Top 10 Enterprise Software Development Companies

Are you looking for a top-rated enterprise software development company to build scalable and fast software solutions?

If yes, chances are you would be confused while searching for companies on Google.

As there are tons of enterprise software development companies in the USA and Canada, selecting the right one for your projects becomes difficult. However, we understand that manually selecting enterprise companies is also a tiring and long cycle.

How about if you get a list of top enterprise software development companies?

Based on the research from various resources like Google and Clutch, we have prepared a solid and comprehensive list of the best enterprise software development companies.

Surf this blog post and save your time and effort in searching to find the right custom software development partner.

Let’s learn about the companies.

Top 10 Software Development Companies

Here is the list of the reputed enterprise software development companies from which you can choose your ideal software partner.

  1. Space-O Technologies

    Min. project size$25,000+
    Avg. hourly rate$25 – $49/hr
    Top Enterprise ClientCanada’s Forest Trust, CamSafe, and Halton Hills Hydro
    Total Reviews on Clutch50
    Rating (out of 5) on Clutch 4.8

    Space-O Technologies is a top-rated enterprise software development company based in Canada. Having experience working with medium-sized and large enterprise businesses, so far the company has served multiple Fortune 500 companies globally.

    Space-O has a track record of over 300 successful projects and more than 100 happy clients worldwide. The company uses emerging technologies like AI/ML, NLP, DevOps, tools, and trends to optimize work processes for your enterprise software projects. Here is a glimpse of the process that Space-O follows for enterprise software development.

      Space-O’s Enterprise Software Development Process

    • Understanding the challenges you face in your organization
    • Performing feasibility studies at technical, economic, and operational-level
    • Creating software architecture, data models, and functional workflows
    • Conducting detailed design of user interface, databases, and system interactions
    • Developing, integrating, testing, and deploying software into production servers
    • Training the end-users about the new software through manuals, conducting workshops, and providing one-to-one training sessions

    Why Choose Space-O Technologies for Enterprise Software Development?

      Space-O Technologies has:

    • A 65% repeat and referral business due to excellence of work
    • Experience in developing software like CRM, ERP, and HRMS
    • Signs an NDA agreement before the initialization of the project
    • Worked with multiple industries like healthcare, food, supply chain management, transportation, and real-estate
    • A diverse portfolio of case studies which includes video-sharing eCommerce apps, roofing management apps, Airbnb-like storage apps, and meat packaging & processing software

    Read the testimonials of one of Space-O’s clients who is President at E. Cornell Malone Corp.


    In addition to the company’s software development services, Space-O also offers staff augmentation services to all the potential clients and a free initial consultation to discuss project requirements which includes developing mobile apps to enterprise custom software solutions.

  2. At Space-O Technologies, we have 7+ years of experience in software development. Our certified and experienced software developers have developed solutions for industries, including fintech, healthcare, food, real estate, and transportation. Here are a few of our developed web-based software solutions.

    Recent Projects Developed by Space-O Technologies

    Develop Your Robust and Seamless Enterprise Software

    Let’s talk. Discuss your enterprise business challenges and issues. Let our senior software consultant guide you from scratch to the end of your project.

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  3. ScienceSoft

    Min. project size:$5,000+
    Avg. hourly rate$50 – $99/hr
    Service focus30% in custom software development
    LocationUnited States

    ScienceSoft is a reputable software development company with over 33 years of experience in the industry. ScienceSoft is headquartered in the US and has a strong global presence, serving clients from over 70 countries. The clientele of the company includes prominent companies such as IBM, eBay, Robert Half, Viber, PerkinElmer, and Ford Motor Company.

    As a software development company, ScienceSoft offers a wide range of services. The company has specialization in custom software development, IT managed services, mobile app development, application testing, and web development. Having a deep understanding of various industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, banking, retail, telecommunications, education, oil and gas, ScienceSoft is capable of developing enterprise software.

    ScienceSoft prides itself on its quality-first approach, which is based on a mature ISO 9001-certified quality management system. The company also has an ISO 27001-certified security management system, ensuring the security of its client’s data.

    The company has over 750 IT specialists, including IT consultants, project managers, technical architects, developers, QA engineers, security and DevOps engineers, AI and blockchain experts, and AWS and Azure professionals.

    ScienceSoft is recognized for its success in various areas, including custom software development, IT managed services, mobile app development, application testing, and web development.

  4. Spiria

    Min. project size:$50,000+
    Avg. hourly rate$150 – $199/hr
    Service focus40% in custom software development

    Spiria is a software development company that’s been shaping the future of the software-driven economy. The company has expertise in creating digital products by combining strategy, design, and custom software development with a diverse and talented team of professionals.

    The clients of Spiria include Power Factors, WeCannect, Acosta, Sgsco, Crosscall, Broadsign, Alfred Health, Northern Cables, Complete Concussion Management, HealthPRO Procurement Services, Shutterstock, and Alberta Milk.

    Spiria offers services that include a growth-driven strategy, smart customer experience, human-centered design, and purpose-built development. The company solely focuses on understanding its customers’ needs and brand interactions to create powerful and robust enterprise software solutions. Not only this, the design team aims and crafts intuitive and stunning visual experiences that users love and adopt.

    Spiria’s development team is dedicated to creating flawless and futuristic enterprise software solutions that exceed the client’s expectations and serve the best end-users. The company has worked with a wide range of businesses across all industries, helping them get smart about digital.

  5. BairesDev

    Min. project size:$50,000+
    Avg. hourly rate$50 – $99/hr
    Service focus30% in custom software development
    LocationUnited States

    BairesDev is a leading nearshore software development and staff augmentation company. Founded in 2009, the company has quickly grown to become a trusted partner for businesses looking to scale their development teams. With over 4,000 professionals, BairesDev prides itself on hiring the top 1% of IT talent in the industry.

    The company provides services like custom software development, QA and testing, AI and data science, mobile app development, UX/UI design, and platform and infrastructure development. BairesDev developers and engineers have expertise in a wide range of programming languages, including Node.js, Java, React, .NET, Python, C#, Rails, Angular, PHP, Android, iOS, Golang, Vue.js, C++, JavaScript, and Swift.

    BairesDev has successfully executed over 1,200 projects and has an average client relationship of over three years. Moreover, the company has worked with a diverse range of clients, including Rolls Royce, and Shutterstock. Due to the company’s commitment to excellence, they have a client rating of 4.9/5 and accolades with industry awards.

    In addition, the company follows a simple and streamlined software development process that helps to provide a seamless experience to its clients. BairesDev believes in and is committed to delivering high-quality software solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

  6. Orases

    Min. project size:$50,000+
    Avg. hourly rate$150 – $190/hr
    Service focus80% in custom software development
    LocationUnited States

    Orases is a US-based custom software development company that has been delivering unique software solutions since 2000.

    Orases has a client retention rate of 96% and has served over 950 clients. The company has a high Net Promoter Score of 80, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction and helping them to improve their business processes. Orases company has been recognized as one of the top fastest-growing companies by Inc. 5000 and as top software developers by Clutch.

    The company offers a wide range of mobile and enterprise software development services, including application services, consulting & advisory, custom web applications, infrastructure services, integration & modernization, mobile applications, project management, UI/UX development & design, and web portals.

    Orases has a team of experts dedicated to understanding your business goals and transforming your processes to help you reach your vision. The company focuses on creating user-centered solutions that are resilient, disruptive, and repeatable.

    The clients of Orases include the NFL Foundation and the American Kidney Fund, for whom Orases have developed efficient grant management systems. Having worked with ASID, the company has launched 48 websites with a content management system and association management system in less than six months.

  7. Saritasa

    Min. project size:$50,000+
    Avg. hourly rate$100 – $149/hr
    Service focus40% in custom software development
    LocationUnited States

    Saritasa is a top custom development company that has been empowering businesses with innovative technology solutions. The company aims to simplify complex operations and create meaningful user experiences, delivering scalable, enduring to improve business processes. Saristasa provides services like mobile development, web development, AR/VR development, custom development, IoT solutions, DevOps, and database development.

    With over 1,769 successful projects under its belt, Saritasa has a proven track record of delivering high-quality solutions. In addition, the company has worked with a diverse range of industries, including medical/pharma, financial, restaurant, education, health/fitness, retail, real estate, logistics, and manufacturing.

    The portfolio of Saristasa showcases a wide range of projects, demonstrating their ability to build anything you can dream of. So far, the company has developed solutions for automotive, business services, communication, education/training, entertainment, field services, financial, health/fitness, legal/insurance, lifestyle, manufacturing, medical/pharma, real estate, restaurant, retail/eCommerce, sports, technology, and transportation industries.

    Saritasa’s team is fueled by passion, and they have been in business for over 10 years. The company is ready to help you with its software developers to empower your business with its technology expertise.

  8. Sidebench

    Min. project size:$50,000+
    Avg. hourly rate$100 – $149/hr
    Service focus40% in custom software development
    LocationUnited States

    Sidebench is a premier and custom enterprise software development firm based in Santa Monica, California. The main area of focus of Sidebench is creating strategy, UX design, and development for respected brands, offering services that include consulting, design, development, and launch. Above all, Sidebench expertise lies in various industries such as enterprise, OTT media platforms, eCommerce, and healthcare tech.

    Over the years, Sidebench has worked on numerous successful projects. The company partnered with Red Bull to create and grow an enterprise photo booth product. Also, collaborated with nOCD to develop a mobile application that helps patients record objective data between therapy sessions. Lastly, worked with Sony to create a Ghostbusters game for the new Playstation VR platform.

    Sidebench’s portfolio also includes projects with Imagine Impact, where they democratized the way talent is discovered in the film industry, and Diathrive Health, for whom they built a state-of-the-art product that includes an app that can sync across multiple devices, helps connect members with specialized health advisors, and provides customized suggestions based on the health data the application captures. Sidebenche is committed to driving innovation and creating customized software solutions that end-users love.

  9. DOOR3

    Min. project size:$25,000+
    Avg. hourly rate$150 – $199/hr
    Service focus40% in custom software development
    LocationUnited States

    DOOR3 is a renowned technology consultancy and software development firm based in New York City. Founded in 2002, DOOR3 has a global team committed to building enterprise software of lasting value. The company offers consulting, software development, user experience design, and web development services.

    Over the past 20 years, DOOR3 has partnered with hundreds of companies, delivering hundreds of client partnerships, each with its unique challenges and rewards. The work of DOOR3 includes projects with Dr. Treat AIG and FreshDirect. Moreover, DOOR3 has also worked with Retriever, leading an experience overhaul for the sustainability-focused company, and Grace & Mercy, bringing unity of design to an organization of purpose.

    The company has also helped the Achievement Network, a non-profit, make a bigger impact with data. DOOR3’s team is dedicated to delivering excellence and value by having a peerless capacity to de-risk complex enterprise solution projects and deliver them on time and within budget.

  10. Vog App Developers

    Min. project size:$25,000+
    Avg. hourly rate$100 – $149/hr
    Service focus30% in custom software development

    Since 2012, Vog App Developers have been building more than just custom software solutions which lead to building businesses. The company has worked with businesses of all sizes, from startups to large corporations. So far, the company has done impressive work for TapLabs Corp., Luxe Du Jour, and Quilt Community Market.

    The clients of Vog App Developers include the Calgary Stampede App, Karbon-X, and Luxe Du Jour, a luxury bag business. The company has a team of over 80 developers who have created more than 400 projects which include custom software, web, and mobile apps, showing their mastery in over 35 coding languages.

    Vog App Developers has a solid reputation. The reason is a 4.9 Google review rating and recognition as a top 3 Canadian app developer. Clients on Clutch praise Vog App Developers for their problem-solving approach, transparency, and quick responses.

    With Vog App Developers, you’re not just hiring a service provider. You’re partnering with a team that’s committed to your success. The track record and dedication to quality make Vog App Developers a reliable choice for your enterprise development needs.

  11. IverSoft

    Min. project size:$50,000+
    Avg. hourly rate$150 – $199/hr
    Service focus35% in custom software development

    Iversoft is a software development company that specializes in creating custom software and enterprise app development. The company aims to simplify your life and elevate the way your business operates through its technology solutions.

    The portfolio of Iversoft includes a diverse range of projects which includes the Book Breaks App, Chaudière Falls Augmented Reality App, and Automatic Shift Fill App. With a focus on improving efficiency, Iversoft has completed numerous client projects in multiple industries like healthcare, AR/VR, real estate, construction, and education.

    Clients have commended Iversoft for their ability to anticipate changes in software development and mobile apps of iOS and Android platforms.

Looking to Hire Enterprise Software Developers for Your Project?

Talk to us. Space-O has a team of enterprise developers and engineers who excel in building robust, dynamic and distributive software.

This is the whole list of top-rated enterprise software development companies. Do you still have doubts regarding custom enterprise solutions? Read the following FAQ section to clear your doubts.

FAQ About Enterprise Software Development Companies

  1. How to choose the right enterprise solution development company

  2. Here are the core points to consider to choose one of the best software development companies for your enterprise solution.

    • Company experience
    • Technology expertise
    • Communication
    • Company’s reputation
    • Portfolio and case studies
    • Location of company
  3. Why should businesses consider custom enterprise software?

  4. Why Should Businesses Consider Custom Enterprise Software?

    • Easy adaptability to your business requirements
    • Scale your software as your enterprise business grows
    • Get a unique competitive advantage through tailored requirements
    • Get cost-effectiveness in the long run your business
    • Enhance your business operations and operation efficiency
  5. What are the types of enterprise software solutions?

  6. Here are the core types of enterprise software solutions.

    • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
    • Customer relationship management (CRM)
    • Supply chain management (SCM)
    • Human resources management systems (HRMS)
    • Project management software (PMS)
    • Product lifecycle management (PLM)
    • Marketing automation software
    • Content management system (CMS)
    • Enterprise asset management (EAM)
  7. From which countries can I hire the best enterprise software developers?

  8. Here are the top countries from where you can hire the best enterprise software developers.

    • Canada
    • United States
    • India
    • Ukraine
    • Germany
    • Poland
  9. From which websites can I find the reviews of enterprise software development companies?

  10. Here is the list of the platforms from where you can find the reviews of enterprise software companies.

    • Clutch
    • G2
    • Goodfirms
    • Trustpilot
    • Capterra

Select the Right Enterprise Software Development Partner

This is the curated list of enterprise software development companies from which you can select your ideal partner for collaboration. Get connected with these enterprise companies to develop your custom software as per your requirements, budget, and timeline.

Although, if you are looking to develop custom software for your enterprise business, med-sized, or startup, we can help you. As a leading software development company, we have worked with 100 clients across the globe. Let’s connect and discuss your ideas and requirements.

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