9 Top Trends in Enterprise Software Development in 2024

This blog is for you if you are :

  • Using outdated technologies to manage your software solution.
  • Losing your customer as your existing solution is not scalable.
  • Looking for ways to automate the process in a way it reduces time and money.
  • Want to organize workflow without any additional resources.

Develop your software solution as per the latest software development trends to keep up with consumer and business demands. Apart from this, in the competitive market, the latest trends help to stand out in the software development market.

And as per Statista, if we look at the software development market, the revenue is rising year by year. In fact, in 2027, revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of US $218.80bn. Check out the below image to know the number of increasing revenue.

Revenue Statista

Source: Statista

So, following the trends in enterprise software development helps you to sustain yourself in the competitive market.

Let’s get started.

Being a leading software development company in Canada, in this section we have listed the top 9 enterprise software development trends that are likely to dominate the tech industry in 2023.

  1. Microservices – Delivers Large and Complex Application Rapidly

  2. Microservices allow you to break a specific software or application into smaller parts to execute a single output, that is, creating enterprise-grade applications.

    It is one of the popular software development trends used by top giants like Amazon and Netflix.

    Each microservice performs a specific task so that it becomes easy for the software development team to develop the project within the estimated timeline, involving constant feedback and suggestions.

    Microservices help you identify all of the knowledge and resources needed to improve your business and generate more revenue. With this software development methodology, you are also able to improve communication between the team for your software development project.

    Benefits of Using Microservices in Enterprise Software

    • Microservices let you increase the productivity of your developers so that you deploy your app faster.
    • Continous integration and continuous deployment help you with constant improvements.
  3. Cybersecurity Mesh – Quickly Responds to the Threats in the Era of Decentralization

  4. The cybersecurity mesh is used to add an extra layer of security where it works on a zero-trust network philosophy, where every traffic coming from a device is, by default, not trusted to access the network.

    Being an entrepreneur, if you are concerned about the security of your data, then cybersecurity meshes are significant to protect IT development against threats. As businesses are moving on cloud infrastructure, it is essential to take protective measures.

    Cybersecurity mesh is made up of multiple layers of security that help you protect your intellectual property from various threats, such as malware, bugs, viruses, and phishing attacks.

    Benefits of Using Cybersecurity Mesh in Enterprise Software

    • It is easy to keep track of incoming and outgoing traffic and identify threats in the network.
    • You can add a layer of defense anytime you want to protect crucial data.
    • Reduce complexities in the process and efficiency while lowering the costs.
  5. Autonomic Computing – Computer’s Ability to Manage Itself Automatically

  6. Autonomic systems are defined as self-managing physical or software systems that learn automatically from environments and modify their own algorithms with no software updates.

    The role of autonomic systems in enterprises is to allow rapid responses to change and scale businesses in complex environments.

    For example, Ericsson uses autonomic systems to manage various cellular phone masts in complex environments. This system helps Ericsson to use reinforcement learning and digital twins to optimize its performance in the 5G network.

    Benefits of Using Autonomic Computing in Enterprise Software

    • It helps you to reduce the total costs of ownership and maintenance costs.
    • Easily manage the computing systems, such as server load balancing, monitoring power supply, and automatic updates of software.
  7. Metaverse – 3D Virtual Environment to Communicate & Collaborate

  8. Metaverse in the enterprise is defined as the new way of doing business. Enterprises can create virtual spaces to promote their digital tools and services.

    According to a report by Statista, 39% of respondents feel that overcoming challenges that prevented them from doing something in real life has been the biggest advantage in the metaverse.

    advantage in the metaverse statistics

    Source: Statista

    Meta works on the metaverse, whereas other software-focused groups work on different types of metaverse environments.

    For example:

    • Nike has its own sports-themed world, Nikeland.
    • Decentraland, on the other hand, has a virtual real-estate metaverse to buy and sell lands.

    In this way, businesses have a chance to power their operations at various levels. From a leading fashion house to IT software engineering, metaverse can be sought for all new-age commercial prospects.

    Benefits of Using Metaverse in Enterprise Software

    • Build meaningful connections with customers and communicate with them in totally new ways.
    • Drive more engagement with metaverses through methods like the personalization of avatars and real-time communication.

    Are you interested to know more about the trends to follow while creating real-estate software? Check out this detailed blog post on real-estate software development trends. By following this blog post, you learn the latest tech trends business utilize while making new real-estate software solutions.

  9. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) – Enables Machine to Simulate Human Behavior

  10. Leveraging AI and ML, you ensure that customer experience will improve and help you to make better data-driven decisions.

    Earlier, artificial intelligence and machine learning were developed to optimize the performance of the software. However, now it is even used to increase the efficiency of the software development process. In fact, a report by Statista has mentioned that more than 57% of enterprise companies use AI & ML to improve customer experience.

    customer experience statista

    Source: Statista

    AI and ML are easily integrable with network components, cyber-security tools, cloud services, and even with Blockchain and the IoT.

    Also, new guidelines and protocols have been rolled out on using artificial intelligence to add better data security to the software development process so that no one is able to collect user data without their consent.

    Benefits of Using AI & ML in Enterprise Software

    • With AI & ML, you are able to reduce repetitive tasks with more accuracy.
    • Able to have intelligent interactions with your customers.
    • Help you deliver business insights from a chunk of data.
  11. Cloud Computing – The On-demand Delivery of Computing Services

  12. Cloud computing is the on-demand IT services you avail of over the internet on a pay-as-you-go pricing model. This means you do not need to own and maintain any data center or server. However, cloud computing offers you technology services, such as storage, databases, computing power, and so on.

    Implementing cloud-based services are highly encouraged by industry leaders like Google, Microsoft, and IBM. So there must have been a reason behind using cloud computing services that the leaders back up.

    As we look at the digits, we will find that the public cloud market size is expected to reach nearly USD 495 billion in 2023 as per Statista.

    But why do companies prefer to move to the cloud and appreciate it for its benefits? Let’s find out why the cloud is one of the favorite enterprise software development trends.

    Benefits of Using Cloud Computing in Enterprise Software

    • Cloud offers a security features including firewall, access control, and identity management to keep your data safe.
    • Even if your business scales, you can increase your cloud capacity.
    • Cloud helps you adopt remote working so that you can access data from any location.

    Looking at these benefits, there has been a spike in demand for cloud services as more enterprises want to modernize their software and bring business capabilities to their maximum level.

    Want to Develop a Custom Software Solution?

    We will plan the roadmap and help you leverage one of the top software development trends.

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  13. Big Data – Find Insights Out of Mounds of Data

  14. Big Data is nothing but carries a large amount of information that is analyzed using special technologies. Using Big Data, enterprises are fully backed up for observing the changes in the business, capturing them, and making data-driven decisions.

    In 2021, the global Big Data market size was valued at USD 240.56 billion by Fortune Business Insights. There is no doubt that Big Data is transforming the lives of customers by offering a personalized business experience. Big giants like McDonald’s, Uber Eats, and Starbucks are also using Big Data to improve performance and boost sales.

    Big Data lets you act faster, increase productivity, and satisfy your customer needs. This way, you will be able to analyze your business state, plan various strategies, and automate business processes.

    Benefits of Using Big Data in Enterprise Software

    • Big Data helps you observe consumer patterns to make data-driven decisions.
    • You get the right platform to deliver your customized products.
    • You are able to create effective risk management plans and strategies.
  15. Blockchain – Recorded Information is Impossible to Change or Hack

  16. Blockchain stores millions of information in a special chain consisting of blocks. This trend is mostly used in developing cryptocurrency apps, as well as marketing and gaming applications.

    Blockchain technology has emerged as one of the biggest trends in the market. The main aim of using blockchain technology is to reduce transaction costs and speed up transactions to create trust between parties as the information is not stored in a single server but instead is located in a network of computers.

    The synonym for blockchain is security, which offers your high business security of data and its access through its distributed ledger, known as decentralized. Therefore, many entrepreneurs tend to use this emerging technology for its data security, speed, independence, and transparency.

    In fact, Statista reported that USD 6.6 billion was already spent on Blockchain solutions in 2021 and is estimated to accumulate $20 billion in revenue by 2024.

    Benefits of Using Blockchain in Enterprise Software

    • Blockchain helps you protect your crucial and sensitive data.
    • No single entity is in-charge as it offers a decentralized structure.
    • It makes your transactions faster by eliminating intermediaries and removing manual processes.
  17. Augmented and Virtual Reality – Create a Virtual Environment to Interact With Computers

  18. AR and VR focus on bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

    Believe it or not, augmented reality and virtual reality are the future of every enterprise business. Already several industries, such as education, healthcare, and eCommerce, have started leveraging this technology to bring customers closer to their products/services in this digital world.

    A report by Forbes mentions that USD 12 billion was spent on AR/VR technology in 2020 by enterprise businesses. And 32% of the total B2C clients, such as IKEA, Amazon, and Warby Parker, are regularly using it for shopping.

    Benefits of Using AR & VR in Enterprise Software

    • AR & VR creates an interactive environment for users.
    • Personalizes content based on the preferences of customers.
    • It gives you detailed analytics as well as an understanding of user behaviour.

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    We have discussed the top 9 software development trends of 2023 in this section. Choosing one of the trends will help you gain a competitive edge and generate better ROI. If you want to know more about software development trends, check the blog of top software development trends to know more.

    Now, if you still have some doubts or queries related to software development trends, check the next section where we are going to answer some most asked questions. Have a look.

    FAQ About Enterprise Software Development Trends

    1. Which are the things to avoid while developing an enterprise software?

    2. Most entrepreneurs are concerned about their projects and the whole software development process. They don’t want to make a single mistake. If you are also one of them, check the following points that you need to avoid.

      • Starting your app development without a plan
      • Lack of research in estimating resources
      • Selection of wrong tech stacks and the latest market trends
      • Poor division of the tasks among team members

      However, following the software development best practices, the above things can be avoided.

    3. What are the benefits of developing an enterprise solution?

    4. If you are planning to build software for your enterprise, then you must know the following benefits that it will bring along.

      • Enterprise solution are meant to optimize your business process
      • Software will help you in automating your business workflow
      • You can offer a better customer experience with enterprise apps
      • Enterprise solution are more secure and offer high efficiency
      • It is easy to plan and report with enterprise-grade applications
    5. What are the other enterprise application development trends?

    6. Here are some of the popular trends for enterprise applications development in 2023:

      • Native and web apps
      • Hybrid application development
      • IoT (Internet of Things)
      • Low code platforms

    Implement the Best Trend in Your Software

    This blog has helped you discover the top trends of software development for your enterprise business, along with the benefits. Now, you can choose one of them which suits you the best and help your business thrive.

    Get in touch with us if you need help picking the best trend for your enterprise business. Space-O is a top software development company in Canada to build more than 300 software solutions for clients worldwide.

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