Reducing Parking Search Time by 5-10 Minutes With a Digital Parking Management System

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Information About Our Customer

Our client Allen runs a parking facility business in New York, USA. He owns a well-established parking facility that operates on a traditional ticket-based system. However, he was running his traditional business model. Daily more than 1000 vehicles were taking physical tickets and paying upon exit. However, as the city’s pace grew faster, so did the issues.

Disputes over ticket times became frequent, which led to long exit queues and caused street congestion. Security concerns grew with no useful method to monitor vehicles, and regular customers began seeking alternative car parking facilities.

The challenges of the traditional parking solutions were clear: declining revenues, rising operational costs, and a decline in customer loyalty. Seeing the inefficiencies and delays in the entire parking control systems and parking equipment. This traditional method now struggled to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving New York City.

While writing down all the pain points of the customers, he thought to make a digital solution which reduce his manual operational work as well as reduces the unnecessary staff from the business. To scale his business, he wanted to make his entire parking lot business digital and smooth for his customers. To provide you better understanding, here is the user flow of the traditional parking management system.

User Flow of Traditional Parking Management System

User Flow of Traditional Parking Management System

Challenges Faced in the Manual Parking Management System

Allen identified issues faced by end-users due to the traditional parking management systems. To offer smooth and hassle parking services, our client lists down all these challenges and plans to digitalize parking management. Let’s have a detailed look into these challenges:

  • Hard to find parking: In busy areas, it is really tough to find available parking spaces because there are so many cars already parked.
  • Finding payment machines is tricky: In new parking lots, it can be frustrating to figure out where to pay for parking. Users are left roaming around, trying to spot the payment machines within parking operations.
  • Long lines: During busy times, users might end up waiting in a never-ending line to pay for parking. It’s exhausting and a big hassle.
  • Losing parking tickets: Little paper tickets they give to users during the park. What if users lose or forget them? Users need to pay extra fines as per the parking rules.
  • Extending parking duration: Sometimes users need more time in your parking spot, but going back to the payment machine far away can be a real pain and waste of time.
  • Machines break down: Sometimes, the payment machines stop working due to technical issues. This not only annoys users but also means less profits for the parking lot owners.
  • Dependency on staff: Traditional parking management systems depend a lot on human traffic officers to keep things in order. This costs money and can lead to mistakes.

Parking Management Software Solution We Developed

When our client was searching for a partner to create a new car park management system, he found Space-O on the Clutch platform. Getting impressed with the solutions we have developed and our reviews and ratings, he contacted us to develop a digital parking management solution.

Allen approached Space-O and described the challenges he faced with his current parking system. With extensive knowledge in design, development, QA, and project management, Space-O brought together a cross-functional team to build the parking solution.

Working closely with the client, Space-O developed a digitalized parking management system that streamlines the entire process from purchasing tickets to parking vehicles. Below is a more detailed overview of the solution we built. Let’s understand the parking software we built for our client.

We developed a mobile app and backend that facilitates users to spot, reserve, and pay for parking in real-time. In addition, we developed a mobile app for parking managers to access real-time occupancy and turnover insights on revenue generation, parking operators, available parking space, and complete access control. Enables staff to efficiently monitor and manage parking areas.

This software app is linked with payment wallets to facilitate faster checkout without needing exact change. Further, we integrated the following features in the application that make the entire experience of the parking facility smooth and easy to use.

  1. Real-time Parking Monitoring

    We implemented a real-time monitoring system using sensor technology to provide drivers with a live overview of exact parking availability. Now users can quickly identify and reserve the most convenient spot that fits their needs, saving them time and headaches.

  2. Map Navigation

    Integrated map navigation with turn-by-turn directions to guide users directly to their reserved parking spot. Leveraging GPS and mapping APIs delivers an easy-to-follow route, eliminating circling and wasted time hunting for parking.

  3. Subscription Plans

    We added functionality that helps our client offer monthly and yearly subscription plans to meet each user’s unique parking frequency and needs. Allows users to select the optimal plan for their budget and requirements.

  4. Parking Time Extension

    Implemented remote parking time extension feature enabling users to conveniently add time directly through the app. Eliminates the need to physically return to the meter or pay station.

  5. In-app Support

    Incorporated a dedicated in-app support feature for real-time assistance with any parking-related issues or queries. Agents can quickly troubleshoot and resolve problems through the app.

  6. Open API Integration

    Integrated open APIs to allow interoperability with third-party apps and services. Provides users with a seamless and unified parking experience.

  7. Onboarding Assistance

    Included in-app tutorials and on-site staff to assist users in smoothly transitioning to the automated parking management system. Ensures quick, frictionless adoption of the technology.

We provide a successful transformation of traditional parking lots into state-of-the-art digital parking management systems. Let’s now see the updated user flow of digital parking management software. This digital system eliminates the pain points of users and provides a streamlined and smooth flow.

Use Flow of a Digital Parking Management System

New Use Flow of a Digital Parking Management System

Results Achieved

By transitioning from a traditional parking lot to a digital parking management system, Allen receives multiple benefits. Check the following table that showcases the results achieved by our client.

Benefit AreaImprovement
Operational EfficiencyUtilization rates up by 20-30%
Reduced Wait TimesDecrease by over 50%
Payment FailuresReduction by over 60%
Subscription Revenue StabilitySurge by 15-20%
Smart Navigation Time SavingsReduction by 70%
Infrastructure Cost SavingsReduction by 10-15% annually
User SatisfactionPotential boost in metrics like NPS by 20%
Security & Fraud ReductionDecrease in issues by up to 80%

Transitioning from the traditional parking system to digital, our client now can optimize its operational requirements to generate maximum revenue with flexibility. Real-time monitoring could translate to 25 to 30 more revenue-generating spots in 100 parking spaces.

With the introduction of digital payments and wallets, there are no issues of abandoned transactions due to exact change. Furthermore, offering subscription models has helped Allen to get more regular users, which results in consistent revenue streams.

Prior, drivers needed to locate parking spots manually, which resulted in a waste of 14 to 15 minutes. Now, with the integration of smart navigation in parking apps, drivers can save time per parking session.

Feedback systems and in-app support even become add-ons as they boost user satisfaction rates. This way, the overall customer satisfaction of our client’s business scores better, and net promoter scores rise by 20%.

Want to Create a Custom Software for Your Business?

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Technologies Used to Develop a Digital Parking Management System

Let’s now learn about the technology stack we have used when creating a smart parking management system. Check the following table that describes the tech stack that helped us to make an impactful app that has transformed our client’s business.

Mobile App Development
iOSSwift, Objective-C, Apple Xcode
AndroidKotlin, Java, Android Studio
Cross-platformReact Native, Flutter
Backend DevelopmentNode.js, Django, Ruby on Rails, .NET Core
Database ManagementPostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB
Real-time Data ProcessingApache Kafka, RabbitMQ
Sensor IntegrationMQTT, CoAP
Payment Gateway IntegrationStripe API, PayPal SDK
Cloud InfrastructureAWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure
API Development & IntegrationGraphQL, RESTful APIs
Security & EncryptionOpenSSL, JWT, OWASP security practices
User Feedback & SupportZendesk API, Intercom
Version ControlGitHub or Bitbucket
Continuous Integration & DeploymentJenkins, CircleCI, TravisCI
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