Want to Build a Groceries Delivery App Like Instacart? 3 Takeaways You Must Not Miss
September 6, 2019 Spaceo Canada

Want to Build a Groceries Delivery App Like Instacart? 3 Takeaways You Must Not Miss

grocery app development
Want to Build a Groceries Delivery App Like Instacart? 3 Takeaways You Must Not Miss
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 Are you a startup with an idea for on-demand grocery app development? Or are you an entrepreneur who needs a grocery delivery app to boost your business? This blog is a must-read for you.
What will you read in the blog:
Unique features to include in your Uber grocery delivery app
How partnerships will help you expand
Monetization strategies for your app

Whether you own a grocery superstore or a grocery delivery service startup, the idea of grocery app development must have crossed your mind. If not, it should now.


People are getting busier and grocery stores are getting, well, idler. People don’t visit the stores themselves. They get the groceries delivered to home. This trend is increasing day by day. This trend of on-demand services is the reason why Uber for X apps are so much in demand.

People find it hard to juggle between taking care of their household chores and managing work tasks. Grocery shopping apps help to tick mark one important task on their to-do list: getting weekly groceries.

People are turning toward online grocery shopping. And not even slowly. Don’t believe us. These numbers will do the talking.

Some Noteworthy Statistics on Online Grocery Shopping


grocery app development

Source: Statista


These numbers do make the idea of grocery app development very appetizing. It is important to understand that in order to achieve a place in the competition, you need to learn from the top players.

Keeping this in mind, we have curated 3 takeaways from the Instacart app that will help you to develop a grocery home delivery app.

3 Takeaways from Instacart App for Grocery App Development

#1 Including new and unique features

An uber for groceries has some basic features like 

  • List of local grocery stores
  • A search option to find items
  • A shopping cart
  • Scheduling a delivery 
  • Payment gateway integration

Apart from these, if you wish to make your app stand out from the cart, you could include some unique features.

For instance, Instacart mobile app has a feature to save shopping lists and reorder items from previous purchases. Another feature lets the user view nutritional information and filter the items by gluten-free, organic or vegan diets. In fact, users can also get recipes that they can try at home. They may even talk to their shoppers right there in the app.

grocery app development

Source: Instacart App

In this fast-paced generation, you should plan to make an on-demand grocery delivery app. An app that delivers grocery on the same day.

#2 Make profitable partnerships

When a business is online, it becomes extremely important to make partnerships that generate profit. Instacart owners understand this very well. They have been able to make successful partnerships with various other companies.

Let’s take a few examples of Instacart to understand this

  • Instacart partnered with ALDI in September  2018and Instacart users have been able to get ALDI groceries right at their doorsteps since.
  • We also saw a once in a blue moon type of partnership between Postamates app (another groceries delivery app)and Instacart to deliver goods during peak hours. This happened only for San Fransisco.
  • Very recently, as reported by TechCrunch, Sam’s Club decided to club with Instacart grocery mobile app to deliver alcohol the same day. This made it an Uber for alcohol also.

Not just flawless features of grocery mobile app development, but even partners are important to make your uber for grocery delivery app.

#3 Strategic monetization

The main aim of any business is to make profits and for that you will need monetization strategies. Here we have mentioned a few monetization strategies for your online grocery delivery app.

  • Delivery fee: A specific amount as a delivery fee is taken from the user on every delivery. This varies according to the amount of the order.
  • Membership fee: Many grocery shopping delivery apps offer a membership fee either monthly or annually. Instacart Express is an annual membership offered by Instacart. 
  • Mark up prices: Many stores sell their products at a higher price than normal. The revenue generated from this is used to pay the delivery personnel.
  • Surge pricing: Just like Uber, the concept of surge or busy pricing can work even here. There is an increase in delivery charges during popular delivery times and peak hours. This depends on the business of shoppers.

So, now you have seen 3 takeaways from the Instacart app for grocery app development. It is now time to put your plan into action.

The Final Say

In this blog, we have explained the unique features, the importance of profitable partnerships, as well as monetization strategies that can help you with your Uber for grocery shopping app. What you need next is a grocery delivery app development company.

You can cross-verify your idea with us as we are a leading web and mobile app development company based out of Canada. We have experience in developing apps of various categories for both Android and iOS platforms. 

If you have any doubts regarding the on-demand grocery app development cost, process or timeline, feel free to contact our technical expert. All you need to do is fill the contact form in the footer and we will get back to you within 48 hours. Also, this will be 30-minute free of cost consultation

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