Food Delivery App Development: 4 Features You Need to Consider While Developing Your Own App like Postmates

This blog is for food delivery startups and restaurateurs who wish to have their own food delivery app development. In fact, this blog is for everyone who wishes to create an on demand services app. Here, we have summarised # features of the goliath food delivery app – Postmates. Consider integrating these features to get ahead in the race.

If you’re a part of the food industry, you probably wonder about food delivery app development. If you don’t, you must! If you are someone associated with on demand food delivery services, you must have witnessed the changing trends in food ordering methods. Most of these trends are around online food delivery. Customers choose online food ordering systems like food ordering apps or say food delivery apps.

Why? Well, it saves the customer’s time. Plus, he can choose from a variety of restaurants and cuisines. Even the payment is secure and the details are stored, in case the customer needs to check them again in the future.

If this doesn’t impress you, then this might do the deed.

Let’s Talk Numbers!

How much has the Online Food Delivery segment performed so far globally?

According to,

  • The Online Food Delivery segment amounts to a revenue of  US$94,385m in 2019.
  • This is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 9.3%, increasing the revenue to US$134,490m by 2023.
  • Restaurant-to-Consumer Delivery is the largest segment of the market with a revenue of US$58,008m in 2019.

Postmates – Top on demand delivery app to deliver food, grocery, alcohol

  • Postmates is an on demand food delivery app that has branched out to other areas like grocery and alcohol.
  • Launched in 2011, it is the pioneering company that made online food delivery a daily luxury.
  • This original Uber for food delivery app was launched in 2014 and didn’t fail to stand up to the company’s reputation
  • In January 2019, TechCrunch reported that this Uber like app for food delivery raised $100 million investment which brought its valuation to $1.85 billion.
  • This app stands among the likes of Uber Eats, Zomato, DoorDash and gives them a tough competition.

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Food Delivery App Development: 4 Features of Postmates App You Can’t Miss To Integrate

  1. Order food, grocery and booze

    This restaurant app has diversified its services and now has an official alcohol category in its app. All orders above $30 get a free delivery while all unlimited subscribers get free delivery with no concerns to the total amount. Another feature that this food ordering system has branched out is groceries. It has a feature called Postmates Fresh for groceries.

    So basically, this is not a simple online food delivery app. It is also an app like Uber for alcohol delivery and Uber for groceries. This makes the app even for appealing for the customers.

    Why? They get 3 on demand services at one platform that follows the uber model for delivery. This saves their device space and time for ordering various things in one place. So even you can think about branching out after laying a strong foundation in on demand services.

  2. Real-time tracking and scheduled deliveries

    Like most food ordering apps, users can track the person delivering their food, grocery or alcohol, in real-time.  As soon as the users log in, they get suggestions based on their location. Users can order food, booze, and groceries online. If they choose the delivery option, they get updates about their order. A GPS tracker lets the user track every movement in real-time.

    Scheduling deliveries is a unique feature where the users can place future orders and set up the delivery according to their time. They can even order before a restaurant opens. This way a user can place his dinner order in the morning and schedule it for the night.

    If are planning for food delivery logistics, you should definitely consider these features before moving forward.

  3. Delivery and Take-out or Pickup

    Postmates app lets the user decide whether they want to get their booze or groceries delivered to a location or they want to order online and then pick it up. This option is also extended to restaurant orders i.e. the users can get food delivered or they can opt for takeout after ordering food online.

    How will this help your organization? Well, if the customers opt for takeout or pick up (considering that picking up is cheaper and faster then getting it delivered) then they will save delivery charges. Even your organization will save the labour needed to do the delivery.

    This makes this feature a win-win feature for all the parties.

  4. Monthly subscription and order pooling

    The users can get a monthly subscription at a fixed price with the feature called Postmates Plus. With this subscription, they can get unlimited delivery for the entire month. If they don’t subscribe, they need to pay delivery charges for each order. Fortunately, Postmates has lowered the minimum size of food order making the customers happy.

    Another feature, Postmates Party is like Uber Pool for delivery. Customers can get the food delivered for free, eliminating the delivery charge if they pool their orders with their neighbours.

    Customers get free delivery while Postmates saves the labour for delivering two orders at the same place if registered at different times. So do not forget to integrate this feature if you wish to make your app stand out.

Bottom line
You have now seen the features that have made Postmates a favourite among its users.  You should not overlook these features when you develop your own Uber for delivery app.

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Bon appetit!

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