GospelKinnect Mobile Event App
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GospelKinnect A mobile event app for the Gospel Community

This is an event app or an event marketing tool for Christian community members. It is perfect for event organizers, singers, dancers, authors, artists, social workers, or anyone organizing an event. It is loaded with features like add event, event locator, buy tickets, news, notification.

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Mobile Event App

Colors & Fonts Guide

We have used clean and minimalistic UI design with bright accent colors to make it look intuitive.


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Mobile Event App Development


This event planning app provides complete event solutions for the emerging talent of the community whether they’re artists, authors or ministers of the word of God. This social event app keeps the brothers and sisters of the community updated on current events happening in North America, specifically near them.

Similar to an event management app, the subscribed users can even post their own events on this event marketing platform. This way it works as an online event marketing tool.

This is how this best event app brings together people of the Gospel community in a modern way.

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App Features

Add Event

Admins and a subscribed user can create an event. They put information like cost, time, place, description and images regarding the event. Users get to choose to attend the event, locate it on a map and call or visit the website for more information.


In this section, the admin displays some key events of the community that are famous or happening on a big scale. This section also shows featured events that are important, recurring or has an important personality of the faith.


This section is handled by the admin. This dynamic feature shows videos and advertising clips of events. It also shows promotional videos by artists and evangelists preaching God’s lessons and promoting faith.




This feature is different from other apps for event planning as this section shows important news and information about the events such as the number of tickets sold, profit made or any news related to the Christian faith.

Event Locator

Using a GPS tracking system, choose from two options to search: The ‘By Location’ (like events near me) option gives information regarding nearby (50-mile radius) events while the ‘By City’ informs about the events happening in the city you searched.


Unlike other apps for events, this app also has a Music section where songs sung by artists advocating the preaching of Christ are uploaded. This section makes this event app like an entertainment app.

Push Notification

Get notifications of the events before 48 and 24 hours of the event. To get such notifications, the events just need to be RSVPed. This feature works as a reminder to the events that users are interested in.

Planning on an event app with features like event scheduling, floorplan maps, ticketing system apart from regular ones? If you’re looking for a mobile marketing solution or complete event solutions for your events, feel free to contact us.

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