4 Features of Uber to know for Courier App Development

 If you own a courier delivery service, package delivery service, logistics company or a delivery startup, then this blog is for you. We have laid out 4 features that you shouldn’t miss out on during Uber for courier app development.

If you’re looking for Uber for courier app development, but still wondering if your logistics services need it, the answer is yes. Why? Well, most of us have faced a situation where we need to deliver something on the same day or as soon as possible. This is where Uber for delivery apps come into play.

Let’s talk about interesting stats that will clear any doubts regarding their importance in the market today.

Numbers Speak!

  • According to Apex insight, the global parcel market stats are really promising. In fact, the on-demand delivery startups were valued at US$380 bn in 2018. It is estimated that this will be doubled by 2020.
  • These delivery startups also show promising future trends by raising a lot of funding. As reported by TechCrunch, Glovo- an on demand ‘deliver anything’ (app like uber for delivery) raised $169 million in April 2019.
  • LINE man, launched in May 2016, has a growth rate of 300%, now has over 3 Million users that use one of its 5 services. 
  • Let’s not take too much time and get to business. Which are the features, you just can’t miss while developing your own uber for logistics app development?

Integrate these 4 features in your Uber for courier app development

  1. Real-time tracking

    This feature like that of a courier tracking app is for both, the shipper as well as the receiver. They should be able to track their shipment or package in real-time using GPS tracking systems.

    This feature also allows matching of the nearest driver available to deliver the package.along with that, multiple routes are supported, meaning that customers have an option to add multiple addresses in the address list.

    The shippers are allowed to choose a pickup location and a delivery address on a map so that there is no confusion about the route. 

    This allows transparency and safety during delivery. If you plan on an uber like app for delivery service, you must include this feature.

  2. Payment gateway integration

    These courier delivery apps have credit wallets for app account holders. Payment gateways like online payment through credit/debit cards, bank transfer, top-up wallets are integrated. The top-up wallets can be maintained by transferring funds or getting payments

    Even the charges are automatically calculated through the app. These charges can be paid via the above mentioned ways or COD if the receiver needs to pay. 

    Uber delivery apps also provide a digital copy of the bill having all the information like order id, shipment charges, item description, time and date of delivery, etc.

    You could also integrate digital signature feature which will make the transactions faster, easier and more secure.

  3. Managing bookings

    These package delivery apps allow the shipper to give information about the delivery like item description, image, time and date etc. they can change the details or even cancel the booking.

    Shippers can also get their packages or shipments insured. This helps them in case of any damages during the delivery

    Both shippers and drivers are enabled to view their booking history. This feature provides entire details of their cancelled, active, past and upcoming deliveries. A driver can choose to accept or decline delivery as per his comfort.

    This is probably the most important feature of any uber delivery app or an on demand delivery app and hence should not be looked over when you develop your own parcel delivery app.

  4. Push notifications and in app interaction

    Shippers and receivers get the live updates regarding delivery status, right there on the app. They get real-time notifications about the estimated time of delivery, any changes in the time or route of the delivery.

    Another important feature is interaction or engagement between the involved parties. Uber courier apps enhance this quite easily.

    Contact information of shipper, driver and receiver is available to all of them. This makes contact very easy. In fact, some apps even have in app chat facilitty. This is useful when any of the involved party needs to comment on the delivery.

    This makes user experience quite breezy which helps to enhance customer loyalty or retention. This is why you must not omit this feature in your uber for courier app development.


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