Influencer Marketing App Development
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Influencer Marketing App in Toronto, Canada

We have developed a social media influencer app that allows brands and agencies to collaborate with thousands of nano influencers easily for their campaigns.

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Influencer Marketing App
  • Provided Services UI/UX Design, App Development, QA
  • Platforms iOS and Android
  • Year 2017 – 2018

App Available On

  • App Store
  • Google Play Store

Colors & Fonts Guide

We have used clean and minimalistic UI design with bright accent colors to make it look intuitive.


Peersway App


  • #d0e07a
  • #71cdda
  • #000000


Influencer Marketing Platform

The Influencer Marketing Platform That We Developed

Based in Toronto, Canada, our client wanted to develop an Instagram collaboration app that could act as an influencer marketing platform for influencers and brands. According to our client, this will help many nano influencers get exposure and brands can move on from using the same 10 influencers for their marketing efforts.

The registered influencers will be able to promote some of the top brands and get early access to free goodies too! They can join campaigns in various industries such as fashion, electronic gadgets and apps, beauty and personal care, events, automobiles, movies and much more. Any information updates or changes made by the admin can be viewed by the users in real-time instead of having to download a new update of the app.

This influencers app that we’ve developed for our client comes with a range of features such as browse campaigns to sharing invite codes.

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Features We Integrated Into Influencer Marketing Platform

Sign up

The first screen that loads has the feature of signing up for the influencer marketing hub. Through a simple sign-up process, the top influencers can register themselves. They will need to fill some details like name, contact details, and other required details.

Influence Sign up Screen


After the nano influencer registers and gets approval from the admin, they will be able to login to the application using their email ID or username and password. They can explore the app easily and get full access to all the other features.

Influence Login Screen

Edit/update profile

Influencers are allowed to edit and update their profiles through the influencer app whenever they need to. They can change the information that they provided when signing up too. They can also update their name, gender, age, Instagram account, contact details, address, and other such details.

Edit Update Profile

Active campaigns with details

Under the Active Campaigns tab, a micro-influencer can check all the various campaigns with different brands and agencies. They can also check all the details of the active campaigns like start and end date, information about the brand and cost.

Active Campaigns Screen

Browse different campaigns

Users can browse different campaigns by brands and agencies with this influencer marketing app. The nano influencer just needs to swipe right to take a look at all the campaigns with their details, requirements and instructions for taking part.

Browse Different Campaigns

Join campaigns

After browsing through all the campaigns by brands and agencies, users can join a campaign through this social media influencer app. They will then have to post on their Instagram or Facebook account as per the requirements in order to get the payment.

Join Campaigns

My campaigns

In my campaigns tab of this influencer marketing app, users can easily check the past and ongoing campaigns. They can check the payment status, start and end dates, number of posts and other such details easily.

My Campaigns

Push notifications

When an influencer joins a campaign, they will get notifications about any new updates, reminders for the start or end of a campaign. Admin can also send other notifications for discounts or a new spot opening up in a campaign.

Notifications App Screen

Share your invite code

Each nano influencer will get a special invite code that they can share with other influencers. For every person that joins using their invite code, they will be paid extra money or given some coupons by the admin as rewards.

Share Invite Code

Add campaigns with details

The admin can directly partner with brands or agencies and then add their campaigns to this top influencer app. The admin can add dates, details, images, and also update information in real-time without any hassles.

Add Campaigns

Verify influencers

Every other person with more than 1,000 followers on Instagram calls themselves an influencer. However, many of these are fake pages of actual celebrities. Hence, the admin will have the authority to remove fake users and verify real influencers for authenticity.

Verify Influencers

Manage campaigns with progress

The progress of all the campaigns can be easily managed from the admin panel. The admin can update the status of the campaign from ongoing to completed in just a few clicks. This information will be updated in the app in real-time to users.

Manage Campaigns

Influencer Marketing App

Admin Dashboard Panel

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Peersway Application Screens

Influencers App
Instagram Collaboration App
Influence Login Screens
Influencers Browse Different Campaigns
Influencers My Campaigns
Influencers Social Media

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