8 Industries of “Uber For X” Business That’ll Get You More Profit

You’ve worked hard the entire week, juggling between the office and home.

The stress has taken its toll and your skin-care routine has gone for a toss! With no time to clean or do laundry, your house is a mess. The dishes are dirty and the lawn is unkempt. That’s a lot on the to-do list for just one person (who is already tired from the long and hard week). You wish for a genie who could grant you some wishes and get everything done.

This is the story of most people in big cities. People keep trying to jump from work to personal life and other things such as sleep, health, beauty, and fitness take a back seat in their lives.

How can we solve it? Well, there are many Uber for X businesses working to help you lead your life with ease. Read ahead to know more about these wish-fulfilling genies.

What is Uber for Everything?

A while ago we launched an Uber like app for our client’s taxi business. When we came up with this taxi sharing app, we were surprised to see a huge demand for similar apps in other industries as well. Industries like education, lifestyle, sports, restaurants, transportation, and healthcare are some of the more popular industries where startups have been releasing their own Uber for X solutions to provide services to access to the property.


For those of you who are unaware of this trending business model, Uber for X usually runs on an app that provides on-demand services in its respective industry. The term has been an inspiration from the Uber ride-sharing app. The for X can vary depending on the industry. For example, an on-demand service provider for groceries will be Uber for groceries and so on. 

In a rushed lifestyle, the temptation of getting things done with just a click is too fascinating to resist. The ability to satisfy the demands of consumers and fulfilling their requirements in an effortless manner is the reason why the Uber for X marketplace is booming.

What is Needed to Start an Uber for X Business?

Startups that follow the Uber for X business model tend to take the following points from the original idea and apply it to their industry:

  1. It allows the users to avail offline services shortly after making the request for the same via the mobile app.
  2. After the customer places the order, the nearest service provider that accepts the order becomes the one who is responsible for fulfilling the order or services.
  3. In most cases, there are 2 separate apps for users and providers.

So, what do you think? Does this seem like an attractive business opportunity for you? We’ve mentioned some of the most popular industries doing Uber for X business, see which ones you might be able to invest in!

8 Best Industries of “Uber For X”

  1. Food and Groceries

    How many times has it happened that you skipped breakfast because you were running late or forgot to have your lunch because you were stuck in a meeting? We bet you can’t count the number of instances on your fingers. Food is crucial to keep you going. But what is one supposed to do when there is so little time to buy groceries or to cook? On-demand food and grocery delivery services that follow the Uber business model are rising up by keeping this exact thing in mind.

    Here are some top examples currently dominating the market:

    • Farmstead (Uber for groceries): This app is popular for delivering food and groceries from the local shops or stores to your homes. It helps people cook and eat healthier.
    • Blue Apron (Uber for cooking): Blue Apron provides meal boxes with all the ingredients for the meals and recipes to users on a weekly basis. Users can choose from different subscription packs for their benefit and then cook their meals accordingly.
    • Grubhub (Uber for food deliveries): An American online food ordering and delivery business, it connects diners with local diners and restaurants. The app has over 19 million users and thousands of partner restaurants.
  2. Makeup and Beauty

    Makeovers in a click! What more can today’s Instagram influencers want? From makeup to pedicures to hairstylists and masseuse, you can get anything for your grooming needs with a single tap. It’s easier, it’s quicker and the stylists come to your house! Here are some of the best Uber for X apps in the fashion industry:

    • Soothe (Uber for Massage): Need to relax? Simply pick up your phone and book a massage for yourself or for someone else with this on-demand Uber for X massage application. Here are some of the features you can integrate in your massage app.
    • Glamsquad (Uber for Beauty): Users can use this app to book expert hairdressers and make-up artist for professional beauty and makeup services. Getting ready for a party or a date becomes so much easier with this app.
    • Stylebee (Uber for Style and Makeup): Be it a wedding or a costume party, Stylebee professionals are always there for all its users’ hair and makeup needs.
  3. Healthcare and Medical Consultation

    Remember there was a time when house-calls were the preferred method of medical consultation? Well, with on demand medical consultations, we are going back to square one. Here are some of the popular Uber for X apps that people use for getting immediate healthcare help:

    • DispatchHealth (Uber for Urgent care): This app helps receive quality, urgent healthcare services by the patients at their homes.
    • DoctorOnDemand (Uber for doctors): Patients with chronic illnesses and other similar issues find it difficult to visit the hospital all the time. For this reason, DoctorOnDemand helps people with virtual doctors and doctors doing house calls.
    • TalkSpace (Uber for therapy and counseling): TalkSpace has helped thousands of people through its online therapy and counseling platform. The patients can opt for text, audio or video counseling, depending on their preferences and comfort.
  4. Housework and Handyman

    Guests coming over? Need to clean up the last night’s party remnants? Need a hand to figure out that shelf from Ikea? There are some Uber for X apps for that too! Take a look at some amazing apps that will help you get someone to do your housework quickly and effortlessly:

    • MaidsApp (Uber for cleaning): Whether you are in a hurry or just don’t feel like cleaning up, professional on-demand home cleaning services from MaidsApp can sort you out within minutes. Just book someone for the type of cleaning you want to do and it’ll be done!
    • Handy (Uber for handyman): Whether you need a plumber, electrician, or carpenter, Handy has service providers for all the services. You can book cleaning services, handyman services, or shop from their store for tools to do it yourself.
    • TaskRabbit (Uber for housekeeping): TaskRabbit has freelance labor for all kinds of work to help you with your housework. It starts for basics like furniture assembly, delivery service, and moving and goes on to things like bartending, Valentine’s Day help, and even handing out candy on Halloween.
  5. Lifestyle and Training

    Need help to ease your daily life? Uber for X model has several other lifestyle apps too which can make your day easier with on-demand sitters and fitness trainers.

    • Wag! (Uber for dogs): A pet care company, Wag offers dog-walking, dog care and pet boarding services on demand. People who do not have the time to or cannot take their dogs for a walk can avail these services to keep their furry friends happy and healthy!
    • UrbanSitter (Uber for babysitters): Need a babysitter for a movie night? Or looking for a full-time nanny at home? UrbanSitter has it all to help you out. With trusted sitters and nannies, you can relax with the knowledge that your child is in safe hands.
    • ClassPass (Uber for personal trainers): Many people want to get fitter but don’t have the time to go to a gym and have no clue how to work out at home either. This is where a personal trainer comes in. Users can book yoga classes, workouts, and meditation sessions with ClassPass in just a few clicks.
  6. Hospitality

    While Airbnb is the leader in the rentals and hotel business, many other similar apps have popped up in the market based on the Uber for X model. These access economy apps help travelers get great hospitality and places to stay within their budgets.

    • Vrbo (Uber for home rentals): Vrbo is an acronym for Vacation rentals by owners and it started as a service for homeowners to list their properties for short terms to people on vacations.
    • Hotel Tonight (Uber for hotels): This app lets users book hotel rooms at the last minute with discounts. Since hotel owners risk facing losses if their rooms stay empty, they are willing to provide extra discounts to travelers through this app.
  7. Fashion and Style

    Not everyone is a born fashionista, but some are and they provide their services to users on these Uber for fashion on-demand apps. With personal shoppers, on-demand stylists, fashion experts, and more, anyone can be and look fashionable!

    • Snap and Style (Uber for fashion): Based on the on-demand Uber for X model, users can choose a particular item of clothing or footwear, and fashion experts on the app will come up with an entire outfit to go with it.
    • PS Dept. (Uber for shopping): This shopping app doesn’t let you buy clothes but instead lets you hire the services of a personal shopper who will help you pick out whatever you need and will also give you fashion advice.
  8. Transportation and Logistics

    Other than taxi apps, there are many other Uber for X businesses and startups that help you with different kinds of transportation. So whether you want to move, need to transport a heavy piece of furniture, or just want to ship something, say hello to these businesses!

    • Lugg (Uber for moving and furniture delivery): With this app, you can book a truck as per your requirements. They give the option to make a booking for an hour later or for 30 days later. The rates are competitive and they also send movers with each truck to help you out.
    • Luxe (Uber for parking): Started from San Francisco, this unique company lets you hire valets for parking your vehicle anywhere you go in the city. You can book a valet, drive to the place, and let them take care of the parking. When you want your car back, you can put a request with the location and they’ll be back!

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Uber for X business model has been gaining traction from the users and customers because it helps them get services quickly and easily at affordable rates. Since most people lead hectic lives these days, it becomes difficult for everyone to manage everything. People don’t have time to do some things and they don’t mind paying someone else to do it.

The laborers love it too because they can put their skills to good use and earn a good amount of money in exchange. It also works in favor of businesses since they can get a lot of profit from it if they provide good services at affordable rates.

If you want to know how you can benefit from a model for your business, here we have published a blog that can help you understand why on-demand businesses should go for Uber for X solution.

Still, have any query how much does it cost to develop Uber-like app, what is the importance of developing MVP, app development timeline? Just fill out our contact us form and one of our sales representatives will get back to you and resolve all your queries.

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