Uber for Massage App Development: 3 Strategies You Must Know

If you’re looking for an Uber for massage app development, this blog is for you.  This blog is for in home massage therapists, spa owners, massage parlour owners, and massage therapy companies. Before developing a massage booking app, you should check out these 3 strategies that we have summarized from Soothe, Zeel, and Urban Massage.

Massage app development is a profitable venture, especially with a rise in on demand massage services. How did massage booking apps become a trend?

Well, this is probably the most obvious trend that had to happen. People take massage when they are extremely tired and wish to relax. They won’t be in a mood to go to a spa or massage parlour when exhausted.

A feature-rich in home massage app will sway them away with its benefits. Features like advance booking, current booking, the gender of the massage therapist, notification are a must if you wish to make the best massage app.

According to CNBC, the global massage industry plays with more than $50 billion. Apps like Soothe, Zeel and Urban Massage have been dominating the on demand segment of this market.

Massage App Development: Consider These 3 Strategies Summarized From The Top Players

  1. Prioritizing convenience

    Any app for massage is meant for convenience, for both, the customer as well as the massage therapist. Let’s talk about customers first.

    According to Soothe, “Stress can build up when you least expect it.” This is why all three of them provide massage therapy whenever the customer wants. In fact, Zeel promises to send a therapist even within one hour if required by the customer.

    The massage therapists come equipped with all the necessary supplies, from massage table, fresh linens, oils, lotion to music. Basically, your home or workplace becomes a luxurious spa. Yes, the mobile massage therapist would even come to your workplace.

    At the therapists’ end, they have a massage therapist app which allows them to seamlessly track their appointments, accept and deny massage bookings and locate clients.

  2. Professional therapists and safety concerns

    The quality of service matters the most in any business. All of these mobile massage therapy services promise to provide highly experienced and skilled massage therapists to the customer.

    Only the licensed or certified and insured therapists are hired by these massage therapy business apps. Soothe therapists are often certified in multiple specializations. While Zeel app claims that all the Zeel massage therapists are vetted through a third-party evaluation.

    Keeping customer and therapist safety as a priority, the customer receives the photo and bio of the booked therapist while the therapist receives the exact location and description of the customer.

    If you are considering a massage app development, you must never overlook trained professionals and safety measures.

  3. Business Expansion

    After laying a strong foundation in mobile massage therapy, you could branch out and expand your services. In fact, Urban Massage is a subset of a wellness app- Urban.   

    This app provides 24-hour wellness and medical therapy services to customers. You can expand your massage services to beauty services or other related services if you wish to go ahead.

    Another way to make your massage app development more successful is by keeping the customers and therapists happy. This is easily done by reviewing customer feedback and taking actions accordingly. You could also provide them with different types of massages ranging from deep tissue to prenatal massage.

    Zeel therapists are given a mandatory tip for their services while other apps also allow their therapists to accept tips.

    Even you could expand your massage or spa business with these strategies.


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