Growing Importance of Mobile Applications & Challenges in Developing Them
September 19, 2017

Growing Importance of Mobile Applications & Challenges in Developing Them

Mobile app challenges

When it comes to digital transformation and application development, IT professionals are at crisis point, according to a new report by OutSystems on the state of application development.

With the increasing importance of mobile applications for successful businesses, the challenges in developing them have also grown, says the low-code platform company’s fourth annual report, App Dev in the Age of Digital Transformation, Low-Cost Platforms and Citizen Developers.

What’s Latest Report Says About Mobile Apps Demand?

The latest report surveyed approximately 3200 IT professionals from 40+ countries and 28 industries and it has been found that mobility – or the ability for an app to function on mobile device – was the most common business need for apps that is up from the sixth place in the company’s 2015 survey.

88% out of total respondents noted that it was either a need or important to incorporate mobile functionality into the current and future apps.  All the IT professionals surveyed say that they are going to build apps this year with almost half (44%) saying that they will develop more than 10 and nine percent planning to serve over 50. One of seven IT professionals said that they aim for 100+ apps in 2017, an amazing number, the report adds.

There is nothing surprising in it that large organizations and companies generally plan to develop more apps compared to small and mid-sized companies. Even, there are 34% of companies with more than 5,000 employees said that they intend to develop at least 25+ apps in 2017. In the most of the cases, these are certainly very condescending goals, which not only demonstrate a high level of demand, but it also put huge pressure on today’s IT teams.

Different Types of Apps That Being Developed in 2017


As you can see in the above-given chart that more than 40% of respondents said that they will opt for developing reporting and analytics-based application for their business, whereas, 42% respondents said that they are looking forward to developing process-automation-based apps.

38% of respondents said that it will be good to develop customer portal for their customers, enabling customers to access desired information and data. Accordingly, you can see in the chart that what type of applications are being developed in 2017.

What are the Challenges of Mobile Apps Development?

As per the study, the barriers and blockade to successful application development have become “overwhelming”. The biggest challenges are time and budget constraints that are cited, followed by a gap in skills, an attack of competing priorities, and a shortage of professional mobile developers.


Time & Budget

One of the biggest challenges that most of the IT professionals face while developing a mobile app for their business is time and budget constraint. Some of them don’t have enough time to invest in the app development, whereas other professionals don’t have enough budget to invest in the application. It is most challenging for them to look for the developer that offers affordable app development services with assurance of minimum time period.

A Knowledge Gap in the Skills Needed

A lot of IT professionals face a knowledge gap in the skills that required to develop a feature-rich application. They feel that various developers don’t have required knowledge that is important. Without proper knowledge, they can develop their desired application. Developers to upgrade their skills and knowledge timely so that they can understand the requirements of businesses and deliver them a right app.

Not Enough Mobile Developers

Some of the businesses face difficulty while choosing a right mobile app developer for their project. .37% respondents said that there are not enough developers in the market, who have right knowledge and skills that are important for developing an application. It is one of the biggest challenges for them to find one such developer, who can comprehend their needs and offer the right solution.

Difficulty in Choosing the Development Approach

23% of respondents said that they find it difficult to choose the right development approach. When it comes to deciding upon the right mobile app development approach for your enterprise, it is not a multiple-choice question with one single clear and right answer. Choosing a right development is mainly depended upon different factors. However, a lot has been changed in the recent time of mobile app development.

A lot of Devices and Platforms to Support

It is also one of the major challenges when developing a mobile application. 22 to 19% IT professionals that there are a lot of devices and platforms, so it is quite confusing for them to select one platform to develop an app. It is not possible to develop one application that supports all the devices and platforms. Therefore, they avoid developing an app for their business.

The Development Environment is not Right for Mobile

15% of total respondents feel that currently, the development environment is not right for mobile. They said that there are lots of challenges in the app development field and it would not be right to develop an application in this environment. They find it hard to make a right decision for their business when it comes to having an application.

Final Words –

In the wake of expanding challenges, various companies and organizations are increasingly experimenting with their tactic to app development. One of the known option low-code or no-code platforms that are defined by U.S. based market research company Forrester as solutions, allowing rapid delivery of business applications with least coding and investment in set-up, training and deployment.

Without giving a thought on why mobile apps are important, businesses should develop an app to connect with their customers. Moreover, they need to ensure about the mobile app developers’ expertise before hiring them. Even, there are various best mobile app development companies that are exclusively dedicated to delivering outstanding quality mobile app development solutions.

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