Planning to Develop an App? 3 Points to Consider Before You Hire Mobile App Development Company
May 31, 2019

Planning to Develop an App? 3 Points to Consider Before You Hire Mobile App Development Company

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As a child, we all have read fairy tales. However, do we really believe these tales are relevant in today’s time and age? Yes, they are if we modernize it a bit and of course, twist the plot to suit the people’s interests now.

Similarly, your business will be relevant today provided you change the way you work and connect with the people the way they expect you to.

Today, the digital world demands you be available for them at all times, and are responsive to their needs whenever it is possible. The question is, will it be possible for you to accept these demands, without the use of technology? We believe the answer is no, and we will tell you why.

  • People need instant responses. They don’t like waiting for too long. Today, the world has moved from being business-centric to being customer-centric. If you don’t offer value to them, they will immediately move away from your business, and choose to work with someone else.
  • The people are looking for convenience. If you don’t offer them solutions that are convenient to what they want, then you probably need to rework on your processes.
  • Visibility is very important to end customers. If you have processes such as shipping, tracking, etc. then you need to make them available to the customers. Amazon has been an excellent example in this case. They make sure that their e-commerce is completely user-oriented and offers complete convenience and visibility. Right from shopping on-the-go to offering them real-time updates on whether their package has been shipped or not, the brand offers excellent visibility into their processes.
  • People always want to know more about you. they don’t want to wait till they get home to get their answers or, wait to connect with a friend to get an idea regarding their experiences. They want something that will help them get immediate answers.
  • If there is an issue, then the people want immediate resolutions. They want to connect with real people who can solve their problems immediately.

Considering all these points, you will also agree with us that technology is necessary to boost businesses in the modern world. However, the question is what kind of technology will offer all that the customer needs, and keep filling the gaps that come as the system and the processes advance.

We have our answer ready for the same- it is the mobile app that will actually help boost businesses while helping them stay relevant and real-time.

How mobile apps help?

There are close to 2.5 Bn smartphone users as of 2019. The United States is the most active and important market for the businesses, as the maximum number of smartphone users reside in this part of the world.

An average American checks his/her phone every 12 minutes, which means the mobile usage is greater than the use of any other technology owned by the end user.

So, what do the end users tend to use the mobile for? One, they use it to browse the internet. Second, most people use smartphones to play games, browse social media, etc. The usage of mobile apps has increased in the past decade or so. Today, mobile apps are living the statement made by Apple once “There is an app for everything.” You are literally living in an app-dominated world, and here are a few statistics that help you acknowledge the fact.

  • The Apple Store has 2.2Mn apps while the Google Play Store has 2.8Mn apps that you can download
  • 57% of the digital media usage comprises of the app usage.
  • 80% of the consumers are more likely to purchase a product from a business that owns a mobile app or a mobile website. 46% claim they would not go back to the brand that offered them an interruptive mobile experience.

Most of the consumers who are ready for the purchase of the product, prefer researching the product on the mobile before they can get a complete view of the product in-store. There are chances that people research the product online, while they are shopping inside the store.

Considering all this and more, it is highly important that you have a mobile app for your business. When you plan to partner with a vendor for mobile app development, there are a few things you need to take into account. Let’s dive into the factors to consider when enrolling a mobile app development partner.

Points to Look Upon When Hiring a Mobile App Development Company


 The first thing you need to consider before selecting the app development partner for your mobile app is the way they communicate. There are two aspects to communication- the way they communicate the points and the responsiveness in their communication.

  • What mode of communication do they prefer? Do they have a communication protocol with respect to their projects? Do you want them to keep you updated with the projects, and are they alright with the expectations? These are some of the questions you may want to ask before hiring the mobile app development company. For instance, if they are not regular with the updates, you might not be aware of what is happening in the project. They should ideally appoint a single point of contact, making it easier for you to communicate. You should also check whether or not they communicate all the points in an easy to understand manner or not. If they make sense in every aspect of the communication, and getting your point through is easy, then they are worth collaborating with.
  • The second aspect of communication is the responsiveness that you get with communication. For instance, if they take time to update or do not reply to your emails or any other form of communication for days together, then you should ideally avoid partnering with such companies. Immediate response and thorough communication is a must for the hiring process.

     2.The Process

When you are hiring an app development company, you ought to know their mobile app development process thoroughly. How do they proceed with mobile app development? What do they look for first- the requirement study or, an understanding of the client’s needs? do they offer app testing and deployment as part of the app development service? Do they take into account the app development standards that they ought to meet in the process defined?

 What are the coding standards defined by them for app development? Do they deliver separate codes for the two different platforms or, do they use the same code and deploy it differently across the platforms? If their process matches your expectations, and you get to play an important role in managing the entire app development, then you should outsource to that company.

     3. Experience

The final thing you need to consider before outsourcing your project is the expertise and experience the company possesses in the field of app development. For this, you may need to check the portfolio of the company and see the kind of work they have done. It is important to check all aspects of the work, and also look into the type of clients they have worked with to get an idea into what they have to offer.

You should also check for the kind of expertise they possess before appointing them. a lot of companies with good experience are experts in a particular niche. If they do not offer services in your niche or, have not done a single app development project in your niche, you should think twice before considering them. they may not possess the kind of in-depth knowledge that you expect from them.

Once these three factors suit your needs, look into the pricing offered by the app development partner, and see if it fits your budget. The final call should be taken based on a combination of the price of app development and the requirements that you possess.

Summing up

Mobile apps are very relevant in the present times, and if you are not present on the mobile platform, you are not visible to most of your customers, both potential and current. A lot of the end users do not trust companies that are not visible online and stay away from connecting with them.

It is important to outsource the mobile app development to a third party, as they are experienced in the processes and have complete knowledge of how the industry and the mobile app market for the niche work. Before outsourcing your top IT consulting firms app development project, you need to consider these three points:

  • Is the communication precise, prompt and easy-to-understand?
  • Are they experienced in your industry niche?
  • Do they have a thorough process in place?

If you are satisfied with the answers to these questions, you can connect with them, and go ahead with mobile app development for your business. So, if you have decided to develop a mobile app for your business and got a mobile app idea to discuss, get in touch with us as we are one of the leading mobile app development companies in Canada and already helped over 1500 companies to optimize their business through a mobile app.

In case, if you still have any query related to the mobile app development cost, how much does it cost to create an app for your business, how to make money with an app, what is the app development timeline, or necessary mobile app features, then fill our contact us form. One of our sales experts will get back to you shortly to answer your queries.

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