A Complete Guide to Uber for Babysitters App (Features + Cost)

To go for work or to look after a little baby? The dilemma that every parent faces every now and then, is now over! Uber for Babysitters makes parenting easy and fun. If parents could get a licensed babysitter or nanny on request, much like calling a taxi from an app, wouldn’t that be great?

Well, it would be greater for entrepreneurs like you as well if you buckle up and invest in babysitting software development today. Why?
As per the statista, it is projected that the revenue of child day care services will approximately reach 54.2 billion USD by 2024.

Uber for babysitters is the hot trend among business aspirants. Does that make you too excited to create your own baby-sitting app like uber? Let’s understand in detail how you can create an Uber for babysitter to build a trusted caregiver network.

What is Uber for Babysitters?

Baby-sitting app is a mobile application that enables customers to locate nearby skilled babysitters to care for their children. Baby-sitter app solutions offer a marketplace and a door where parents in need of child care services meet people providing those services. In order to fit the branding needs, these app solutions can be customized, including their name, functions, and services.

How Does a Babysitter App Work?

First thing first. (Technically second, never mind). You need to have a good understanding of the app’s functionalities before moving into building an app. So, here’s how the software operates in a few simple steps.

For Parents:

  • Very obvious, parents download the babysitter booking app
  • Parents register themselves with the email address or social media & create a child profile with id verification
  • Parents browse the profiles of numerous sitters on the website, request a child care service, and wait for a reply
  • After a baby-sitter successfully accepts and completes a job, parents pay them from the app

For Babysitters:

  • Babysitters download the app and sign up via email address or social media
  • Babysitters and service providers go through an id verification process for account approval
  • Their account is activated after verification of their documents and they are redirected to the admin dashboard
  • They will show themselves as ‘Online’ or ‘Not Available’ on the dashboard
  • They will also get alerts for new jobs, aside from their status
  • If sitters accept a particular job, they go to the child’s home to take care of the child
  • Once the job is done, they will review their earnings to keep track of their previous jobs

If you want to develop one of the best baby-sitting apps, you need to know the process of developing it. Let’s understand the process to develop baby-sitting app.

How to Build an On-Demand Babysitting App to Hire Nannies?

How to Build Babysitting App Like Uber

Step 1. Research Your Idea

How many times have you begun something, and you have no idea where exactly you are going? It’s normal. So the very first step is to figure out the market demand and your rivals. For that, you need to do the following.

Build a directory of businesses that currently provide sitter services close to those provided by your upcoming start-up.

Defines small companies, foreign businesses, and goods from a niche.

Why? You will understand the market demand & essentials of the outsourcing industry. This eventually helps to define the niche for your future product. Are you helping people find full-time nannies, or are you focusing on Uber babysitting? Depending on your choice, you need to search for available platforms in your niche like google play store and apple app store.

Step 2. Define Your Uniqueness

Most of the businesses in the industry who are known as uber for nannies possess unique strengths. What’s yours? Thought of it? Or not yet?

Why is it important to think? There are a variety of child care apps available in the market. Choosing you out of the ocean might be difficult for customers if you don’t stand out. So you need to provide something extra that your rivals do not offer.

Like what?

Special sitters? Or maybe a unique feature? Or something else? Anything that makes you different in the competition will make you a leader. So you must define your uniqueness wisely, surely.

Step 3. Search Experienced Tech Team

Next on your list is to search for a tech team from an experienced mobile app development company. See, if you provide something new to the world, it may be less affected by what you build, because it’s new to the world. But if you provide an idea of something which already exists, you need to be very careful with who you are partnering with for babysitting mobile app development, because this will define your half of future success.

Therefore, with only a simple knowledge of front-end development, you can not make it far. There are also things to remember, and you will have to collaborate with many experts and developers. You’ll need a crew of professionals.

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Step 4. List Out Features & Development Approaches

Once you are partnered with a software development company, you need to decide on features. As we have discussed MVP features and the latest features, you can consider the list of functionalities accordingly. Just make sure that your kid sitting software needs to stand out in the market and remember that features are one of the key aspects to look unique.

Once you know what to develop, decide the development approaches of babysitting platform such as,

  • Android app development,
  • iOS app development,
  • Web app development, or
  • All of the above?

Decide based on market research and demand.

Step 5. Design & Develop

When you get settled on the functions and development platform, the design and development team is ready to build your children sitting software. They will design and create wireframes for uber app and build it. When the application is ready to offer, the quality analyst team will measure its quality and will check if there are any bugs!

Once the product becomes completely glitch-free, you can release it to the market and gain customer feedback & reactions. If you want, you can further analyze and improve the quality according to the needs. Not that tough.

If you are not sure about your idea and want to validate it, you can even take our IT consulting service. We provide 30-mins free consultation and guide you about the feasibility of your idea, and tech stack to choose from.

Let’s understand the key features to develop this app.

Key Features of Babysitting Apps

Here, we are going to screen all of the key MVP features and latest features as well to give you an idea of how your childcare software might look.

MVP Features of Babysitting App

  • Sign-In: This is the first and foremost feature that every on-demand app needs to integrate. By allowing sign-in, you can make the lives of your customers easier as they don’t need to enter details again and again. You can also provide users with the option to use social media accounts such as Facebook or LinkedIn to sign in.
  • Booking: Integrating this feature, you make it easy to book a single babysitter and can trust that children will be taken care of by the nanny. This feature also helps users to book a specific slot for their babysitter services.
  • Chat: Parents will be able to communicate with babysitters & nannies and discuss all the information using the chat option feature. The babysitter can ask parents about anything related to the child or explain any nuances. Similarly, parents can ask babysitters for any queries or updates.
  • Push Notifications: To alert babysitters about the completion of their jobs, new requests, texts, and feedback, add push alerts to the on-demand childcare application. To pay the babysitter or prolong the period if you need it, parents will also be told of the end time of a child sitting task. At that time, push notification is like a godsend.
  • Geolocation: If parents are able to find babysitters to make sure they are at a particular dwelling and have not abandoned it, it will be easier. This feature would also encourage parents to locate babysitters near them.
  • In-app payments: In this cash-less age, if you don’t integrate in-app payments, you will lose business big time. So don’t mistake it to forget this life-saving feature that helps to keep a tab on the payment they have made or have to make for the babysitters and the users. It also lets the company take the right commission out of these sales, which may be a concern if the payments are made offline.

Advanced Features of Babysitting App

  • Ratings & Reviews: Undoubtedly, learning what other parents say of a babysitter is helpful when selecting a babysitter for their kids. So, use a ranking system to rate all applicants and babysitters. And to gauge the specialization of a babysitter, the company can also use unique queries of ranking systems.
  • Search & Category Filters: This is the functionality that increases the method of searching. The advanced quest can be extended here to locate the babysitter by age, experience, or nationality. In comparison, advanced scanning in a child sitting application would help you to locate open babysitters at the moment.
  • Video Chat: It is actually the same as a chat feature that we have discussed, except it helps parents or babysitters to create a video call in a real-time format and address everything. In the event of an emergency, streaming video is the most effective feature that can be helpful.
  • Profiles For Kids: With this feature, you enable parents to build a video profile that displays all the rights reserved information of children, their interests, schedules, commitments, etc. It will assist the sitter to grasp the specifications better.
  • Multiple Language Support: You have to think about localization whether you live in a multi-cultural region or are looking to expand abroad. So prioritize it accordingly and add more languages to reach more users.
  • Introduction Video: Videos say far more about a human. Do you agree? Enabling presentation videos about babysitters and nanny telling about themselves helps parents, most of the time it is a mom, to select a nanny app. It will build trust for the long-term and eventually increases customer loyalty.

Let’s explore the advantages of Uber for babysitting app.

Advantages of Babysitting App

Now that the simple functioning of the on-demand babysitter app is known, it is also important to understand why this on-demand application is a success among consumers as well as sitters and corporations.

Advantages of Uber for Babysitters

  1. High Transparency

    If a customer books the babysitter’s service and special needs to know the payment for the respective sitter services, the fees for the same are explicitly stated in the application. This makes it convenient for consumers to know what the pricing of service providers will be. This shows a completely clear picture of what you’re getting into and how – for both parents and babysitters.

  2. Easy Tracking

    Another effective benefit of a child care application is its tracking feature. Via surveillance, parents will track the whereabouts of the babysitter whose child care service they have reserved. Parents can also track their children whether they had food or not from the babysitter.

  3. Safety & Customer Satisfaction

    Users can use any of the built-in integrations, such as VOIP (voice over internet protocol), call masking & the alarm/panic button. Due to these integrations, users can firstly protect their anonymity by not sharing their personal information with the babysitter. And secondly notifying their close friends and loved ones if faced with any emergency circumstance. This proves that apps for babysitting are highly safe to use and as a result, it gives customer satisfaction.

  4. Saves Time

    Users no longer need to find out by word of mouth about the babysitters who will take care of their child since they can track everything from on-demand child care apps. The mobile app will help them locate the closest community babysitter. Hence, it saves an immense amount of time.

  5. Earning Source & Commissions

    In the absence of parents, the kid sitting on-demand app lets sitters earn a decent livelihood through the babysitter services they give to each kid. Any such child care service is also able to earn a decent sum of money for them. Similarly, any service provided by babysitter apps will help the child care company to receive a commission and produce tremendous profits for themselves.

  6. How Much Does It Cost to Develop Babysitting App Like Uber

    The cost to develop a Uber like app range from $50,000 for the most basic app and $500,000 for the complex application.

    Among people who want to create an Uber-type baby-sitting application, this is perhaps the most popular question. However, it’s next to impossible to define the cost of application development in general. Because it depends on so many questions like,

    • What is the type of app development?
    • What’s the app size of the business model?
    • How many features do you need to integrate?
    • What are the location and working conditions?

    Looking to Know the Cost of Your Babysitting App?

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    Top 5 Babysitting Apps

    If you’re still confused about your nanny on-demand app, please try to consider the below children sitting applications as an inspiration for your business.

    LogoApp NameDetailsDownload
    Active installations: 1,000,000+ (Google Play)
    Rating:4.3/5(App Store)
    Unique features: ChildCare Login, School Support, Search Filter, Last Minute Booking, In-App Payment System, Push Notifications, Background Checks
    App store

    Play store

    Active installations: 100,000+ (Google Play)
    Rating:4.8/5(App Store)
    Unique features: Sign Up, Last Minute Booking Request, Babysitter Profiles, Search Filter, Photos & Videos, Background Check, Online Chat, In-App Payments, Reviews, and Rating System
    App store

    Play store

    Active installations: 50,000+ (Google Play)
    Rating:4.9/5(App Store)
    Unique features: Easy Last Minute Booking, Neighborhood Sitters Finder, Recommendations by Friends & Neighbors, Payment Options
    App store

    Play store

    Active installations: 1000+ (Google Play)
    Rating:2.9/5 (App Store)
    Unique features: Booking, Profiles, Background Check, Photos & Videos, User-Friendly Full-time Alerts, Customer Support, Loyalty Programs
    App store

    Play store

    Active installations: 100,000+
    Rating:4.7/5 (App Store)
    Unique features: Booking at Last Minute, Search Filter, Sitter Profiles, Photos & Videos, Push Notifications, Chat, Multiple Payment System
    App store

    Play store


    Want to build an app like Uber?

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    1. Why Uber for babysitters?

      Uber for babysitter like care.com and hello sitter (operates in the United States, South Africa, San Francisco, New York, United Kingdom etc.) has the earning potential as it lets sitters, families, spouse, and parents advertise their offerings by setting profiles and videos on the application and help each other to gain & give services. On behalf of providing a platform to parents and sitters, childcare companies get a decent amount of commission.

    2. How to monetize your childcare app?

      • Allow advertisement on the uber for babysitters app
      • Charge interest of each transaction
      • Go for the app premium version
    3. How can a babysitter app be advantageous for your business?

      Earning source and commission is the biggest advantage of a babysitter app for your business. Along with that, it provides transparency, easy tracking, and most importantly, customer satisfaction.

    4. Why is Uber for babysitters the best way for entrepreneurs to generate good revenue?

      The aggregation business model of parents and babysitters has a lot of promise from a company viewpoint when it comes to receiving sales. Therefore, uber for babysitter is the best way.

    5. How do you advertise a babysitting service?

      • Tell by yourself, i.e, refer
      • Post ads online
      • Give newspaper ads
      • Partner with local childcare services
      • Blog it up and get the best
    6. What are the challenges in the traditional babysitting business?

      • Trust gap and issues with a job posting
      • Difficult to gain background checks of nanny
      • Less awareness and value proposition
      • Can not track nanny and kid without a phone call



    For busy parents with growing children, the babysitter is a gift. They’re not going to do anything magical, but trustworthy child sitting practitioners encourage parents, especially mothers to partake in their own stuff without worrying about kids. Therefore, the startup is an outstanding opportunity for market growth with its own Uber-like childcare application. You can also make use of each, other tutor services in the app like dog-walking, lawn-mowing, etc. When a service like Uber and the growing market for babysitters converge, an on-demand platform for babysitter services will emerge.

    So if you are also starting a business and want to build an on-demand babysitting app to help mothers book trusted babysitters and nannies, all you need to do is connect with the right software development company and kick start your development process.

    For any suggestions, queries, and opinions regarding the babysitting application development, you can contact us and start offering on-demand nannies with Uber for babysitters app developed by experts at Space-O. We are just one nudge away!

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