4 Key Aspects to Consider while Developing an App for Disabled

Planning to build an app like Uber for Disabled? Well, we must appreciate your thoughtfulness. Whether you want to build a complete app for only the handicapped or want to add an option for handicapped in your taxi booking app, this blog is a must-read. We have compiled 4 key aspects that you need to consider while developing an app like Uber for handicapped.

Disability is not inability.

Accessibility is not a luxury but actually a necessity for the disabled. Even they need to commute every day to go to places and get their work done. 

Most cabs are not wheelchair accessible, most mobile apps are not suitable for sight-impaired or hearing impaired. This is discriminatory to 15% of people in the world who are living with some sort of disability.  While this number is significantly larger in Canada with 22% of people having at least one disability. 

Assistive Technology (AT) has come a long way since inception. Smartphones, mobile maps are now complimenting AT making a lot of day to day activities easier for the disabled. When you plan to build an app for the disabled you must make sure you fulfill their unique needs.

In this blog, we will discuss the aspects which are elemental to be included while developing a taxi app like Uber for disabled passengers. 

4 Aspects Elemental To the Development of Uber For Disabled Riders

  1. Ride booking with voice assistant

    It is not surprising that blind people find it extremely hard to travel from one place to another. Even basic travelling is a humongous task for them. These people are in dire need of Uber services for handicapped.

    These people can not use smartphones and mobile apps like the rest of us. This makes it even more important to develop an Uber for handicapped with an easy-to-use booking feature. 

    When you plan to develop an Uber-like app for disabled persons, you can integrate a feature with which they can easily book a ride by speaking into it. Voice assistant can make it very easy for the blind to get rides with such an Uber for the disabled. 

    Not only blind but people with difficulty in hand movements or other disabilities can take advantage of such a taxi for disabled persons app. 

  2. Handling special requests

    This is an important aspect of developing an Uber for handicap app. People with disabilities have special requirements when they transit.

    Wheelchair-bound persons need cabs that are wheelchair-accessible. There should be an arrangement of a ramp and enough space for the wheelchair to fit in comfortably. Uber WAV is one such Uber handicap service.

    Sometimes they require trained personnel that can cater to their needs. Some disabled people also need cushions or hot water or other small things that are important to them

    We have integrated the feature of managing trip parameters in one of our developed taxi booking apps used to book luxury cab rides. This feature can be included in your Uber disabled adults and kids. 

  3. Discount for disabled

    It is also a known fact that many of the disabled are not very well to do. They do not have high paying jobs or some of them are also living on government aids.

    You can make the rides cheaper for people with disabilities or provide them with discounts. Cheaper Uber handicap rides will make it more convenient for them to go from one place to another.

    These discounts will encourage the disabled to travel regularly and be independent. Affordable rides are a must for Uber handicap taxi services. 

  4. Safety and support

    Most people wonder “Is there Uber for handicap and is it safe?”. Safety is an issue for every person including the disabled. 

    When you build your uber for the handicap app, you must keep safety as a priority. The riders must have a feature to share their ride details with their family and friends. There can also be a feature of SOS contacts in your ride-sharing app for the handicapped. 

    You must also provide support to your customers in case of grievances. Such features and functionality will give the riders a true sense of security and they would choose your app over other similar apps.


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Wrapping up

Whether you are planning to develop a ridesharing app for the majority of the population or for the disabled, you can learn a lot from these aspects. If you have any sort of doubts about taxi booking app development you can feel free to contact us.

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