How to Create On-demand Snow Removal App Like Uber Eden App?

Are you some snow shoveling services or yard maintenance services providers looking to build a snow removal app? Do you face problems in connecting with your daily customers and comprehending their needs? This blog is the perfect read for you. We arranged a small meeting with our mobile application consultant to discuss this problem and how snow removal apps can solve this issue. He gave us an example of the Eden app (best app for snow plowing) and told us 3 lessons that you must remember while developing your own application for snow removal. Along with that, we have also specified essential features and benefits that your business will obtain from hail removal app development.

Whether it is Canada, North America of the United States, New York, Russia, Europe, or any region with heavy snow, accumulation is always a problem. It creates issues in the everyday activities of people and therefore, needs to be removed.

Some organizations have a snow-removal service contract for the entire winter. Most homeowners contact snowplow drivers for removing snow, just when they need it.

The problem in the second approach is that many times the snowplow drivers are unavailable for some part or they are too expensive. Sometimes, the yearly contracts also go to waste if it doesn’t snow as much as you already paid for.

A snow plowing application that provides on-demand snow removal services is affordable and the services are paid for only when actually utilized. The process also becomes easier and faster.

If you want to create a “snow plow service near me” application, now is the right time. With an increase in uncertainties in climate fluctuations, people prefer on-demand services compared to annual contracts.

In this blog, you will find 3 important lessons from the Eden app (lawn care app), that you should keep in mind during app development. Before that, you might wanna take a look at what the Eden app is.

Eden App – the best lawn care and snow plow app

  • It currently provides services in Toronto, Ottawa, Chicago, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Milwaukee, Boston, and Cleveland.
  • It has been covered by Breakfast Television, The Chicago Sun Times, CBS, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, The Minneapolis Star Tribune, Noteable, CBC, and more.

Let’s take a few lessons from this application for your own uber for snow app development.

3 Lessons from Eden App For Your Snow Removal App Development

  1. Ease of the Services

    The purpose of any shoveling application is to help clear the hail with ease and as soon as the customer wants. Eden provides services with ease and speed. Customers feel like they live in the garden of Eden.

    The users can create a profile in just a few seconds and they can add multiple properties as well. This can come in handy if you want to request a job for friends, neighbors, or family members.

    This application is not limited to snow clearance but also has the ability to provide lawn care services. After creating the profile you can select between hail plowing, yarn cleaning, lawn mowing truck, garden bed cleanup, shrub trimming, pruning, junk/debris haul away with shovels, and leaf cleanup services. All to take care of your garden.

    Even drivers work with ease as they have the power to accept or reject a job request. A job request is sent to drivers who are in a 30-kilometer radius via push notification or any other links.

    When you invest in snow shovelers application development, make sure there is ease of ordering lawn care services for both customers and plowers.

  2. Reliability and Security in Services

    This is one lesson a person must learn from Eden. Eden lawn and yard services provide the customers with insured and top-rated professional plowers in your area. These contractors are members of the Landscape Ontario trade association.

    This snow clearing service application always uses a secure third-party billing service, Stripe, to manage the sensitive information with confidentiality. Private information like contact number and email address is never shared with any external source.

    After your service is done, the user can rate the contractor on the basis of their experience. The receipt is emailed to the user after this. They only pay after the service is done, this way the customers also have control over the quality of work.

    If you are planning for an Uber for snow plowing service jobs like plowz mowz, you must make sure that your service is reliable and secure.

  3. Having a Powerful Feature-set

    A fleet feature decides whether the application is going to be a success story or not. Eden hail removing service has a lot of features that even you should include in your online venture.

    Whenever you request a job through the application, you need to enter the detail like driveway cars, power washing, and parking lots. These details are required in order to get a free money estimate of the services, instantly.

    The users also receive real-time job updates on when the contractor will arrive at the property. They can even chat with the drivers if the users need to convey any messages or information to them.

    The most unique feature of this application is probably the before and after photo. The users get before and after photos of their lawn and garden after services like tree trimming, mulch delivery & install, firewood delivery, lawn overseeding, sprinkler winterization behind the garage, salt time, shovel time, custom landscaping job quotes, lawn aeration, or driveway sealing.

    After looking at these lessons from Eden- same day snow removal application, if you have the slightest idea or goal of making your own hire a snow shoveler or removal application you will surely need a set of features and functionalities to think upon. Our developers have curated some essential features for your online business that will help you flourish a bit in the right momentum and organize your snow services well in advance in your city.

Essential Features for Snow Removal Apps

Features for Snow Removal App Development

  • Profile Details and Filtered Listing: Let your users visit each shoveler’s profile and decide the best match for the home services or road clearance or parking lots job. Set filters consisting of the costs range, the specialty of shoveler, age criteria, equipment specification for snow removal service providers, and more. This way your user will order snow removal services accurately and your customer service will be on point creating goodwill for your snow plowing business.
  • Define Categories: To avoid confusion from the customer as well as shoveler’s end your landscaping services app must have a services categorization wherein you can mention order snow removal servicing like snow blowing snowblower near me, side shoveling in the snow removal service area, snow plowing services, pet waste removal, and the hail removal on the sidewalk. This feature will work as job satisfaction from both ends. As because of the filters and categories there will be fewer servicing mishaps and complaints in turn providing your online platform with good info and feedback to stay relevant in the market.
  • GPS Tracking: Live tracking has been around for a while to track down the professionals. It is a necessary feature for the customer support to know the exact whereabouts of the snow service removal provider. So, to know the progress of the snow removal contractors and get an estimation of the time taken to complete one task you should integrate a GPS live tracker in the application.
  • GPS Navigations: For a better route planning management GPS navigator is essential for your trending app ideas. This is one of the core functionality that will enhance your other services in real-time arrival. It will show the driver an optimum route to reach the area of work without any traffic, shortest routes, hail-free areas, resulting in faster & quicker vehicle servicing.
  • Booking or Scheduling: This particular feature gives liberty to the customer to book the snow removal service provider according to their will. If they want to book it instantly or schedule the job according to their time and day. As a company, you will be able to manage a whole week’s plan beforehand, the professionals will be available as per their one of the requirements, thus all-in-all your work will happen in an organized manner at your house.
  • Weather Forecast: This kind of feature add-on lets you hold your team to prepare themselves for the coming snowfall hazards in advance. Also, the customers can get timely notification about the same and do some preparations to avoid snow on their sidewalks, driveway, or garden by taking preventive measures beforehand.
  • Audio Notes: This feature is extremely important for professionals and landscaping jobs as they can record some useful information while driving and looking at the situation or while someone is working on a hail project explaining some difficulties with task & equipment handling. Making notes or typing on the phone is a tedious job but to press an audio button solves the problem and preserves the work minutes.
  • Cost Calculator: Let the users calculate the cost and quote of each section by manually typing numbers in the calculator. To compete with apps like Plowz and Mowz, Snohub, and others, you need to integrate these minute features too which will add up as an in-app facility for your company.
  • In-app Communication: If a user or a professional wants to ask some questions like the exact area, address, or is not able to understand the equipment selection. Then without wasting time they can communicate through in-app messaging or in-app calling and resolve their queries as and when required.
  • Payment Options: Provide users with an online payment option via Google payment, credit card, debit card, etc. Your landscaping app should have this feature for timely and advanced payments. The landscaper can also generate an invoice for the credit card or debit card payments and send it to their email address for future tracks.

So after going through these features, if you want to discuss more online shoveling size companies, you can book your consultation with us and know more about its scope and functionalities. Now, before ending this blog, let’s have a quick look at the benefits that the app world offers to the snow removal services like you.

How Mobile App Can Boost Snow Removal Service Business

Boost Snow Removal Business with App Development

  1. Expand Your Business with E-commerce Integration

    In today’s time, it is very much necessary to be a one-stop solution for customers on their smartphones. Along with your core services, you need to create an efficient in-app platform that provides extra leverage to lure the audience’s attention door to another door. One of the tactics is to create an eCommerce shopping for types of equipment and necessary parts used for plowing in the most season. This will also help in keeping your business up and running throughout the year. It will be widely used by freelance service providers and even other businesses for instant delivery perks and trustworthy produce.

  2. Plow Managers are Efficiently Managed

    Through an application, in the first place, you will be able to manage some manual tasks like appointing a landscaping provider for a specific job, paying them for that particular task, keeping a track of their whereabouts automatically. This will save you time and energy which you will be able to use in enhancing your snow plowing business in more ways. You will be able to track in real-time your manager’s performance, consumer satisfaction, and will be able to control their behavioral loopholes.

  3. Bird’s View and Zone Management

    When planning a snow removal software, an overall look at all the services and local professionals will help you organize the snow clearing business in advance. You can track the history of works and tasks performed along with the payments via credit card and debit card and tally it for your account management. In addition, you can easily create zones for leaf removal services by drawing a polyline on the map and charge according to the area (Countries and cities). This way your product will result in the online profit generation of your business community.


  1. Is there an app for snow plowing?

    There are apps for plowing snow as under:

    • Touch Plow
    • Plowz and Mowz
    • Shovler
    • Snohub
    • Eden
  2. How do snow removal apps work?

    Here are some of the steps for the general snow removing application.

    • Select a removal or snow blower category
    • Search filters (location, equipment, professionals, prices)
    • Live GPS tracking of the professionals
    • Take a picture and save it in the app
    • Do in-app payment of the performed services in advance or after the completion of the work via debit card or credit card
    • Reviews and ratings for the job done
  3. What are the features of a snow plowing application?

    • Profile details and filtered list
    • Search filters and categorization
    • GPS tracking
    • GPS navigation
    • Weather forecasting
    • Book now or schedule
    • Costs calculator
    • In-app communication
    • Payment gateway integration


Let It, Snow!

An Uber for snow shoveling is incomplete with powerful features and top-notch services. This is why when you dive into the process of apps development, these lessons can melt the hail easily. For developing an app like Eden you need to hire an iPhone or Android application development services company.

If you have any queries or doubts, feel free to communicate them to us. We are an eminent mobile app development company We are an eminent mobile application and web development company based out of Canada. We have experience in developing Uber for X app including snow plowing app for iPhone and Android app store platforms.

Known for our performance-oriented apps, feel free to share your expectations and ideas as it is a completely confidential consultation with our experts. You may ask your questions related to the development cost, timeline, hiring app developer, or anything that comes to your mind regarding it and our developer response will be immediate for your business income.

This 30 min consultation is free of charge. Just fill the Contact Us form given in the footer and one of our sales representatives will follow up within 48 hours.

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