Uber for Moving: On-demand Movers & Packers App Development

Fascinated about uber for moving for your on-demand services? You’re moving right.

We all have seen the success of Uber and since then launching an on-demand business without building an uber app is like pizza without cheese. No matter what your business type is, uber app development is something you can’t ignore. From moving humans to their destinations to food delivery to now moving packers, Uber has reached everywhere.

So the idea of startups for truck on-demand and moving solutions uberizing in each corner these days is not something new. Dolly, Goshare, and Lugg are the greatest examples. So let’s quickly unfold the uberizing strategies for your moving business as well.

What is Uber For Moving?

Uber for moving is an online platform in form of a mobile application or website that helps users to get scheduled deliveries, pickup truck, van, a helper & a driver to get their stuff moved.

In other terms, the moving services app connects users with local truck owners to help with moving furniture, packers, or deliverables quickly and easily, anytime you need.

Why is “Uber For Moving” So Popular?

In big cities like London, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Austin, Orange County, New York, you know the stress involved in bringing the sofa home you just ordered. Either you contact a transport company, rent a truck, or know someone who can help with a truck. Forget about the last option in this so-called connected world where everyone is just disconnected. Now, you have two choices. Transport company and a rental truck. But we know the transport companies generally deal with macro-moves, so let’s forget about it as well?

Last option: On-demand truck rental! It mainly deals with micro moves as per requirement at a cheaper moving price with fascinating web and mobile apps, just like Uber for trucking development helps users in logistics. So, it’s clear that there’s no threat but good competition – one of the reasons behind its popularity in big cities.

But here’s the challenge. We know people don’t move often, so it is notoriously tricky to gain and maintain clients even if there’s not much competition. To add-in, ‘stay at home’ is a new concern these days. However, despite the pandemic having hit the moving industry, the moving services market size is estimated to grow by USD 17.22 billion by 2024. Good news!

This is also because investors are rushing to the moving industry as many of these businesses like Dolly, Goshare, and Lugg are making agreements to be partners with Ikea and Target to sell furniture and bulky products. It’s like a double gain. So now you know why moving is popular, right? On-demand moving is actually an excellent idea for micro-moves, especially for startups.

How On-Demand Uber For Moving Works?

Many startups would be wondering how exactly Uber-like moving can work, so it’s really simple; it works in 3 steps only. Take a look.

  1. Request in the Application

    Users select the place and destination for the pickup and drop off to get connected, select the correct vehicle size, and time for when they want you to arrive.

  2. Get Move-in

    The driver from a moving application will help you move, loading and unloading, to make it stable and transport products.

  3. Track, Pay, and Review

    Users can track moving products and pay in an application. And once a job is done, the user can also review and tip a lugger and driver for the job.

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    Top 8 Delivery & Moving Solutions To Provide With On-Demand Uber For Moving To Keep Up Competition

    Delivery Moving Solutions by Uber for Movers

    1. Store Delivery

      Store delivery is the most essential service that you can offer. Support your user’s shopping, for example, your user has shopped a new dining table, so to provide them a stress-free shopping experience, your organization, right where they want it, can pick it up and bring it to their house. This encourages you to remain in the market by delivering the most famous services at the greatest convenience.

    2. Apartment Moves & Small Moves

      This can be the perfect solution that you can offer to consumers who need help with moving to a new place. Offer services like moving furniture, beds, dressers, tables, couches, and packed boxes.
      Such is the way where users can enjoy the moving with ease where all they have to do is book solid movers and a truck in just a few quick steps from the application like uber to transfer all furniture into a new place.

    3. Craigslist Delivery

      While it is hard to get buy on services like Craigslist, your startup idea for moving businesses can take advantage of it. Help users to pick up and deliver craigslist packers at the earliest. Just decide the long-distance and KMs milestone to deliver the easymove and get paid for what you offer.

    4. Storage Moves

      This is another trending service that is going to empower your moving business. There are so many things that people do not use in daily life and store them in a storage house or room. And when they need it, they find it hard to move out their luggers and belongings.

      Because it’s a lot of work and pain. So, let your startup be a spiderman and offer them a service to easymove their luggers in and out of the storage unit. Help them store things with a tap and have your back in as little as an hour when they need it.

    5. Junk Removal

      When people are obsessed with storing things even if they don’t need it, things become useless over some time. Such scenarios can be beneficial to your startup as you can offer them to remove all junk, unnecessary furniture, and appliances. You can also ask them to take a picture of what they want to remove and your moving team can pick it up and remove all and help them to transfer it to the nearest junk station.

    6. Heavy-lifting & Marketplace Delivery

      Heavy-lifting & disassembling furniture is never easy, so you must specialize your firm in delivering large items and stuff on demand. Your delivery professionals can own trucks and cargo vans. Or even registered, insured, and background-checked van owners to help users load, deliver, and unload their household items. This can be your mainstream service once you set up your business on the marketplace with a high brand image.

    7. Retail & Direct Store Delivery

      Do you know people spend their money too much on retail delivery and still they don’t find any comfort? This is the chance your enterprise can never miss taking. Provide shifting grills, chairs for patios, sofas, and other large pieces at cheaper than conventional options for store delivery. This delivery solution may help you to transform your startup because of its wider scope.

    8. Donations

      So many people hesitate for charity only due to the hassle they need to go through while moving charitable items. Do you think a smartphone app like uber moving can help those people? Find out, rethink your goals, and consider it again. Donations are something not everyone does, but this add-on service adds value to your company brand. It shows that you care for people.

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    MVP Features of Uber For Packers and Movers App

    To start any business, it must follow a minimum viable approach. So, here we have curated MVP features for your startup idea of a moving app like Uber. Let’s take a look.

    New to the MVP approach? Read our detailed blog on the minimum viable product and development strategies here.

    MVP Features of Uber for Packers Movers app

    • Sign Up and Sign In

      As users can get into the application and access the service as per their requirements, users need to sign up with their email addresses. It is not advisable at all to have users sign in every time they open the application, again and again. So after they sign in, make sure you have a “Remember me” option for your users. This would minimize all the hard work of the user to recall usernames and passwords.

    • Edit Profile

      It’s not possible to have identity details remain the same for a lifetime, is it? Over time, it will alter, it may be lost or even revived. So the moving apps have to let the users edit their profile like they wish it to be. Give all freedom to change their profiles and access them whenever they want. Usage of this function can also keep useful information relevant to their profile updated.

    • Request For Delivery

      This is the most essential feature for any on-demand service firm. With this, the user will select the preferred service and request for the delivery so that your movers can help them to a pickup truck and easymove deliverables.

    • Pick/Drop Location

      Another important function that enables businesses to know the exact location of delivery. The customer can add/remove the information of pick up truck location and drop off location for small or large moves, to make moving much easier.

    • Notification

      As we know that push notification is a fashionable alternative to marketing, it leads to growing retention and acquisition of apps. A smartphone application for start-ups and organizations for packers and movers that is combined with a push notification helps to inform the customer of the new services and deals. It will also increase the exposure of the organization and keep consumers active with the offers.

    • Payment System

      You know there are several distinctive gateways for payments available in the market. Payment strategies, such as Stripe, Braintree, E-wallets, Apple Pay, and PayPal’s Mobile SDK can be introduced in the packers and movers application to make the payment. This way a process becomes more available, secure, transparent, and fast. This also offers consumers the option of choosing their desired solution.

    Unique Features of On-Demand Packers and Movers App

    Moving ahead, it’s time to make your packers and movers application awesome with some unique features. Meaning time to turn your MVP to MAP.

    On Demand Packers Movers App Features

    • GPS Tracking

      In your moving service application, GPS technology plays a major role. It helps to keep users and administrators updated before shipments with real-time details. Because of its innovative functionality and maximized customization advantages, Google Maps is considered the best choice for navigation purposes. You can either use MapKit for iOS apps or if appropriate, you can also choose a particular API or SDK.

    • In-app calls

      What if the delivery location is not traceable, or maybe packages are lost, or broken in transit? Helpers and vehicle drivers need assistance and need to keep in touch with customers, so such scenarios asked for in-app calls supported by phone number masking. This way both a customer and driver will be in touch and can further improve the communication.

    • CMS & CRM Integration

      A successful CMS framework allows each piece of content published on the application to be handled by the admin. By listing their contact information, cost, type of services available, etc. this feature helps service providers to keep their profiles updated. While a custom CRM development with modern mobile apps helps in better reach and marketing.

    • Cost Calculation

      This feature is not compulsory, but when the customer can see the estimated cost provided by the preferred service provider after determining the type of service needed, it helps users to build trust in your brand. It will encourage them to spend more.

    • Real-time Analytics

      Real-time analytics with artificial intelligence development provides the admin with real-time details on anything going on in the application. This provides extensive information on the number of customers, the number of transactions performed, funding, etc.

    Can’t decide on moving features? Let our expert tech team help you to build a brand from a simple app idea.

    Cost to Build Uber For Moving App

    Going ahead, though it’s not possible to calculate the exact app development cost since it depends on several factors, the cost of the packers & movers application can be estimated based on the below-mentioned formula.

    Total Application Development Cost = Development Time x Cost Per Hour

    You can estimate the cost by taking an average developer cost of $50/hour based on the further below-mentioned development stages hours.

    Development StageHours
    Research and Analysis40-50 Approx
    Design60-70 Approx
    Development400-500 Approx
    Testing80-90 Approx

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    3 Important Tips to Expand Your Uber-Like Moving Business

    There are a variety of lessons that a start-up learns over time, but by the time they could learn, it gets too late. So for your unstoppable success, here are 3 tips to take away when you want to expand your uber for moving app in Canada or other cities of the USA.

    1. Have Safeguards in Place

      Moving with a human is indeed more dangerous than moving with packers, but still, we can’t take risks. Precautions and liability insurance are a must for damage protection, especially if your startup involves large moves. Imagine pickup trucks full of packers and large items disrupts in transit. It doesn’t only damage the package, but your company’s brand image too. In the start-up world, where it takes courage and determination to survive, we can not tolerate such errors. Can we?

    2. Adopt Changes

      It may sound philosophical, but we can’t deny that change is the only constant. Capitalism is an economy that is continually evolving, ensuring that firms need to adapt to changing consumer preferences, emerging technologies, and regulatory instability.

      So, your moving businesses must analyze the market from time to time and adopt the necessary changes that can help you to nail your goals for pickup trucks and on-demand delivery.

    3. Think of All Possible Expansion

      This is one of the effective ways to grow your businesses. While it’s never a good idea to grow into markets where expenses exceed profit, your firm must recognize the value in expanding into markets with more marginal growth opportunities. You may think of a new service to offer or even you can think of venue expansion – the easiest way to develop a brand.

    5 Best Uber For Moving Apps

    For more, the below-mentioned 5 apps are the most successful businesses in the moving industry. You may consider them as an inspiration.

    LogoApp NameDetailsDownload
    Active installations: 100,000+
    Unique Features: Schedule Your Lugg, Lugg Tracking, Lugg Alerts, Messages, Multiple Payment Gateways
    App store

    Play store

    Active installations: 50,000+
    Unique Features: Dolly Booking, Dolly Track Delivery, Dolly Chat, Push Notification, Payment Options, Dolly Cost Calculator
    App store

    Play store

    Active installations: 5,000+
    Unique Features: Register, Schedule a Delivery & Find a Driver, GPS Tracking, Calls, Cost Calculation
    App store

    Play store

    Active installations: 1,000,000+
    Unique Features: Sign Up, Find a Mover & Driver, Track, Payment Options
    Play store
    Unique Features: Sign Up, Request a Delivery & Easymove, Cost Calculator, Multiple Payment Systems, Ratings
    App store


    1. What stands behind the popularity of Uber?

      A unique service, good competition without threats, effective partnerships among other industries are some of the reasons behind Uber’s popularity.

    2. Why developing an on-demand moving app is a good idea for a startup?

      Start-ups on demand have proved to be more convenient, more technically updated, and highly efficient, so moving apps are a perfect idea.

    3. How to make an Uber-like app for moving?

      • Conduct research on the idea
      • Decide on a moving service
      • Find a mobile app development company
      • Design & develop the application
      • Test & deploy
    4. How can you make money with your Uber-like app for moving?

      Delivery charges, ad programs, paid promotion on your application and partnering with furniture stores to get discounts on each move are some of the ways you can make money with an uber-like app for moving.

    5. What are the top factors influencing the uber for movers app development cost?

      • Side partnership between network and supply
      • Degree of commercialization
      • Pricing structure
      • Stakeholders



    On a final note, it is vital to note that you launch your on-demand business with a basic model and can extend the other one progressively. We will see strong demand for moving solutions, as many start-ups would like to provide an app-based service in the future.

    Are you also one of those future entrepreneurs? How about collaborating on your app project? As a custom application development company in Canada, we have proficient expertise in app development across the globe. Write to us about your project proposals and ideas. Our expert team will start to work on your project in less than 24 hours, that’s our promise. See you there!

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