Recruitment App Development: Statistics, Features, and Challenges

Does your recruiting firm need recruitment app development? Yes, it does. Our app development expert had a discussion with our HR department to talk out about recruiting issues and how mobile apps help solve them. We researched more and have curated a brief and useful article for the same.

Do you face difficulties identifying the right candidate for a particular job? It is often seen that the recruitment and staffing firms know what they want in a candidate but, are unable to find such a candidate who can fulfil the requirements. Why does this happen?

One of the main reasons is that you are not present on the online job portal apps where your candidates are. For most agencies, calling on the provided numbers seems to be the only way out to get the recruiters. They do use the internet to complete their searches but, still believe in traditional methods to get in touch with the candidates. This makes the process not only difficult but also quite time-consuming. 

How can you avoid this situation? 

One of the best ways to tackle the situation in hand is by getting a mobile recruitment app development for the business, and use it to maximize your conversions. This can be considered as a part of the complete Human Resource Management System that we provide.

However, before we talk about the benefits of a mobile recruiting app, let’s get some statistics that will advocate the need for a mobile app as well.

Some Important Statistics on Use of Mobile Apps in Recruiting Industry

  • At least 68% of the population in the U.S. own a smartphone. Of these, 41% have searched for jobs using their smartphones.
  • Of the total people who have conducted job searches either recruiting websites or job search apps, at least 23% have a cover letter or resume uploaded to their phone to make searching and applying easy
  • 60% of the job seekers look at the company page on their smartphones while 39% apply for the positions using their smartphones.
  • 59% of people tend to use their smartphones and mobile recruiting apps at least once a day to look for jobs and new positions in the industry.
  • The main challenge faced by least 47% of the smartphone users, was looking for jobs and viewing job-related content on the smartphone.
  • The job recruitment agencies seem to have understood the pulse of the job seekers and at least 39% of the organizations have begun optimizing their job recruitment websites for mobile viewing.

These statistics prove that there is a need for mobile recruitment app development or at least a smartphone version of the organization where the candidates can interact with the recruitment agencies and the organization seeking candidates for faster, smoother and efficient hiring processes. 

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Challenges During the Hiring Process

  • Recruitment is not a one-time affair; it is an ongoing cumbersome process. You tend to collect and sort candidate resumes and connect with them whenever necessary. It is important that you have all the information (updated if possible) about the job seeker before connecting with them. Performing this task manually is slow and inefficient.
  • The second challenge that most recruitment agencies face is hiring the right talent for the job described. Right from putting up the new job description to conducting interviews and hiring the right candidate falls on the recruitment agencies. When these processes are manual and repetitive, they take up a lot of time and resources.
  • Connecting with the candidate, explaining the interview process, documents they need to carry and other such details can be quite hard on the recruitment company. The best way to deal with it is to have hiring apps to do the basic process.
  • There are times when the candidate is not aware of the company they are applying to, and they are really not keen on visiting the website and reading through the details. A recruiter app like Tinder for jobs can personally connect with them, and tell them about the things that they need to know before the interview.

Recruitment App Development: 3 Features That Help Grow Your Recruitment Agency or Startup

  1. Personalization to Suit the Job Seeker

    When it comes to job seekers, you need to personalize your solutions to suit their needs. not every candidate is looking for the same kind of job, and just because they are from a particular field, does not mean they will apply for the job that you have in mind. You will need to look through their job searches, identify what kind of job they are looking for before you offer them a position that you believe will suit them.

    The idea is to have a relevant and highly engaging mobile job app with the best recruiting tools that will help the job seekers connect. This will also reduce the efforts that you need to put into handling the whole recruitment process, as you have already personalized the recruiting software to meet the candidate’s needs.

  2. Looking for Recruitment App Development?

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  3. Real-time Updates and Conversations

    When it comes to the job seeker, they have questions regarding the job that need to be addressed. You will be able to do so only when you have in-app chat and other features that can help you stay connected with the job seeker.

    They should be able to get real-time updates on when the interview is scheduled, an alert should be sent out telling them about the venue, the company and other details required to complete the interview, and finally, the job seeker should have complete knowledge of what to expect at the interview. Even a small question should be answered immediately through the job searching app.

  4. Accessibility Anytime and Anywhere

    When you have a mobile app, your candidates can access your job search portals anytime anywhere. So, if your candidate is travelling and wants to apply for the job that seems relevant to them, then they can easily apply through their smartphones. In fact, a job search is also possible anytime with the mobile app. As a recruiter, the mobile app allows you to access the candidate’s documents, connect with them, and even communicate the descriptions anytime from anywhere. So, the experience is better as a result of the job matching app.

    So, these are the features that you should never exclude during recruitment app development. These help to stay connected with job seekers, access, updated resumes, know where the candidate is currently working and other details while on-the-go.

Recruiting App Developers for Your App?

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