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We develop web and app-based custom mobile CRM solution so you can attract, manage, and deliver the best experience to your customers.

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Custom Mobile CRM Software Development

CRM Solutions we provide

  • Mobile application both on Android and iOS

    Mobile application both on Android and iOS

  • Website with backend

    Website with backend

  • Cloud-based software

    Cloud-based software

CRM Software Solution

CRM Software Solution – Manage and Track Your Customers With Clicks

Sustaining all your customer data at one central place with the utmost security must be a complex thing to do, right? There might be days when your enterprise face problems like misplacing data, unsatisfied customers, and difficulty in understanding customer behaviour towards products or services.

Understanding the importance of maintaining the customer relationship and managing data, Space-O Technologies is dedicated to design and develop mobile and web-based CRM software solution. Developing cloud-CRM is the best solution for your business as it can boost ROI up to 245% if you integrate smoothly with your business solution.

Types of CRM We Develop

Operational CRM

Operational CRM

We develop custom operational CRM for your enterprise or business, integrated with three main parts such as marketing, sales and support. Get operational dashboard, where you as an admin of the business can evaluate every single prospect to summarize his status and create a strategy. From sales force automation to marketing operation automation, we develop CRM that takes of these things easily.

Analytical CRM

Analytical CRM

Whether you want to analyze the data and get essential information for generating reports and making better decisions, we develop custom analytical CRM that gives a quick analysis of all the operations that you are looking for.

Collaborative CRM

Collaborative CRM

If your business incorporates with external stakeholders, partners or associators on a regular basis, then collaborative CRM is the perfect choice for your business. Allow vendors and stakeholders to get valuable customer information with just a few clicks.

Do you want one such customer relationship management software that streamlines your sales pipelines, organize your customer data, and give insightful analytics? Get in touch with our CRM developers, who have already developed over 10 CRM solutions.

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Have you decided to get any of these CRM software solutions for your business? Or do you want to get your own customized CRM solution to manage your customers and their data?

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Custom CRM Software Improves



We develop top CRM solutions that accelerate sales performance and drive sales strategy toward profit by engaging with customers more effectively. Check customer buying histories to know potential leads, upsell opportunities, or repeat customers. Know your valued customers and create a customer reward system to boost engagement and conversion.



Channelize marketing campaigns and boost both online and offline marketing by atomizing the marketing process with our custom CRM solution. Let your customers know about your new products and discount deals through proper tactics and increase sales in turn. Align your marketing team with other teams to streamline processes.

Data security

Data Security

Keep all your business insights and customer data safe at a centralized location using custom CRM solutions, instead of separate computers. Avoid losing important customer data by creating an impermeable line of defence. Authorize only eligible employees to access data and prevent security breaches.

Customer service

Customer Service

Our customized solutions align customer demands to resources, enhancing customer service to new limits. Analyze customer history and identify your most valuable customers to create a customer reward system. Increase personalized communication and take care of customer feedback and complaints.

Field service

Field service

Enable your field agents to create a better customer experience with customized solutions. Allow them to tend inventory management, product deliveries, and customer data to improve performance and in turn, customer satisfaction. Provide transparent communication between customer and field agents.

Why Choose Custom CRM Software Development Over Ready-made Solution?

Custom CRM SoftwareReady-made Software Solution
Custom CRMA custom-made CRM software developed to suffice your specific business requirements.Ready-made CRMThe ready-made CRM software solution is designed and developed targeting a range of businesses and customers.
Custom CRM costThe custom CRM software is cost-effective as you can develop modules that you need for your business.Ready-made CRM costCompared to custom CRM software, ready-made CRM solution is more expensive as you need to pay monthly charges and other hidden charges.
Custom CRM featuresDevelop features that you want to maintain your business.Ready-made CRM featuresWith ready-made CRM solution, you can’t get the features you want as it is already developed.
Custom CRM trainingIt requires very less time to train employees as it is developed based on your workflow.Ready-made CRM trainingIt requires more time to train and explain the solution to employees because it contains many unwanted modules and features.
Easy to customizeEasy to customize in the future when new features are required.Already developed CRM solutionIt is not possible to customize an already developed solution with new features.

Industries We’ve Served








Real Estate

Wealth Management

Capital Market

Credit Union


We develop mobile CRM software for almost all industries. Just get in touch with our technical expert to discuss your enterprise and its needs.

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CRM Software Development Process

Requirement gathering


Gather Information

Our sales representative team communicates with you to analyze and understand your unique business requirements and discuss the type of CRM that you want to develop for your customers. While discussing with our sales representative team, you need to share your current process of managing customers so that our team can make a concrete plan to automate it.



Create a Blueprint

After comprehending your requirements, our business analyst team prepares the basic structure of your CRM system. Our team prepares wireframes of all the screens, explaining the entire flow of your CRM system. In fact, the wireframes will give an idea about features, functionalities and specifications.



Identifying Technology

After creating wireframes of your CRM system, our technical expert team identifies the right technology and tools to develop your CRM system. Our team identifies the latest technology to develop your entire system, making it easier for your team, employees and shareholders to access CRM from anywhere and anytime.



Design & Development

It’s time for our design team to design your CRM system. Our designing team is dedicated to designing screens that speak with your users. Comprehending your needs and preferences for colours, fonts, and graphics, our team designs your CRM software solution that meets your vision.



Quality Testing

It is the most important step of the process. Testing your designed and developed CRM solution to find any bug or issue that might hinder your users. Our quality analyst team makes sure that your CRM system doesn’t have any bug and runs smoothly for you and your employees.




After making sure that your web or mobile CRM software solution has all the features and is bug-free, we deploy it to your server. In the case of CRM mobile apps, we submit them on the App Store (iTunes and Play Store), making it available for your employees and customers.

Why Space-O For CRM Software Development?

We understand that each business is unique and has different goals and visions. We specialize in building intelligent and industry-specific mobile CRM app solution for any business. Here are some of the reasons to choose us as CRM software development partner:

Free Consultation
Free Consultation We also offer a 30-minute free consultation from our experts to resolve your queries and understand your requirements.
Proper documentation
Proper documentation Our sales representative team prepares proper documentation of your project that is clear and scannable. It will be comprehensive and detailing all aspects of the project.
Success Rate
Success Rate We have a success ratio of 98% on Upwork and a 4.9/5 rating on Clutch from our clients worldwide. We deliver each product with the same zeal.
Flexible Hiring Models
Flexible Hiring Models We offer custom hiring process where you can select expert enterprise mobile app developers on hourly and fixed price cost.
Transparency We will keep you updated with each step of your enterprise app development process. We promise complete transparency from consultancy to app deployment.
Technical Support
Technical Support We won’t leave your side even after we deliver your app. Get 3-months of free technical support and we will be happy to guide you!


What do I get in the free consultation?

As per the availability of our expert, we will book your free consultation with him. In the free consultation, discuss your queries that you may have related to CRM. Moreover, the expert will comprehend your business and requirements and accordingly decide what modules, features and functionalities you will need in your CRM system.

Do you follow any NDA process?

Yes, we follow an NDA process with all the clients.

Do you provide documentation for the CRM solution? Do I own the code?

Yes, we provide complete documentation for the CRM solution or apps that we develop for your business. In short, you own the code of your CRM solution.

How will I communicate my requirements? What if I need any change in my CRM system?

You can communicate your requirements with an assigned point of contact. In fact, you can discuss any change that you need in your CRM system and he will take care of it.

Are you going to deploy my CRM solution to my server?

Yes, we will deploy your CRM solution to your server, making it available for your team, employees, and stakeholders. In fact, deploying to your server is included in our process as a complimentary service for our clients.

Do you provide post-deployment support?

Yes, we do provide 3-month technical support without charging any additional cost. In this 3-month period, if you face an issue or bug in your web or mobile customer relationship management system, our support team will assist you.

Client’s Testimonials

I was mostly happy with the high level of experience and professionalism of the various teams that worked on my project. Not only they clearly understood my exact technical requirements but even suggested better ways in doing them. The Communication tools that were used were excellent and easy. And finally and most importantly, the interaction, follow up and support from the top management was great. Space-O not delivered a high quality product but exceeded my expectations! I would definitely hire them again for future jobs!

Bashar Anabtawi
Bashar Anabtawi

I am really pleased with the prompt responses I got from Space-O. Inquiries were answered within a very short time and issues were fixed within 12 hours. The Space-O team kept open communication at every stage of the process. Working with them felt like a collaboration resulting in the creation of a platform we are more stan satisfied with. The team took our concept and successfully create the platform we have today. Rakesh and his team really have the clients vision as a priority.

Gideon Banahene
Gideon Banahene
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