Property Management Software Development

for Real Estate Industry

Whether you are planning to develop property management software, real estate broker software, lease management software or real estate CRM software, we are dedicated to developing a complete real estate management software for your business.

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Property Management Software

Solutions we provide to real estate agencies

We have expertise in developing custom mobile and web-based software solution for real estate enterprises or companies to manage and automate property listing, contract management and documentation.

Real Estate App Development

Mobile application both on Android and iOS

Real Estate Cloud Based Software

Website with backend

Real Estate Web Development

Cloud-based software

Real Estate Software

Desktop software

Real Estate Application Development

Want to Automate Your Real Estate Organization Operations?

Being a CEO and CTO of real estate agency, enterprise, or company, you might have a hectic schedule due to managing a team of real estate agents & brokers, daily property operations & portfolios, creating and storing quotes, invoices, price books and bills in the account. But what if you can manage all these operations digitally at one single platform?

We design and develop mobile and web-based software solution, letting you automate property operations and portfolios in just minutes what used to take days. In fact, we help you to complete your daily tasks more efficiently by arranging your activities into separate real estate modules and solutions that we develop.

Are you running real estate agency or enterprise, but don’t know how real estate software or mobile app can benefit your business? Get in touch with us and our expert team will explain you in detail

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Real Estate Modules & Its Top Features We Develop

Real Estate CRM Solution

Real estate CRM
  • Client/Property Matching
  • Contact Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Management
  • Listing Management
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Back Office Solution

Property Management Software Module

Property Management Software
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Commercial properties
  • Contact management
  • Expense management
  • Insurance management
  • Maintenance management
  • Payment processing
  • Portfolio management

Lease Management Software Module

Lease management software
  • Landlord database
  • Residential leases
  • Property management
  • Contact management
  • Billing and invoicing

Vendors, Maintenance and Inspection Module

Maintenance and Inspection Software
  • Manage the amenities to Inspect
  • Manage Tickets (Work Requests)
  • Paperless Office / Lower operating costs

Sales Management Module

Sales Management Software
  • Quotations, reservations and contracts management
  • Dynamic contracts and SPA generation
  • Flexible payment plan creation
  • Interest charges / penalties calculations
  • Sales transfer process

Charges/penalties Management Module

Charges Penalties Management Software
  • Financial management
  • Operation budget management
  • Revenue and expense recognition
  • Financial data import flexibility

Asset Management Module

Asset Management Software
  • Asset listing
  • Virtualization
  • Fixed asset management
  • Asset data updates and reports

Purchasing & Inventory Management

Purchasing and Inventory Software
  • Purchase order management
  • Inventory items controls
  • Issue, receipt and returns management
  • Auditing and reports
  • Approval management

Don’t know which real estate CMR software module fits your business needs? Don’t worry. Get in touch with our technical expert, who will comprehend your business and guide you further.

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  • Sales and Lease

    Manage Sales and Lease Processing Efficiently

    Our mobile and web-based software solution helps your real estate business to manage sales pipeline, monitor the starting and ending dates of lease, and other related activities. We develop custom software solution from scratch, helping your real estate enterprise and startup to set rules that automatically trigger such as reminders and escalations to make sure that timely actions are taken.

  • Safe and Secure

    Safe and Secure Data Management

    Whether it is commercial or residential property for leasing or renting, it involves a lot of paperwork and requires the constant attention of the team. The traditional process doesn’t guarantee convenience, accessibility and security of data. We develop custom mobile and web-based software solution that safely store and retrieve information when required. In addition, you can save resources and get complete control over the different processes.

  • Employee Management

    Employee Management

    Being an admin of the real-estate enterprise or company, you might know the pain of managing a workforce and the entire team. We develop custom real estate management software solution that manages your entire team at one single platform, giving you the in-detail report, constant updates, work status and performance management of all employees. Even, the team can also get benefit by making sure that there is no duplicity of work, scheduling meetings, and task reminders.

  • Manage Payments

    Manage Payments With Clicks

    Maintain and run payment schedules without any hassle through our custom real estate software solution that allows you to maintain and map all the information related to properties. At one single platform, the information related to the renewal of the lease, lease termination and paperwork can be easily maintained. From managing commission of agents to making payments, manage everything with just a few clicks on the screen.

Do you want to know which type of real estate agency software help your business to expand? Talk to our real estate app development team, which will discuss the benefits in detail with you.

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Development Process We Follow

Understanding Requirements
Know Your Real Estate Business and Requirements
Before we start designing and developing the best real estate CRM software for your real estate enterprise or company, our business representative team communicates with you to know your real estate business, daily operations, and its current process. Our team knows the type of solution you need for your business so that the team can make a concrete plan and strategies for your real estate software solution.
Making Wireframes for Your Solution
Once we comprehend your real estate company’s daily operations and the type of software solution you want, our business analyst team starts making wireframes of your mobile or web-based software solution. The wireframes will give you a complete idea about each module, features, functionalities, and workflow of the solution.
Identifying Technology For Your Real Estate Software
After finalizing wireframes, our technical expert identifies the right and latest technology for your real estate software solution to make it as easy as possible for your employees, customers, and other business partners to access. We will identify the current and latest technologies, making your solution updated with market trends.
Designing Your Software Solution
It’s time to design your visualized real-estate software solution. Our designing team knows the importance of designing the perfect software solution for your real estate company. So, our team knows your preferences like colours, typography, and fonts to design your solution as you want.
Developing Your Solution
After designing your solution with your desired colours, typography, and other preferences, our development team starts developing your solution with discussed modules, features and functionalities. Our team develops one such real estate solution that automates the daily operations of your company.
Time to Test Your Developed Solution
We know that testing is the most important step of the process because a single bug in your solution can make you suffer. So, our quality analyst team checks every single bug that your software might have to make it run smoothly.
Deploying Your Solution to Server
Here comes the final stage of the process. Once developed, our team will deploy your developed real estate software solution to your server and make it available for your end-users. At this stage, our team will handle the entire deployment process without asking you for your participation.

Why Choose Space-O Technologies as Your Real Estate Software Development Partner?

We comprehend your real estate business and its goals & visions that you want to achieve. So, we design and develop such custom real estate software solution for your company that automates the daily process, increase employee productivity, and manage sales and lease processing at one single platform. Here are some of the reasons why Space-O Technologies over other companies:


Is there any NDA process that you follow?

Yes, of course. We do have an NDA process for all our clients, so you don’t need to be worried about your idea and data.

What makes you best in this field?

We have already designed and developed over 20 custom software solutions for different companies and industries like food and beverage, event management, real estate, and other industries.

So, we know what it requires to develop a successful software solution for your company from the right technology to features and functionalities to specifications. Working with us to develop your real estate software solution ensures you are in a safe pair of hands.

Do you provide documentation for the solution? Do I own the code?

Yes, we provide complete documentation for the apps or real estate CRM software solution that we develop for your business. In short, you own the code of your apps or property management apps solution.

How will you allocate resources for the real estate app development?

On the basis of your project requirement and the hiring model you choose, we will allocate the best developer team for your project.

What are the different hiring models you have?

We have different hiring models, including fixed, hourly, dedicated and on-site team hiring models for your convenience. From these models, we will be suggesting the one that suited for you based on your Real Estate app development requirements.

Who will be providing the UI/UX design for my real estate software solution?

We will handle the designing part, including theme and layout for your mobile app. In fact, we follow a standard method for designing your app or software solution. Here are the UI/UX design steps we follow:

  • Understanding requirements
  • Conducting research
  • Defining the user journey
  • Creating wireframes
  • Designing themes

Is there anything that you require from me?

Yes, we require only 2 things from your side. First, we expecting clarity on what you want and what you don’t like because it will help us to serve you better and ensure that you are happy with the end results. Second, we expect you to give a prompt reply or feedback so that you can launch your application or software solution as soon as possible, making it available for your end-users.

Will you give me regular updates about my project progress?

Yes, the project manager will keep in touch with you throughout the project and keep updating you about the project progress. In case of any issues or queries related to your real estate mobile app, you can feel free to contact him for assistance.

Will you assist me to deploy my app or software solution to my server?

Yes of course. We will take care of everything from beginning to end, from discussing your software solution to deploying it to your server, making it available for your end-users. In case, of real estate apps, we deploy it to App stores, including Android and iOS.

What if I want some modifications in the real estate app or software solution after the completion of the project?

Depending upon the type of modification you need in your app or software solution, our technical expert team will guide you further.

Will my app or software solution be stable and secure?

Yes, we take several measures to make sure the security of your Swift application. Have a look at some of the regulations in place for the same:

  • Apply for signature-based permission
  • Disallow access to your app’s content providers
  • Apply network security measures

Do you provide post-deployment support?

Yes, we do provide 3-month technical support without charging any additional cost. In this 3-month period, if you face any issues or bugs in your software for real-estate business, our support team is always ready to assist.

Client’s Testimonials

I was mostly happy with the high level of experience and professionalism of the various teams that worked on my project. Not only they clearly understood my exact technical requirements but even suggested better ways in doing them. The Communication tools that were used were excellent and easy. And finally and most importantly, the interaction, follow up and support from the top management was great. Space-O not delivered a high quality product but exceeded my expectations! I would definitely hire them again for future jobs!

Bashar Anabtawi
Bashar Anabtawi

I am really pleased with the prompt responses I got from Space-O. Inquiries were answered within a very short time and issues were fixed within 12 hours. The Space-O team kept open communication at every stage of the process. Working with them felt like a collaboration resulting in the creation of a platform we are more stan satisfied with. The team took our concept and successfully create the platform we have today. Rakesh and his team really have the clients vision as a priority.

Gideon Banahene
Gideon Banahene
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