7 Important Software Development Team Goals to Know

You are wasting your time and money if you’re unable to streamline workflow and face challenges like:

  • Setting KPIs for each member of the team
  • Managing their work responsibilities
  • Identifying the outcomes of the team

If you want a software development team that supports you in developing and maintaining your products and services, then you need to form an ideal team.

Certainly, you need to learn how to manage a software development team and clearly set team goals for achieving your business objectives.

However, according to ResearchGate, setting goals and pre-actions during development reduces project failure risks.

Therefore, we, being a leading software development company, have come up with this article which talks about various types of software development team goals that you need to set. Apart from this, you will get to know through this blog:

  • Benefits of setting goals for a software development team
  • Methods for setting software team goals

Let’s get started.

What are the Ideal Goals of a Software Development Team?

In simple terms, the goal of the software development team is to understand the requirements and achieve the overall organization’s objectives in a defined timeframe.

To achieve this synergy of software development team structure, everyone collaborates and clearly defines their collective roles and responsibilities. Along with this, some of the goals are also defined for the team to achieve long-term success.

Let’s check 7 ideal goals for a development team.

  1. Meeting the Requirements of a Project

    If you want to know how to manage a software development team, you must ensure that your team understands the requirements of your software projects. Before the pre-development stage, the BA team understands the project flow, design, architecture and writes software requirement specifications of the project.

    Apart from these, the team should even make the roadmap of change requests so that all the requests are handled efficiently and are delivered with the finished features. Developing SRS ensures the estimated work around time for each milestone.

  2. Following the Right Coding Guidelines and Standards

    As coding standards help you streamline the whole process and write sophisticated and highly functional code with minimal errors, you can build high-quality software solutions. Setting this goal will ensure that you are able to reuse code, detect errors, and make code simpler, readable, and easy to maintain.

    To do this, you can choose industry-specific coding standards, focus on code reusability, standardize headers, and prioritize documentation. With the best coding techniques and practices, you will be able to deliver robust software solutions.

  3. Ensuring the Transparency of the Whole Software Process

    It is important that you stay transparent with the whole development process and understand the challenges which are associated with the process. In fact, this is how you overcome all your challenges and measure the progress of the project. In addition, transparency in the process will promote accountability, less prone to errors, more collaboration, and reduced risks.

  4. Writing Readable and Reusable Code

    Codes are the heart of any software. So when you focus on writing simple yet reusable codes, you ensure that the codes are suitable for future purposes and projects. Moreover, reusable codes will help you cut down on extra expenses and development costs. Therefore, you and the software development team need to set a goal for ensuring maximum readability and reusability of the codes.

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  6. Maintaining Software Security

    Your job doesn’t end after developing software. In fact, another responsibility starts from there, where you are accountable for maintaining the software. To ensure the software performs according to expectations, you need to check for regular updates, more testing, and analysis.

  7. Delivering High-quality Software

    No matter how complex or tight the timeline is, you need to focus on delivering high-quality software solutions. To safeguard the quality of the software, you need to ensure that your software team is writing high-quality code, following agile methodology, and establishing continuous testing to find quality risks early on.

  8. Providing On-time Release of Software

    You are unable to achieve success in any project until you don’t deliver it within the estimated timeline. So when it comes to setting goals that help you with delivering projects on time, you need to automate the entire software project delivery pipeline with the DevOps methodology to speed up the development. Along with this, ensure you are keeping track of continuous progress and able to utilize the resources effortlessly.

    Before determining the goals, you should have a clear idea of the typical software development team structure. As you get a clear team structure, you will be able to understand defining proper goals for a software development team that aligns with your business. Then only you will be able to define the software development goals for the team in a well-planned manner.

Why are Goals Important for a Software Development Team?

Here are 4 core benefits of setting goals for the software development team that you must know.

  1. Setting a goal for the entire software development team will reduce the chances of errors taking place in the software development life-cycle.
  2. It reduces the stress levels for everyone who is involved in the process, from investors to the software development team, as the process is streamlined and error-free.
  3. Since, there are different roles in the software development team, assigned goals will help developers perform according to expectations.
  4. You set goals in order to track the performance of the team and achieve quality software solutions for clients worldwide.

How to Set Goals for Software Developers and Teams

In the following section, you learn about a few approaches that help you set goals for your software development team. But, before you know the process of setting goals, it is necessary to have an idea of roles in the software development team.

As you get clear with each team member’s roles and responsibilities, you can easily set the goals according to your business. Check the following approaches to set team goals.

  1. Streamline the Work Process to Improve Workflow

    You need to align the tasks and responsibilities of your software development team with the goals that you are expecting. This will help your team to identify the objectives and increase the overall productivity of the team, from the project manager to the software engineers and quality analysts.

  2. Apply the SMART Approach

    The SMART approach defines a set of characteristics that help you define a clear goal for your team. Then, you will be able to define the desired outcomes and offer a sense of direction to the team. Let’s check how the SMART approach will help you.

    • Specific: Your objects should be defined clearly and communicated well with the team.
    • Measurable: Ensure you establish specific criteria to measure the progress of your goals.
    • Achievable: The goals that you set should be realistic and achievable for the team.
    • Relevant: The goals that you set for the team need to be aligned with the goals of the company.
    • Time-bound: Whatever goals you decide for your team should be achievable within a specific time limit.
  3. Collect Feedback From Your Team

    Meet your software development teams to understand the responsibilities and brainstorm on professional goals with appropriate feedback. This will help you eradicate the common mistakes from the software development process and deliver quality software. Ultimately, when you are open to new ideas, you get more valuable information.

  4. Hold One-on-one Meetings

    It’s always better to conduct regular one-on-one conversations with your team to learn more about their work responsibilities, obstacles, success, and goals. Resolving such issues on a regular basis will streamline the overall work process and ensure that the defined goals are not lost in the daily workflow.

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    Looking for more answers on the software development team? Check the next section, where we have answered some of the FAQs on the software team. Have a look at all the questions.

    FAQ About the Goals of the Software Team

    1. Where to hire software developers for your project?

      Here are the following sites where you will find talented software developers to hire.

      • Space-O Canada
      • Toptal
      • Upwork
      • Clutch
      • GoodFirms
    2. Which things to look at before hiring software developers?

      Follow the below tips to hire software developers for your project.

      • Check their significant work experience in the particular domain and industry
      • Look for previous clients’ testimonials and feedback
      • Check the portfolio of their developed software solutions
      • Communication and technical skills of the developers
      • Ability to understand a complex topic
      • Knowledge of the latest software development market trends
    3. What are the key metrics to check in a software solution?

      Once your software is developed, you can use the following KPI metrics to measure the performance of a software solution.

      • Cycle Time
      • Spirit Burndown
      • Release Burndown
      • Flow Efficiency
      • Code Churn
      • Code Stability
      • Code Simplicity
      • Net Promoter Score

      Know more about top software development KPIs where we have described all these KPIs in detail.

    Build Your Successful Software Development Team Goals

    With the ever-modernized demands of the market, it is essential that you set team goals to ensure better management in the organization and achieve expected outcomes. Therefore, we have discussed the top 7 goals for a software development team that you need to know.

    Implementing any of the goals for your team will help you deliver successful software solutions. In addition to this, if you face any challenge in building team goals or onboarding the best software development team that understands your requirements, contact us.

    Space-O is a top software development company in Canada with experience building more than 300 software solutions and also offers a flexible hiring model that suits every business type.

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