How to Make a Face Recognition App [A Complete Guide]

With the advent of biometrics, the world has seen significant innovations in the form of a face recognition app. As a result, the global facial recognition market is expected to reach USD 8.5 billion by 2025.

Face recognition technology has evolved over the years to help control false arrests, diagnose patients with genetic conditions, and lower the cybercrime rate, as well as malware attacks. The benefits of face recognition technology are endless.

Looking at the current trend, if you have also decided to be a part of it, then this is the right opportunity for you. Check this complete guide on how to make a face recognition app.

In fact, before writing this blog, we discussed the face recognition app industry with our artificial intelligence and machine learning app consultants. Our team has helped us with the face recognition development process, cost, top apps, along with other significant details.

What is Facial Recognition Technology?

Facial recognization technology refers to a type of software that helps to identify or verify a person by comparing and analyzing patterns based on the person’s facial formations. Facial recognization technology within its record matches a human face against photos and videos from the database.

People generally leverage this technology to authenticate users through ID verification services, as it is a category of biometric security. Besides the face, biometric software also includes voice recognition, fingerprint recognition, and eye retina or iris recognition.

However, facial recognition is considered the most natural method among all biometric measurements.

Want to Create Face Recognition App?

Discuss your custom facial recognition app development requirements with us. We will help you build your own face detection app.

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After discussing facial recognition technology, we will find out how you can develop your own facial recognition mobile apps. We have written a step-by-step process on how to create a mobile app from scratch to make it easier for you. Let’s dive in.

How to Build a Face Recognition App From Scratch in 5 Steps

We have shared a step-by-step process to create face recognition software for mobile users, and it contains 5 different stages you need to follow.

  1. Collect the Requirements for Your Face Recognition Application Idea

    You will need to perform an in-depth analysis before starting the mobile app development process. If you find it challenging to conduct research, then you should consider hiring an experienced consultant company.

    You will need to identify the following things in your research:

    • Your target audience based on geographical location, age, and gender
    • App development approach and OS platforms, such as iOS and Android
    • Monetization model for your facial recognition solution
    • App type, i.e., define what your app will identify

    At this stage, you will also need to identify the essential features of a facial recognition system. Along with this, you need to include a database, matching algorithms, privacy, and analytics.

    As facial recognition software will be using AI capabilities like computer vision, you need to focus on implementing the agile methodology to manage app development milestones.

  2. Determine Your Technology Stack to Build Your Face Recognition App

    Choosing a perfect tech stack for facial recognition software would be slightly different from a tech stack for building a traditional app. However, the native technologies will remain the same for your projects, such as Swift for native iOS apps and Java or Kotlin for Android apps.

    The only things you would need to ensure while determining the tech stack for your face recognition app are:

    • Sign-up for a managed cloud service that will help you with cost savings, automatic upgrades, network security, and centralized control
    • Get a facial recognition software development tool, such as Amazon Rekognition, a reputed API solution for image and video recognition
    • Sign-up for a bulk-SMS solution to send push notifications to your app users
  3. Hire an Experienced Face Recognition App Development Company

    In the journey of building a successful face recognition app, you will need the help of a reliable mobile app development company with experience building apps using the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

    You will find a list of the top mobile app development companies in Canada on the sites like Upwork, Clutch, and Toptal. In fact, Space-O is also a leading app development company in Canada that has experience working with over 100 clients of different industries.

    We have experience building an app on a similar idea where the app enables users to keep a watch on their houses remotely. Check the testimonial given by one of our clients named Ian McWherter who got satisfied with our app development services.

  4. Ian McWherter

  5. Development and Testing of Your Face Recognition App

    Once you hire us for your app development project, our mobile app development team, including business analysts, will create a wireframe for your mobile application.

    Future, your wireframe of the face recognition app will be converted into a prototype to give you a clear picture of the features and functionalities that you want to integrate into your app.
    Later, the UX/UI design team will create sample designs using the latest design tools, such as Illustrator, Figma, and Photoshop.

    So, once the app designs are finalized from your end, our mobile application development team will start developing your app. With years of experience, we will begin app development from scratch implementing various strategies and advanced tech stack to deliver you the best solution.

    At last, the quality analyst team will perform various tests to ensure the app is 100% bug-free and runs seamlessly on different platforms and mobile devices.

  6. Launch Your Face Recognition App on the App Stores

    Once the app is tested against all the devices, we will launch it on the app stores like Google Play Store and Apple Play Store. Our mobile app developers are well-aware of the app store guidelines and will ensure your app gets launched in the minimum time without getting rejected.

    Following the mentioned process will help you build a full-fledged facial recognition app. Now, you need to know how much you will be required to invest in your app. Therefore, we have added the following section that helps you determine how much it will take to develop face recognition software.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Face Recognition App?

It costs between $10,000 – $1,00,000 to develop a facial recognition app.

Every app is unique. Therefore, it is difficult to give an exact estimation for any app. However, we have estimated facial recognition app development costs based on several factors.

  1. Face Recognition App Development Cost Based on the Basis of Process

    The mobile app development process is divided into 3 different stages, from ideation to the creation of facial recognition software. Let’s have a look.

    Facial Recognition App Development StageEstimated Cost
    Planning and Prototyping$2,100 – $2,800
    Designing and Coding$17,500 – $21,000
    App Testing$2,800 – $3,500

    Note: This app development cost is for mid-level face recognition software.

  2. Face Recognition App Development Cost Based on the Basis of Complexity

    An app has a different level of complexity; it could be either a simple app, a medium-level app, or a complex app. The following table contains the approximate cost of development.

    TypeFacial Recognition App FeaturesEstimated Cost
    Simple App
    • Unique facial recognition feature
    • Face identification from live video streams
    • Recognize celebrities
    • Background replacement
    • Compare faces with friends, and relatives
    • Offline mode work
    • Change expressions and hairstyle
    • Scan place and objects
    $10,500 – $15,750
    Medium-level App
    • 50+ facial features to detect faces
    • Speaker with face recognition technology
    • Relationship verification based on matches
    • Push notifications
    • Compare the anatomy of 2 different people
    • Self-check-in and check-out modes
    • Create your own avatar
    • Analyze the movement of the users
    $15,500 – $22,500
    Complex App
    • Memorize faces for future records
    • Hollywood or celebrities filter selfie
    • Apply colours in the background
    • Backup authentication option
    • Login and logout with face recognition
    • Analytics and reporting
    • Push notifications on updates
    • Discover genetic disorders
    • Multilingual features
    • Periocular eye recognition
    • Identity faces with the motion of facial features
    Starts from 22,550

Now, if you want to know how a face recognition app works, then read the next section.

How Does Face Recognition Work?

If you are planning to develop a ai app, then it is essential for you to know how face recognition software works. In addition, this will help you connect more with your users as you will be able to understand their requirements and identify the opportunities and loopholes in the process.

How Face Recognition Works

  1. Capture

    First of all, the face recognition app captures the person’s face from images, videos, or in real-time. Then, the program finds the features of the face and determines the reference points.

    Earlier, only the eyes used to be the main reference point. However, now there are more than 70 key features to identify a person through his face.

  2. Extraction

    Further, it extracts the needed data from the image to identify a person. Now the features describing a person’s face are calculated, such as the age, hairstyle, eyes, and so on.

    The app reads the geometry of the face. In short, the app will create a digital portrait of the face with essential features and a face vector for further comparison.

  3. Comparison

    At this stage, the app compares the captured digital face vector with all the objects stored in the database. In short, the app treats your faceprint as a numerical code. In the same way, the thumbprint for each person is different; faceprint is also unique for everyone.

    This comparison stage could be a time taking process as the face will be compared with millions of objects to identify a person based on their facial features.

  4. Matching

    In the final stage, the faceprint is compared against a million objects. For example, if you are on Facebook, then any photo tagged with a person’s name becomes a part of the Facebook database.

    This may later be used to identify a person’s face by comparing it against a database of millions of faces. Later, the app decides whether your faceprint matches an image or not for the final identification of the person.

You get clarity on how your facial recognition app will work. Now, we will discuss the top face recognition apps. This is for your reference, so you know which apps are doing exceptionally well in this face recognition mobile app industry and what features they offer your target audience. Ultimately, this will help you discover the opportunities for your own project.

10 Best Face Recognition Apps of 2024

We have curated a list of the top 10 facial recognition apps after conducting a research study. Based on the app features and price, we have compared these apps. Have a look at the list.

LogoAppFeaturesReviews (Play Store)Download
Luxand iconLuxand
  • Memorizes faces to recognize them for future references
  • Face recognition software detects 70 unique facial features
  • Recognizes faces in live video streams or footage to authenticate the profile identification
  • Provides Face SDK feature publicly with privacy concerns
FreeiOS | Android
Face App iconFace App
  • Engages the audience with a Hollywood filter selfie
  • Tech-savvy AI-based styling features
  • Recognizes celebrities and allows users to share their old and new photographs
  • Replace the background with a single tap and apply colour filters
In-app purchases vary from $4.99 to $39.99iOS | Android
AppLock iconAppLock
  • Combines speaker and face recognition technology to ensure a secure experience
  • Create a backup authentication option to use your backup method
  • Works in the offline mode without the internet
Face DNA iconFace DNA
  • Compare the facial profiles of siblings
  • Verify the relationship between family members with the help of app algorithms
  • Uses 68 different facial points and compares one person’s anatomy to another
  • Baby photos are used to obtain accurate results
Value package $6.95, the basic package is $11.40, PRO package $63Android
Railer iconRailer
  • Can login and logout quickly using face recognition on the mobile
  • Allows users to self-check in and out or kiosk mode
  • The HR team can have time attendance
  • Helps with the leave management
  • Provides analytics and reporting with comment
  • Sends notifications to inform the user on updating necessary details
FreeiOS | Android
Blippar iconBlippar
  • Scan every object
  • Scan a place
  • Scan animals, plants
  • Recognize human faces
Face2Gene iconFace2Gene
  • Discovers genetic disorders and detects dysmorphic features
  • Special communities created for health care professionals
  • Get constant feedback and comments on the cases
  • The doctors directly share use cases in secured group forums
FreeiOS | Android
FaceFirst iconFaceFirst
  • Security alerts are automatically routed to the right people with the correct information and time
  • Has a mobile watchlist functionality defender to keep an eye on their new persons
  • A photograph that is taken from a safe distance also confirms the personal identity
FreeiOS | Android
MojiPop iconMojiPop
  • Take a selfie and create your own avatar
  • Multilingual as it is available in 58 languages, including prime language English
  • Users can change hairstyles, expressions, backgrounds, and moods in the photos
In-app purchases vary from $0.99 to $1.99iOS | Android
BioID iconBioID
  • Provides liveness detection to prevent photos and videos
  • Analyzes movement and length to ensure users’ presence
  • Periocular eye recognition for partially visible faces
  • Photos are clicked in four directions to vary the lightning thing
FreeiOS | Android

However, this technology has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. So before developing an ai app, you need to know every ins and outs of this technology. Let’s find out the benefits and limitations of applying face recognition technology.

Want to Build a Face Recognition System for Your Business?

Space-O is a top mobile app development company in Canada to build more than 300 software solutions with advanced features and tech stacks.

Pros and Cons of Facial Recognition Technology

Despite the widespread usage of facial recognition technology, it has its own limitations. In this section, we will discuss its limitations as well as the advantages to give you a reality check.

Advantages of Facial Recognition TechnologyLimitations of Facial Recognition Technology
Law enforcement agencies use this technology to find missing people and identify perpetratorsIt is a great threat to individual and societal privacy. Many cities like San Francisco and California have banned the usage of this technology
It provides safety and protection measures to the businesses against shopliftingEasy for the lawbreakers to perpetrate identity fraud crimes against the innocent
It detects genetic disorders to improve medical treatmentsMany people don’t like to share their pictures, and this may violate personal rights
Provide security measures at sensitive locations such as banks and airports to identify potential riskDatabases may be hacked and have the potential to be breached by the hackers
This technology is able to recognize a face and charge for the goods directly from the bank accountIf this technology fails to identify a criminal, then it could lead to arresting an innocent, causing them reputational damage
It doesn’t require physical contact to do tasks, such as withdrawing cash from an ATM and unlocking a phone or door, helping you reduce the number of touchpointsMake people conscious about their behavior, as they will constantly be under the impression of being judged as a criminal suspect without probable cause
It helps in tagging photos through iCloud or Google Photos and suggests named folders to organize picturesEven mild alterations in the faces can trick poor facial recognition systems into giving incorrect results

Want to know who uses face recognition systems or find answers to the most asked questions in this face recognition industry? Check our next FAQ section to find the answers.

FAQ About Making a Face Recognition App

  1. Who uses a facial recognition system?

    • Airport facilities
    • Education institutes
    • Retail stores
    • Airlines at the departure gate
    • Marketing and advertising campaigns
    • Social media platforms
    • Medical services
  2. What are the ways of identifying a person’s face?

    There are several ways to identify a person’s face. Here is the list of identification ways.

    • 2D Recognition
    • 3D Recognition
    • Controlled Background
    • Color-based Face Search
    • Motion
  3. What are the different face recognition stages?

    Here is what the facial recognition process looks like

    • Initial face detection to identify the face of a person
    • Reference points determination on the face
    • The face is adjusted to obtain its frontal image
    • Feature descriptor calculation is done to describe the person’s face
    • Compare the face vector with the objects stored in the database
    • Final identification of a person is made after the match is found

Build Your Own Facial Recognition Software

There is no doubt that face recognition technology is trending and is continue to stay here for longer. This blog has given you clarity and helped you discover the 5 steps of building facial recognition software. You also learned the pros and cons of face recognition technology, along with the top face recognition apps which are doing exceptionally well in the market.

Now, it is your turn to build the best facial recognition software for your business and be a part of this trending technology. If you are looking for an experienced mobile app development company, then get in touch with us to discuss your app idea requirements and features.

Space-O Canada is a leading mobile app development company known for delivering the best custom solutions. So, once you contact us, our tech consultant will get in touch with you to validate your app development idea.

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