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By hiring prompt engineers from Space-O, you leverage the following expertise and skills.

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Our Commitment to Excellence

Our Commitment to Excellence

  • We have ISO 9001 certification, showing our commitment to top-quality management.
  • Holding ISO 27001 certification, we prioritize top-tier data security and continuous compliance.
  • We have completed 98% of our projects on time, showing our strong commitment to deadlines.
  • With a strong team of 140+ software developers, we have in-depth expertise to tackle a wide array of technological challenges.

Hire the Best Prompt Engineers for Your AI Project

Are you looking to optimize generative AI models like GPT-3, DALLE-2, BERT, and Midjourney with your custom datasets? Or looking to improve the efficiency of NLP models integrated into your existing systems? We can help.

Space-O Technologies have a team of prompt engineers who have a deep understanding of AI/ML, programming languages, database, API development, DevOps, and software methodologies. No matter which industry you belong to, our prompt engineers are skilled and knowledgeable to design, train, and deploy generative AI models with techniques like prefix-tuning and prompt tuning. This way, you get trained in a natural language processing model that provides you with contextually relevant, unbiased, and exact answers.

If you are planning to hire prompt engineers for your project, let’s connect. Hire our prompt engineers to improve the efficiency, communication, user-friendliness, and accessibility of your AI systems. So, you improve user engagement and the experience of your AI systems.

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Key Highlights of Space-O

Analysis and planning

100+ Happy Clients Worldwide

Analysis and planning

300+ Projects Completed Successfully

Analysis and planning

65% Repeated & Referral Business

Benefits of Hiring Prompt Engineers

Specialized Expertise

Specialized Expertise Prompt engineers are specialized in designing and refining prompts for language models like GPT-3, Stable Diffusion, and DALLE-2.


Optimization Prompt engineers have the correct skillset for optimizing prompts to improve the overall performance of your language model.


CustomizationDevelops customized prompts that are tailored to your specific business requirements and goals with their skills and knowledge.

Excellent ROI

Excellent ROI As you improve the accuracy, performance, and efficiency of your AI/ML models, you get better models that generate better contextual results that are unbiased or unfaired for your end-users.

Save Time

Save Time With the help of professional prompt engineers, you can effectively and effortlessly design and train AI models as per your requirements.

Expert Guidance

Expert Guidance As prompt engineers have experience and expertise, it becomes beneficial to get expert guidance and support during the process of designing, training, and deploying your NLP models.

Why Hire Prompt Engineers from Space-O?

Free Consultation

30-min Free

NDA signing


Budget-friendly development


Easy team scaling

Easy team

On-time Project Delivery

On-time Project

Flexible hiring models

Flexible hiring

Time-zone compatibility


Types of Prompt Engineers to Hire for Your Project

Technology Stack That Our Prompt Engineers Use


  • PythonPython
  • Java Java
  • JavaScriptJavaScript
  • RubyRuby
  • GoGo
  • C++
  • BootstrapBootstrap
  • ScalaScala

NLP Framework

  • spaCy spaCy
  • GensimGensim
  • AllenNLPAllenNLP
  • FlairFlair

ML Framework

  • TensorFlowTensorFlow
  • PyTorch PyTorch
  • Keras Keras
  • MXNetMXNet
  • CaffeCaffe
  • TheanoTheano

Generative Models

  • OpenAI GPT-2 OpenAI GPT-2
  • GPT-3 GPT-3
  • Transformer-XL Transformer-XL

Cloud-Based AI Platforms

  • Microsoft Azure MLMicrosoft Azure ML
  • AWS AI/ML Services AWS AI/ML Services
  • Google Cloud AI PlatformGoogle Cloud AI Platform
  • IBM WatsonIBM Watson

Version Control

  • GitGit
  • GitHubGitHub
  • BitbucketBitbucket
  • GitLabGitLab


  • DockerDocker
  • KubernetesKubernetes
  • Docker SwarmDocker Swarm
  • Apache MesosApache Mesos


  • Mongo DBMongo DB
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • Redis Redis
  • Couchbase Couchbase

Data Analysis

  • Jupyter-NotebooksJupyter Notebooks
  • Pandas Pandas
  • NumPy NumPy
  • SciPy SciPy
  • Matplotlib Matplotlib
  • Seaborn Seaborn

API Development

  • FlaskFlask
  • Django Django
  • Node.js Node.js
  • Express.js Express.js
  • Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails
  • Spring Boot Spring Boot

Clients Love Space-O Technologies

As the CTO of an AI startup, I leveraged Space-O’s expertise to build our natural language generation platform. Their prompt engineering developers were proficient in techniques like chaining, tuning, and prompting to optimize our large language models. Space-O’s agile teams rapidly iterated prompt design to maximize coherence, creativity, and controllability of the AI output. The prompt developers integrated seamlessly with our AI researchers to create production-ready prompt-based applications. I thanks recommend Space-O for supplying prompt engineering talent to us.

John Hernandez


CTO of an AI Startup

John Hernandez

Expert Prompt Engineers, We Have for Industries

Information Technology

Information Technology



Finance and Banking

Finance and Banking









Looking to Hire Prompt Engineers for Your AI Project?

Let’s talk. Hire our skilled prompt engineers to design, train, and deploy generative AI models to provide you with contextual and accurate results.

The Process of Hiring Prompt Engineers from Space-O



First of all, we have a call with you to understand your specific requirements. During the call, we understand your business, the challenges, and the limitations you are facing. In addition, we discuss data sources that will be used for training AI models. Afterwards, we determine the best approach to optimize the NLP models through prompt engineering.

Resource Identification

Resource Identification

After consultation, depending on your requirements, we identify potential candidates who have relevant technical skills, knowledge, domain expertise, and experience for your project. While identifying the candidates, we ensure to select the best-fit profiles for your generative AI project. As a result, you get the best talent for your project.

Candidate Selection

Candidate Selection

Once you identify the potential candidates, you can take the technical interview to understand and test their skills, knowledge, and expertise. Further, you can take behavioural screening of short-listed candidates to understand their behavioural attributes like communication skills, teamwork, and problem-solving ability. Therefore, you short-list the best prompt engineers.

Select Hiring Model

Select Hiring Model

After short-listing candidates, you need to choose the best hiring model for your AI project development. We offer multiple hiring models, such as fixed, part-time, dedicated, and custom for your various requirements. If you get confused, we help you to choose the most suitable model for hiring.

Hire Prompt Engineers

Hire Prompt Engineers

Once you decide on the hiring model, we help you to support and guide you in the entire process of hiring candidates which includes signing NDA, onboarding, and project management. To protect sensitive information of your project, first of all, sign an NDA agreement.

Start With the Project

Start With the Project

After signing the NDA agreement of your project, your hire prompt engineers conduct a kick-off meeting with you to proceed with your AI project development. Depending on the project goals, our project manager defines project milestones to deliver your project within the deadline.

FAQ About Hiring Prompt Engineers

Prompt engineers have the right skills and knowledge of AI and ML technologies. A prompt engineer can develop natural language processing models, chatbots, recommendation systems, predictive models, and computer vision models. According to your requirements, our prompt engineers can develop custom AI solutions that cater to your business requirements.

Yes, we understand the importance of having the right team for your AI project. Before hiring a prompt engineer from Space-O, we conduct your meeting with the shortlisted candidates. In the meeting, you can discuss your project requirements, and assess the candidate’s skills, experience, and expertise.

Yes, we offer flexible hiring options to our clients. As a trustworthy AI development company, we understand that every project has unique and different requirements. Therefore, we allow clients to hire the best-fit candidate for their project development. Depending on your project, you can interview candidates and choose the hiring option of prompt engineers.

As a trustworthy AI development company, we take the confidentiality of information seriously. Therefore, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with all of our clients to make sure that the data remains protected and secure. In addition, we follow security protocols and procedures for ensuring that your business data is secure and protected during the entire journey of your AI project development.

Before providing you with a prompt engineer, we ensure that the candidate is the best fit for your project development. However, if you feel the assigned candidate is not suitable for your AI project, we allow you to request for replacement of the candidate. Further, we work closely with you to rectify the issues and problems and provide you with a suitable replacement. As a reliable AI development company, we aim to provide quality services to our clients and do everything possible to help you with your project development.