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iHeartCam: Best Security Camera App

iHeartCam is the best security camera app for iPhone and Android platform that allows users to watch their home and office remotely. Designed and developed by our mobile app developer team, this security cam app can be used to monitor baby, pet, nannies, and elders at home.

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Security Camera App

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Security Camera App Development

About iHeartCam Surveillance App

iHeartCam is one of the best security camera apps that allows users to turn any iOS and Android device into a security camera. In fact, the video from this smartphone security camera app can be streamed live on the user’s main smartphone or tablet.

The application will also send alerts to users in case any motion is detected. Using iHeartCam app, users can monitor on the go and watch live streaming on their phone through 3G/4G or WiFi network from anywhere and anytime.

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  • Provided Services UI and UX Design, App Development and QA
  • Platforms iOS App and Android App
  • Year 2019

Key Features of
iHeartCam App

Live video streaming

Considered as the most trusted video security app, it allows users to see live video streaming of their loved ones from anywhere and anytime. Users can use the back or front camera of their device and the night mode feature.



Turn into a walky-talky

Using a device’s built-in mic and speaker, users can turn that into a walky-talky, so they can have two-way to talk as they can communicate with people and pets.

Motion and noise alerts

The best part of this best security camera app for iPhone and Android device is it instantly detects the sound and motion and users will be notified on their device at the same moment.



Multi-monitor and camera

The users of this application can watch their loved ones, including kids, pets, elders or anyone on a number of devices. Users can switch between the cameras.


It is an easy-to-use security app that users can install on their spare device, select camera mode and start recording. The users also need to install iHeartCam on their main device that they carry and select Monitor to watch the camera from anywhere.



Endless reach

The best part of the security camera app is that users will never lose connection. Anywhere they are, their loved ones are there with them. Whether they use Wi-Fi, 3G, or LTE or any combination, they never lose connection.

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