking a project requires specialized skills or a combination of Laravel, Vue.js, React.js, ROR, and Node.js expertise beyond your team’s current capabilities.
  • Starting a short-term or one-time Laravel project where you need specialized and skilled Laravel developers.
  • Initiating a project that requires on-demand rapid growth or specialized Laravel expertise.

How to Outsource Laravel Development Projects in 7 Steps

  1. Defining Your Laravel Project Requirements

    • Clearly define the project scope, features, and functionality required for your Laravel application
    • Outline the desired user flows, wireframes, and design mockups
    • Specify the required integrations with third-party services (e.g., payment gateways, APIs)
    • Determine the required skills and expertise (e.g., proficiency in Laravel, database management, front-end development)
    • Set realistic deadlines and milestones based on the project’s complexity
  2. Researching and Evaluating Laravel Development Companies

    • Identify potential Laravel development companies (agencies, or dedicated teams)
    • Check their portfolios for Laravel-specific projects and case studies
    • Read reviews and testimonials from previous clients
    • Check their communication skills, time-zone compatibility, and cultural fit
    • Consider their familiarity with the latest Laravel versions and best practices
  3. Vetting and Interviewing Laravel Developers

    • Conduct technical interviews to assess their Laravel expertise and problem-solving skills
    • Evaluate their understanding of Laravel’s core concepts (e.g: routing, controllers, models, migrations)
    • Assess their knowledge of Laravel’s ecosystem (e.g: Eloquent ORM, Blade templating engine, Artisan CLI)
    • Discuss their experience with popular Laravel packages and libraries
    • Evaluate their commitment to quality, code standards, and testing practices
    • Final a reliable Laravel development agency for your project development
  4. Contract Negotiation and Legal Considerations

    • Discuss pricing models (fixed-price, hourly rate, or dedicated Laravel developers) based on project scope
    • Define intellectual property rights and non-disclosure agreements for your Laravel codebase
    • Establish payment terms and milestones aligned with project deliverables
    • Clarify project ownership, source code transfer, and maintenance responsibilities
  5. Project Management and Communication

    • Establish clear communication channels (video conferencing, project management tools)
    • Implement a project management methodology (e.g., Agile, Scrum) suitable for Laravel development
    • Conduct regular progress updates and status meetings
    • Use collaboration tools for code sharing (e.g., Git repositories), version control, and issue tracking
    • Utilize reliable Laravel-specific project management tools (Laravel Forge, Voyager) for deployment and server management
  6. Quality Assurance and Testing

    • Implement a robust testing strategy for your Laravel application
    • Write unit tests using Laravel’s built-in testing framework (PHPUnit)
    • Perform integration testing for complex Laravel features (e.g., authentication, queues, events)
    • Use continuous integration and deployment processes using tools like Laravel Envoy or CI/CD platforms
    • Conduct code reviews and quality checks to ensure adherence to Laravel best practices
  7. Project Handover and Maintenance

    • Ensure comprehensive documentation and knowledge transfer for your Laravel codebase
    • Discuss ongoing maintenance and support plans for your Laravel application
    • Plan for scalability and future expansion, considering Laravel’s modular design and ecosystem
    • Explore options for Laravel-specific hosting and deployment solutions (Laravel Vapor, Forge)

Looking for a Reliable Laravel Development Partner?

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Outsourcing Models for Laravel Development Projects

Here is a comparison table that describes the development outsourcing models.

Outsourcing ModelDescriptionProsConsBest Suited For
Dedicated Team ModelA dedicated team of Laravel developers is assembled specifically for your project. They work exclusively on your project and are typically hired on a long-term basis.
  • Full control over the team
  • Dedicated resources
  • Seamless collaboration
  • Flexible scaling
  • Higher costs
  • Recruitment and management overhead
  • Large-scale projects
  • Long-term engagements
  • Projects with evolving requirements
Project-based ModelA team is hired to work on a specific project or module with defined requirements, timelines, and deliverables. The engagement is short-term or fixed-scope.
  • Clear scope and timeline
  • Cost-effective for short-term projects
  • Expertise on demand
  • Limited control
  • Potential for scope creep
  • Knowledge transfer challenges
  • Short-term projects
  • Specific modules or features
  • Well-defined requirements
Staff Augmentation ModelYou augment your in-house team with outsourced Laravel developers to fill skill gaps or increase capacity temporarily.
  • Quickly scale up or down
  • Access to specialized skills
  • Blend of in-house and outsourced resources
  • Integration challenges
  • Cultural differences
  • Potential communication gaps
  • Supplementing existing teams
  • Skill gaps or resource constraints
  • Temporary capacity requirements
Hybrid ModelA combination of different outsourcing models, such as a dedicated team for core development and project-based teams for specific modules or features.
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Cost optimization
  • Tailored approach
  • Complexity in management
  • Coordination challenges
  • Potential knowledge silos
  • Complex projects with diverse needs
  • Projects with changing requirements
  • Balancing cost and control

Further, you learn about the benefits of outsourcing Laravel development.

Why Outsource Laravel Development?

Here are the core reasons to outsource Laravel development projects.

  1. Get Cost Benefits Through Resource Allocation

    Outsourcing Laravel development allows you to optimize resource allocation by utilizing the expertise of external teams without incurring the full-time costs associated with maintaining a specialized in-house Laravel team.

    This approach enables you to invest in Laravel expertise only when required while freeing up resources for other critical business functions during periods of lower demand.

  2. Eliminates the Time for Hiring and Team Building

    Recruiting, vetting, and onboarding skilled Laravel developers takes months, leading to significant delays in project timelines and missed opportunities.

    Even after assembling a team, there is no guarantee that the in-house developers possess the depth of knowledge and expertise required to tackle complex Laravel projects efficiently.

    Outsourcing to an established Laravel team eliminates these time and resource constraints, providing immediate access to a pool of proven Laravel experts who can hit the ground running.

  3. Overcome In-house Skill Gaps With Outsourced Expertise

    Even if you have an established in-house development team, you lack the necessary expertise or bandwidth to handle complex Laravel projects or meet tight project deadlines. This is the particular case where outsourcing Laravel development projects becomes a reliable solution.

    By partnering with a specialized Laravel development services provider, tap into a pool of dedicated Laravel experts who possess deep knowledge and extensive experience with the framework.

    For example, experienced Laravel developers have a deep understanding of the Laravel framework’s architecture including the MVC pattern, routing mechanisms, middleware, Eloquent ORM, and the service container.

  4. Rapid Prototyping and MVP Development

    If you are a startup or company looking to launch new products within a short duration, you need quick minimum viable products (MVPs) or prototypes. Being a startup, you need to validate your ideas, gather user feedback, and iterate fast before investing significant resources in full-stack development.

    Outsourcing becomes a good option to quickly assemble a dedicated team of Laravel developers to work on the MVP or prototype project. Allowing startups to bypass the time-consuming process of hiring in-house Laravel developers. Instead, outsourcing allows startups to kickstart the project immediately.

    Above all, startups have access to a global talent pool of Laravel developers with diverse skill sets and experiences. This diversity brings fresh perspectives and creative solutions to the MVP or prototype development process.

    Recently, one of our KSA-based clients hired our Laravel and mobile app developers to build their project. Space-O Technologies developed a Laravel-based drink delivery solution with mobile apps. Within the first week of the launch, it has over 11K+ downloads and 75K+ impressions.

  5. Focus on Core Business Activities

    Running a business involves multiple areas to focus on like product innovation, sales, marketing, and customer service. Often businesses have limited in-house development resources to deal with the irregular and limited tasks of development and maintenance of the organization’s website or web application.

    By outsourcing the development to a Laravel development company, organizations get the flexibility to scale up or down their development resources based on the project requirements. This flexibility allows organizations to overhead the hiring or laying off in-house staff. Apart from that, the existing team of organizations focuses on the core competencies while adapting to changing project demands.

Let’s now learn why you prefer Laravel development agencies instead of hiring freelancers for your project.

Why Hire Laravel Development Agencies Over Freelancer Developers

Check the following comparison table to learn why development companies are a reliable option compared to individual freelancers.

Comparison FactorLaravel Development CompanyFreelance Laravel Developer
Team ExpertiseA dedicated team of experienced Laravel developers with diverse skillsSingle developer with limited scope of expertise
Project ManagementDedicated project managers handle coordination, planning, and oversightYou’re responsible for all project management tasks
ScalabilityCan easily scale up or down the development team as neededLimited to the availability and capacity of a single developer
AccountabilitySingle point of contact and responsible for the entire project lifecycle. For example, an agency provides a Project Manager as a point of contact.Sole responsibility lies with the freelancer, which can be a single point of failure
Maintenance and SupportOffer ongoing maintenance, bug fixes, and support servicesOngoing maintenance and support may be more challenging to manage
CostsGenerally higher due to overhead and profit marginsTypically lower hourly or project-based rates
Direct ControlYou have less direct control over the day-to-day activities of the development teamYou have more direct communication and control over the developer’s work

Now, let’s check the top Laravel development services providers.

5 Top Laravel Development Companies for Outsourcing

We have curated a list of the best Laravel development companies to outsource your project by following the process.

Why Trust Our List?

We understand the importance of reputation. So here is a breakdown of how we analyzed and provided the list of Laravel companies.

Platforms Analyzed


Platforms Analyzed

We analyzed top platforms like Clutch, DesignRush, and GoodFirms that provide a list of Laravel companies along with reviews and ratings.

Companies Reviewed


Companies Reviewed

From 14 platforms, we reviewed 410 companies and sorted 34 companies.

Hours Researched


Hours Researched

We spent 110 hours manually reviewing 34 companies and sorted out the top 5 companies based on 13 factors.

Factors Considered


Factors Considered

We considered 13 factors and evaluated the top 10 companies based on Laravel services offered, hourly rates, website traffic, location, client base, and technical expertise.

By obtaining a list of the companies, we then manually check and verify each company’s portfolio, services they offer, years of experience in Laravel development, location, portfolio, hourly rates, and clients. Go through the below table to learn about the development companies we have selected for you to outsource Laravel development services.

Company IconClutch Rating (Reviews)Laravel Development ServicesHourly RatesDirections
(61 Reviews)
  • Laravel Web Development
  • Laravel-based Enterprise Solutions
  • Laravel-based eCommerce Development
  • Laravel Development Consulting
  • Migration to Laravel
$25–$49/hrgoogle_map_iconSpace-O Technologies
(27 Reviews)
  • Laravel Web Development
  • Laravel-based Enterprise Solutions
  • Laravel-based eCommerce Development
  • Laravel Development Consulting
  • Migration to Laravel
(79 Reviews)
  • Laravel Web Development
  • Website Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Optimizing Web Apps
  • eCommerce Web Development
$50 – $99/hrgoogle_map_icon247 Labs Inc
(93 Reviews)
  • Laravel Development
  • Web Development
  • Custom Web App Development
$100 – $149/hrgoogle_map_iconSaritasa
(25 Reviews)
  • Laravel Development
  • Web Development
  • Custom Web App Development
$100 – $149/hrgoogle_map_iconFiveJars

If you are unaware on how to find the right candidate for your Laravel project, here is a list of the quesitons you can ask during interview.

Which Questions to Ask When Outsourcing Laravel Development Projects?

Here is a list of the questions to ask for Laravel development outsourcing.

Time Zones:

  • How do you ensure communication is maintained throughout the Laravel project?
  • Can you provide references or case studies of previous Laravel projects?

Market Reputation & Reviews:

  • Can you showcase examples of Laravel projects you have completed?
  • Can you provide references or case studies of previous Laravel projects?

NDP and IP Protection:

  • Who will be working on our Laravel project, and what are their roles and experience levels?
  • What Laravel-specific project management methodologies do you employ?
  • How do you manage Laravel project milestones, deliverables, and timelines?

Technical Expertise:

  • How long have you been working with Laravel?
  • Which Laravel versions have you worked with?
  • What measures do you take to ensure the quality and performance of Laravel applications?
  • How do you address Laravel security concerns in Laravel development?
  • How do you ensure that the Laravel applications you develop are scalable?

Previous Projects/Experience/Case Studies:

  • Can you provide examples of Laravel projects you have completed?
  • Can you provide references or case studies of previous Laravel projects?

Pricing Structure:

  • What is your pricing structure for Laravel development projects?

Communication and Client Interaction:

  • How do you maintain communication throughout the Laravel project?
  • How do you handle Laravel-specific communication with clients?
  • How do you manage Laravel-specific client feedback?

Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers for Your Project

Describe your project details to us. We have experienced Laravel developers who have expertise in developing apps for industries like fintech, transportation, and healthcare.

Next, let’s learn about the average costs of developing Laravel web projects.

Cost of Laravel Development Projects

The starting range for a Laravel development project starts from $25,000 with a team of 3-5 employees including Laravel developers, designers, and a project manager. The Laravel project encompasses the development of 10-15 key functionalities, such as user authentication, database management, and API integrations based on the project requirements.

The project also includes thorough scope analysis and requirement analysis sessions, wireframing and prototyping for design planning, iterative development cycles, testing phases, deployment to a cloud server environment like AWS, and post-launch support months to address any bugs or updates.

Factors influencing cost include project complexity, the experience of the Laravel developers, required functionalities, features, design, integration requirements, scalability requirements, location of the developers, and ongoing maintenance if required. Check the following table to learn more about the costs.

Project SizeDescriptionExamples of ProjectsEstimated Cost (USD)
Small ProjectA dynamic website or API with moderate complexity
  • Content management systems
  • Small eCommerce sites
  • Custom APIs
$7,000 – $10,000
Medium ProjectCustom web application with moderate to high complexity
  • CRM systems
  • Medium-sized eCommerce platforms
  • Social networking platforms
$10,000 – $30,000
Large ProjectEnterprise-level web application with high complexity
  • ERP systems
  • Large-scale eCommerce platforms
  • Complex SaaS applications
$30,000 – $100,000+

Next, let’s learn why to choose an offshore Laravel developer based on their roles and responsibilities.

What Roles and Responsibilities to Look for When Hiring Offshore Laravel Developers?

You might have questions regarding roles and responsibilities when hiring offshore Laravel developers. Here are the roles and responsibilities to look for in an offshore Laravel developer.

  • Strong understanding and experience with the Laravel framework
  • Solid grasp of PHP programming concepts, such as OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) and MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture.
  • Knowledge of databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Knowledge and strong understanding of HTML, jQuery, and CSS
  • Familiarity with AJAX, JavaScript, and jQuery
  • Experience in building and using APIs like oAuth, Google API
  • Proficiency in using version control systems like Git
  • Familiarity with software development methodologies like Agile and Scrum
  • Debugging skills to optimize and resolve errors in code

Do you still have questions around Laravel development or outsourcing Laravel projects? Check the following section of FAQs.

FAQ About Outsourcing Laravel Development Projects

  1. What are the factors to consider when outsourcing Laravel development?

    The core factors to consider are the expertise of the Laravel development outsourcing services provider, expertise, team structure, project management approach, data security measures, intellectual property protection, time zone compatibility, and cost-effectiveness.

  2. Which to choose freelancers or a Laravel development company for my project development?

    Choosing a particular option depends on your specific requirements and project requirements. Choose a Laravel development company if you have a complex project with stringent deadlines, require a team with diverse skills and expertise, prioritize structured project management, and value long-term support and maintenance. A company offers a more structured approach, better resource allocation, and a higher level of accountability. Freelancers may be a better choice for smaller projects or specific tasks where you need flexibility, lower costs, and a narrower skill set.

Outsource Laravel Web Development Projects: Your Takeaway

In this guide, you have learned about the benefits of outsourcing Laravel development. Outsourcing development helps with cost savings, resource management, and focus on core business activities. By following the step-by-step process, now it becomes easy for you to outsource Laravel development.

We at Space-O Technologies have experienced Laravel developers if you are looking for a reliable partner for your project. With 300+ web projects delivered successfully, we are a leading web development company in Canada. Contact us to discuss your web development project requirements. Let’s talk.

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