What is Software Development? [A Brief Explanation]

What is Software Development?

Software development refers to the process of creating, designing, programming, testing, and maintaining computer software.

Software development involves a series of steps and methodologies to build and improve software applications, systems, or programs, with the aim of meeting specific user needs or solving particular problems. The process of developing a software solution with structural frameworks is called the software development life cycle.

Following this framework, helps you to ensure that software is built with expected functionalities, maintains standards of quality, and performs effectively. If you are interested to learn in detail about SDLC, check our dedicated guide on the software development life cycle (SDLC).

For example, – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a high-quality software application that helps businesses plan, manage, monitor, and measure different processes. There are several software programs similar to ERP, such as CRM.

To develop ERP, businesses need to conduct a requirement study, select the operating systems, and incorporate any of the suitable software development methodologies to develop and implement the ERP.

Here are the steps of the software development process that help you to create scalable, reliable, and secure applications for your business.

  • Prepare a software development plan for your software project
  • Gather software development requirements and perform analysis
  • Start with design and prototyping for your software
  • Starting to code the core software functionalities mentioned in requirements
  • Perform testing to check the bugs in your software
  • Deploy the software once the functionalities get tested
  • Consistently maintain the software and update for additional features

Let’s now know about the different types of software you can develop.

Which are the Different Types of Software Development?

There are 8 different types of software applications that you can develop for your business requirements. This includes:

  1. Application Software
  2. System Software
  3. Driver Software
  4. Embedded Software
  5. Open-source Software
  6. API Development
  7. Data-science software development
  8. Software tools development

Let’s discuss the top 8 types of software development. In the following table, get a brief explanation of each type of software development. To understand each type of development in detail, check our guide on types of software development. Get a clear idea about the different types of software that you can build as per your requirements.

8 Types of Software DevelopmentExplanationExamples
Application SoftwareThis is a type of software development that helps develop a computer program for specific business functions. They are developed to assist the user with a particular task or function.Eg: Microsoft Office and Slack
System SoftwareThis software development is planned to run on a particular type of hardware and application program.Eg: Operating Systems – macOS, iOS, Windows
Driver SoftwareThis software development involves developing a programming interface to manage and control specific lower-level interfaces.Eg: Graphic Cards and Network Cards
Embedded SoftwareEmbedded software is a combination of a computer processor, memory, and I/O peripheral device that helps with a dedicated function.Eg: Image processing systems – medical imaging equipment
Open-source SoftwareThis is computer software released under a specific license allowing the user the right to change the code.Eg: Linux, and SugarCRM
API DevelopmentThis software development is the foundation comprising procedures and functions to help software access data and features.Eg: Travel booking, Google Maps, and PayPal
Data Science Software DevelopmentThe process of identifying, extracting, and mining data patterns to help build analytical patterns for predictive analytics and insight building.Eg, Forecasting software
Software Tools DevelopmentThis is a computer program that helps with designing, coding, developing, and deploying software solutions using pre-built coding templates.Eg: IntelliJ IDEA, GitHub, and Atom

Got clarity on the different types of software development? Let’s learn about the importance of software before moving ahead with anything further.

7 Benefits of Software Development

We have discussed 7 important benefits of effective software development. Let’s understand each benefit in detail.

  1. Automates the Workflow and Helps to Gain Operational Efficiency

    With suitable software, you can automate repetitive tasks and ensure smooth processes. It can help improve information routing and improve business decision-making.

    For example, if you use CRM to manage and nurture leads, you can automatically move them through the sales and marketing funnel. This way, you can decide which leads are qualified and which ones need to be dropped out. It will also help you make quicker decisions regarding sales and marketing campaigns.

  2. Boosts Business Productivity Leading to Increased Profitability

    When you use the apt software solution to enhance business processes, you also improve employee productivity. They won’t waste their time working on mundane tasks. A software developer uses different programming languages and software development tools to speed up development and optimize outcomes.

    For example, when you use inventory management software to handle your stocks, you will know the stockouts in advance. It can help you plan your supply chain better. You can also use this software to plan predictive maintenance for better outcomes.

  3. Automates Operations and Tasks Enabling Reduced Errors

    If processes depend on each other, the software solution can make it more streamlined and in sync. For example, in any organization, the sales and marketing teams collaborate to offer the best possible solution to the market.

    However, the data may not be transferred easily if they work as silos. With software like ERP, the different departments get a view of the data securely. It can improve operations and enhance business outcomes.

  4. Improves Communication to Streamline Business Operations

    Modern businesses aren’t working in silos. Today, modern and data-driven businesses are more collaborative. The different stakeholders need to be involved when software developers are creating solutions which can offer value.

    Software solutions can help with real-time communication and collaboration. Intranet software or project management tools can help with instant collaboration and help businesses gain feedback.

  5. Reduces Business Costs Helping Gain Higher Profits

    When you employ software to help you with certain business aspects, you remove the need for hiring resources. It also saves you from establishing the important infrastructure needed to support the resources. This can reduce the overhead costs substantially.

  6. Software Offers a Competitive Edge

    When you indulge in software development, you provide your business with the necessary capabilities to help deliver the ideal customer experience. You get a competitive edge by delivering a software solution in sync with your business goals and vision. The right application software can help you improve the functionality of the business.

    Suppose you are a retailer. With the help of an agile software development company, you can develop personalized and tailored software solutions for your business. Whether you have dynamic requirements or frequent changes in your software, the agile development approach meets your requirements. Moreover, to understand about agile approach, check this article on the agile software development approach.

  7. Enhances Customer Service Leading to Better Customer Relationships

    As a business, customer service plays a pivotal role. The software solution can help enhance the service by offering real-time communication with the users, getting their feedback, and providing them with solutions.

    Chatbots are software solutions that allow businesses to connect with potential and existing users to support them through their journey. It can enhance the customer’s experience.

In conclusion, software development can help you personalize the solution, attain business goals, and define processes that are unique to your vision. With the right software, you can automate processes and enhance the business’ productivity.

To build well-planned software with no bugs, you need to partner with a software development company to build well-planned software with no bugs. Space-O has delivered diverse software applications, including system software, using the latest technologies.

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