11 Steps Guide on How to Come Up With App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made

Mobile apps are thriving in the market. Creators have made apps and transformed the lives of humans. They have made our life simpler by giving access to online education, shopping, bill payment and whatnot.

If you are getting bored, you can bring entertainment into your hands with just one click. Seeing things that were impossible in the past now seems to be a pleasant reality. Great app ideas are built with continuous evolution, and navigating in such a direction helps you win the solution to people’s problems.

Every time coming up with new app ideas could be a challenging task. Right? To make this process a little easier for you, we have discovered the 11 best ways to simplify how to come up with app ideas that haven’t been made in 2023.

By reading this article, we hope you will have better clarity on innovating good mobile app ideas for developing a sustainable business plan.

Have you ever thought about how to come up with mobile app ideas? If yes, follow these 11 ways to find ideas for mobile application development. Because there is no such way to create mobile app ideas as ideas can only be generated by following a process.

11 Ways to Coming Up With App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made

  1. Check Out Apps Inside the App Store

    What do you think scanning the app stores could be a good idea?

    No doubt, it’s a brilliant approach in the idea generation process to obtain unique ideas for the mobile app. While on app stores, go through several categories. It light-ups your mind, and you can come up with a great solution.

    Research the App Stores by surfing a list of different categories, such as “Top Trending Apps” or “Top Grossing Apps” or “Search Popularity Apps”. Glancing into the App categories of your choice will give you insight into the users’ experience with existing apps.

    Take an in-depth survey by knowing the rating of apps, reading the comments of those apps, and rectifying the scope of progress. That will make you ahead of your competitors.

    Besides the apps’ features, UI/UX is also a crucial factor that helps to provide a stage to build an excellent mobile app. This assists you in making a better UI for your targeted users. The next step is engaging in various professional platforms to develop your mindset for making things possible with your team members.

  2. Attend Meetups and Hackathons

    What are the hackathons and meetups? How do they help you to generate an app idea?

    Hackathons are weekend events organized by tech companies or organizations. The event lasts for 24-48 hours, where like-minded people work on making a solution to real-life problems. There are groups of 4-5 people in hackathons working to create realistic solutions to humans’ obstacles.

    Attend Meetups and Hackathons

    Meetups and Startups pitch meetups are like events where similar career pursuing people get to connect. They build local communities and try to bring new revolutions in the technology world. Entrepreneurs share their ideas to engage themselves to innovate something great.

    Attending these hackathons and meetups motivates you to produce your unique application idea. Even if you don’t generate any idea, you learn to gain encouraging insights to make a positive difference. Another benefit is you gain diverse knowledge in hackathons and meetups.

    In meetups, people discuss their ideas and find the market gap for developing strategies that drive the perfect product. Many of the concepts are already floating in the market. To beat your competitors in the market, focus on how to improve your apps.

    You can identify the pain points of users and base your app on that, which will help you to deliver your best in the application from day one. With entrepreneurs, you can have a better scenario of the market fit app.

    That’s a reason people likely to be a member of meetups and hackathons evolve to learn new ideas and solutions.

    It also teaches us to figure out the problems and solve them with an app.

  3. Identify Problems and Try to Solve Them With an App Idea

    Are you looking for an interesting way how to come up with ideas for an app? Research the market and find the problems causing uncertainties in your life.

    You can ask your colleagues, friends, relatives about the difficulties they have in their life. It allows you to hear their day-to-day cause and the time they have to spend to accomplish the task.

    Identify Problems and Try to Solve them With an Application Idea

    Another way is to look for problems in your daily activities. Notice the things which you can make easier for humans. However, it requires productive brainstorming sessions too. For example, creating an app like delivering the necessary stuff forgotten at the office or home in a city.

    It’s preferable to study the existing apps of the market and understand them well. You need to identify the weak points of the applications if you find such applications as per your ideas. Overcome the pain points of the users by knowing their patent through which you will help people by providing something effective and better.

    Inspiration to find the solution that can create a heavy impact on society is challenging, but it’s not impracticable. To identify the problem, you have to increase your knowledge, and one of the effective ways out there is reading.

    After rectifying the difficulty, you should keep the latest technology trend in your mind. Therefore, your app becomes more sustainable in the market for a longer duration. That will ultimately generate a good business model of your application idea.

    Do you have a solution for any problem, and looking forward to building an app for it? What are you waiting for?

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  4. Follow the Industry Trends to Anticipate the Future Needs

    The mobile app development trends are continuously emerging today. To cope-up with the trends, you have to think about the future. Having a well-planned strategy is excellent, though for effective execution of your mobile application idea that is reliable in future is challenging!

    It’s effortless to find the technology trend on the internet. However, information on the internet could be overwhelming to resolve your concern. Hence, below we’ve given you accurate suggestions.

    • Look out for the classic trends, follow websites like Forbes, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and Entrepreneur.

    • Figure out the tech-savvy things which will work in the future after five to ten laters. The trends could be related to augmented reality, the Internet of Things, blockchain, and other emerging technologies.

    • Follow the reliable statistics of the technology trends in your target market, such as StackOverflow, Heap, and SensorTower.

    • Identify the different types of mobile apps, having higher demand in today’s market for the future.
    • Look for the app category that can have a great future.

    Future market research involves collecting information to know what app services people want and looking for development in their existing apps.

    Besides, data becomes beneficial to developers as you have observational information about applications popular from all around the world.

    Clever humans distinguish the tasks that can be automated and make them free from human errors. Inventions are made on studying the various types of data from different perspectives.

    Every unrealistic idea is like a marvel until it’s turning into reality to bring change. Hence, to enclose the concept, consider the facts, gather information on the future-based apps and then start working on it.

  5. Think for Automating the Existing Manual Task Through the App

    Automation of tasks sounds better when making users free from the hand-operated process.

    What is the automation process of a task?

    Automation is the elimination of a manual process and series of complex tasks. It increases the productivity of the users and engagement.

    Using Artificial Intelligence and the IoT can bring extensive change in humans’ lives. Some advanced apps will be operating through voice recognition technology.

    For example, Amazon’s Echo and Google Home Max are the two most popular home automation tools.

    Now, let’s dive into the analysis of popular apps in the market. Are you excited?

  6. Research on the Popular Apps

    The best concept of the app idea depends on the research. Research drives you in the correct direction. There are various aspects of app development, including generating an idea for its final execution.

    How does research assist you in the accurate direction?

    Building an app loved by the audience should have some uniqueness in it. Analysis of the competitors from every single point makes your approach strong. In-depth research will lead to understanding the market and critical information. Make sure you also check the search volume of your targeted application.

    Through research, explore the most critical things for the users. Identify the small section checkpoints that are working well for your users. It gives you the vision of how to build an app from scratch for a larger group of people with a better perspective. You could get an understanding of why new mobile app ideas also get failed.

    The research doesn’t only include knowing the current trending app in the market. It’s the process to know about the good app idea, which failed due to some reasons. Rectifying those reasons gives you the plus point to build more reliability.

    Once you choose your application idea, the next step is to do a brainstorm on that mobile application idea.

  7. Brainstorm the Existing Requirements of Routine Life

    Many of the ideas are already in the market. You can tap any of the industry niches and start planning to build an app clone.

    But, providing the same services would be sufficient for your target users?

    Do you think it would provide benefits to each other?

    The answer is simple No. Cloning an app isn’t a solution, and you need to think out of the box about how you can improve the existing app. For that, you can ask for suggestions from your colleagues, friends, and family.

    Brainstorm the Existing Requirements of Routine Life

    Takedown list of the top ten apps in your industry, check out the facilities they provide to their target users. It will lighten up your brain in generating ideas, and you might come up with a great solution from the existing one.

    We’ve prepared some of the questions for you to brainstorm your idea:

    • How can you provide more value to your target audiences?
    • Which are the cons of the current applications?
    • What are the possibilities of improvement in the existing apps?

    As per our expertise, if you answer the above question accurately. It will allow you to solve the problems of your bottom cause.

    Our next step is on recognizing human life problems in the modern era.

  8. Identify the Major Human Service Problem in Modern Times

    Mobile applications are becoming essential, taking our life to a new level and making things easier.

    Look at your nearby to find the problems that many people are facing. You can catch up with thousands of thoughts to accomplish the stage where your app is an inclusive solution for your audience.

    Recognize the two or three problems that you noticed. Then figure out the scope of your mobile app idea. It’s not a compulsion that everyone might have the same hurdle. Execute analysis on the size of the audience, having the same problems. Ask yourself if the app would be worth it for the users. Then contact a mobile app development company to act on your app idea.

    It brings confidence in you for progressing in the correct direction. You have to pitch your idea to app developers in an exact way, and so your efforts become visible and solve the problem.

    Let’s look into the next step for app development ideas by rectifying the tasks which require unnecessary human efforts to convert them into apps.

  9. Convert Human Needs into App Ideas

    Which is the best restaurant here? You might have asked yourself while travelling from one place to another. You can win this situation by using several apps to help you find the best restaurant in your city.

    For example, if you are in Ottawa, Canada and looking to have dinner in the best restaurant. These are the apps that can help you, such as Eat Canada, MoodFood, etc.

    Check out some famous application examples in the play store that help to solve the human needs into apps as below,

    We hope you got the exact approach to building the apps that convert the human need into the app.

    Now, let’s dive into steps to find unique app ideas by exploring the big founders’ funding gains.

    Do you have thought of making an app that escapes human involvement?

    We help you to make ideas into reality.

  10. Look for Apps Getting Funding in the Market

    Keep an eye on the market, gain information about investments done on the different types of apps. Examine the investor portfolio pages to know which business idea attracts them and where they are interested in spending their money.

    Look for Apps Getting Funding in the Market

    Follow the investors’ portfolios and identify the companies that received their attention for their app ideas.

    Update yourself by gathering information about the latest technology from new and app craze websites.

    If your app idea is reliable for the users and attracts your audience in your initial step, don’t rush for funding. A great app idea should be your primary concern because attracting as many possible users and solving their problems should be your primary concern. After that, you can improve your application idea by covering up the features gaps.

    Catch an insight into app ideas from several resources because it will help you grow the smartphone users’ market.

    We have also curated a guide for how to get funding for your app ideas?

  11. Explore Social Media for Mobile App Ideas

    Social media platforms are the vast resources to find the trends of application and expectations of the modern era. Most people like to share their thoughts on the different problems and express their frustration.

    Explore Social Media for Mobile Application Ideas

    That brings an opportunity to dive into these platforms and conduct research through various perspectives. As of January 2021, there were 4.15 billion social media active users through the mobile app by Statista. Another interesting fact, Do you know snapchat has gathered the market capitalization of 92.38 Bn last year.

    Therefore, you see the scope of information that helps gain a better insight to bring change in human lives by knowing the anticipated future.

    Discover the new app ideas that haven’t been made using the right social media platforms which have active influencers, business mindset people, and industry leaders.

    Social MediaActive Users
    Twitter353 Million
    LinkedIn 310 Million
    Reddit430 Million
    Facebook2740 Million

    Perform a proper review on the above platforms. You will see some of the problems and convert them into your opportunity to make great app ideas. To solve the obstacles, you need to think from the other side of the coin.

Here is the best quote by Albert Einstein

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

The quote suggests developing our thinking level to compete with the hurdles of life.

Do you still have doubts about coming up with mobile application ideas? No worries, we have answered some of the most asked questions.

FAQ About How to Come Up with Application Ideas

  1. How do you brainstorm your app idea?

    Brainstorming an app idea requires a series of efforts to make an idea into a considerable reality. Above, we have described the information on how you can improve the existing app. If you have a unique idea then share it with your friends and family to gain their valuable input for its improvisation. Few ways to brainstorm:

    • Create a long term vision for your app
    • Check the app industry trends and technologies
    • Discuss your mobile app idea
    • Research your target audience
  2. How do you make an app unique?

    Finding a unique app idea is impossible but requires too much effort. It requires lots of analysis on various aspects and continuous efforts to detect a practical problem that can be resolved with your app solution.

    Let’s assume to make an app for a diabetic person. The app sends reminders to control the sugar level and take insulin on time. Here, a perfect analysis can build a better app than an idea.

  3. Can you build an app for me?

    Yes, at Space-O Canada, we have an experienced team of app developers. Our mobile application development process consists of six steps, which start from validation of mobile application ideas to distribution of the mobile app.

  4. What are some good app ideas?

    Good app ideas are the one that solves the real-life problems of humans. It also makes some tasks easier for your smartphone users. Customers are always looking for a mobile app that drives them an easier life.

    An example of a good app is a fitness app that encourages users to burn a fixed amount of calories for their health benefit. Building an app that makes the difference is the one from which the company and audience get value.


Finding out the conventional mobile app development ideas is a considerably tricky process. The app industry has high competition for that if you want to build something amazing that adds value to lives. That’s why we have written the above 11 steps to give you in-depth insight on how to find mobile application ideas.

Market research of different app companies gives you a sense of what is going on in the app industry. Your app idea doesn’t need to be perfect at the initial stage. Gradually, you will improve by implementing the feedback of your target audience.

If you have an app idea and don’t know what to do further, get in touch with us. We have expert team of experienced app developers, providing comprehensive mobile app development services. Let’s convert your ideas into a successful mobile app. Just fill out our contact us form, and we will reach you as soon as possible.

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