5 Features to Consider from SkipTheDishes to Make a Food Delivery App

Are you running a food delivery business or planning to start one anywhere in Ontario, Prince Edward Island, or Quebec? Herein we have listed 5 unique features of SkipTheDishes app that you as a food delivery startup can consider while developing the best food delivery app.

If you are living in Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, or anywhere across Canada, you might have noticed food delivery drivers of the SkipTheDishes app everywhere. This food delivery app has gained the huge attention of people across Canada. Ever thought about how does SkipTheDishes work?

Delivering food as per users’ demand, this food delivery app delivers food from hundreds of local restaurants. Recently, the app, SkipTheDishes, secured the first place in the list of the most downloaded food and drink apps in Canada for 2018 with 2 million installs.

So, if you are running the food delivery business or planning to start one, then don’t forget to check out these important features of the SkipTheDishes app to make your food delivery app successful. These features will help you to serve your customers with the best food delivery services in real-time.

5 Unique Features to Consider While Developing a Meal Delivery App like SkipTheDishes

  1. Allow Browsing Hundreds of Restaurants

    Developing a meal ordering and delivery app like SkipTheDishes is not as easy as it sounds, it needs complete research, analysis, and understanding of the targeted audience. Like the SkipTheDishes app, comprehend your audience and allow your customers to browse hundreds of local restaurants.

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    With the ability to browse hundreds of different restaurants, users can easily order their desired food or dish from the restaurant and get it delivered to their doorstep. Users can search for different restaurants by name, dishes, cuisines, location, reviews and ratings, and more.

    After browsing a few restaurants, users just need to type their own address in the app and see who delivers at the doorstep. So, whether you are planning to develop a restaurant food ordering app and delivering apps like SkipTheDishes or Postmates, don’t forget to include this feature.

  2. Order Now or Later with One Simple Tap

    Another feature that you as a food delivering startup can consider is the ordering now or later feature. Allow your app users or customers to order food from their desired restaurant now or later as per their needs.


    Users just need to check out the menu of restaurants and order the food by entering the location, time (now or later), and make payments. With one simple tap, customers can place an order for any dish or food by looking at the photos, reviews, and ratings.

  3. Estimated Delivery Time

    Another feature to include in your food and drink app is the estimated delivery time. It would be great if you provide this feature to your customers. It will give your customers an idea of when their order will arrive.

    Almost all the food delivery apps like Postmates, Deliveroo, and SkipTheDishes have this feature, so it is a must for you as a food delivery startup to include this feature. Most modern customers do care about their food’s arrival time and place a premium on punctuality and accuracy.

    In fact, some of the food ordering apps for restaurants show total meal preparation time, giving real-time updates from preparing in the kitchen to exact delivery time.

  4. GPS Live Tracking

    The most important feature to include in your restaurant food delivery app is real-time GPS tracking of the order. Customers can easily track their orders through GPS live tracking feature. With real-time order updates and live GPS tracking of food and food packages, customers will know the exact location where their food is.


    In short, GPS live tracking feature can help your users to track the food and know its exact location so that they know the estimated arrival time of the food. To implement this feature successfully, CoreLocation framework (iOS) or Google’s Location API (Android) can help users to determine a general geographic region.

  5. Payment Gateway Integration

    The fifth feature in the list is Payment Gateway Integration that is a highly essential one to consider while developing food and beverage app solution. As we all know that payments are an important part of any business, from a taxi booking app to an online shopping app and food ordering and delivery platform. Through this feature, the customer can make payment for the order.


    In case, if the customer faces any problem while making payment, he/she will not feel safe for the second time, so better make your payment process highly efficient and easy-to-use. Moreover, you can include multiple payment options in your best meal delivery Toronto app like net banking, credit/debit cards, e-wallets, cash on delivery and more.


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Concluding Remarks

As you have checked the 5 main features of SkipTheDishes app that you as a food delivery startup or business can consider while developing your own food delivering app. Today, the food delivery industry is changing rapidly. First, it shifted to online ordering and now gradually, the industry will see drones to deliver food.

Some of the successful giants like Postmates, Deliveroo, SkipTheDishes, Seamless, and GrubHub are constantly implementing new technologies to deliver the best services. So, why are you still giving a second thought to entering the market? If you have any meal ordering and delivery app ideas in mind, just discuss them with us. We are a leading iOS app development company for startups & entrepreneurs and already developed over 20 on-demand food delivery apps like Postmates and SkipTheDishes.

In any case, if you still have any query related to food delivery app development cost, food delivery app development timeline, how to choose the best food delivery app development company, or related to food delivery app design, just fill our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will get back to you shortly.

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