Want to Create an Uber for Snow Removal App? 3 Lessons from Eden App – The Best Lawn Care and Snow Plow App
October 1, 2019 Spaceo Canada

Want to Create an Uber for Snow Removal App? 3 Lessons from Eden App – The Best Lawn Care and Snow Plow App

snow removal app development
Want to Create an Uber for Snow Removal App? 3 Lessons from Eden App – The Best Lawn Care and Snow Plow App
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Are you some snow shovelling services or yard maintenance services provider? Do you face problem in connecting with your daily customers and comprehending their needs? This blog is the perfect read for you. We arranged a small meeting with our mobile app consultant to discuss this problem and how mobile app can solve this issue. He gave us an example of the Eden app (best app for snow plowing) and told us 3 lessons that you must remember while developing your own app for snow removal.

Winter is coming: a threat to Westeros but mostly a delight for us. Winter is beautiful and so is the snow.

Correction. Snow is beautiful most of the time when it is not hindering our day-to-day routine.

Whether it is Canada, North America, Russia, Europe or any region with heavy snow, snow accumulation is always a problem. This snow creates problems in everyday activities of people and therefore, needs to be removed.

Some organizations have a snow-removal service contract for the entire winter. Most homeowners contact snowplow drivers for removing snow, just when they need it.

The problem in the second approach is that many times the snowplow drivers are unavailable or they are too expensive. Sometimes, the yearly contracts also go to waste if it doesnt snow as much as you already paid for.

A snow plowing app that provides on-demand snow removal services is affordable and the services are paid for only when actually utilized. The process also becomes easier and faster.  

If you want to create a snow removal app, now is the right time. With an increase in uncertainties in climate fluctuations, people prefer on-demand services compared to annual contracts.

In this blog you will find 3 important lessons from the Eden app (lawn care app), that you should keep in mind during snow removal app development. Before that, you might wanna take a look at what the Eden app is.

Eden app – The best lawn care and snow plow app

  • Eden snow removal app is the best on-demand leaf cleanup, lawn mowing and snow shovelling services app. 
  • It currently provides services in Toronto, Ottawa, Chicago, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Milwaukee, Boston and Cleveland.
  • Eden App has been covered by Breakfast Television, The Chicago Sun Times, CBS, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, The Minneapolis Star Tribune, Noteable, CBC, and more.

Let’s take a few lessons from this app for your own uber for snow removal app development. 

3 Lessons from Eden App for your Snow Removal App Development

#1. Ease of the services

The purpose of any snow shovelling app is to help clear the snow with ease and as soon as the customer wants. Eden provides services with ease and speed. Customers feel like they live in the garden of Eden.

The users can create a profile in just a few seconds and they can add multiple properties as well. This can come in handy if you you want to request a job for friends or family.

Eden app is not limited to snow clearance, but also provides lawn care services. After creating the profile you can select between snow plowing, lawn mowing, garden bed cleanup, shrub trimming, and leaf cleanup services.

snow removal app development

Source: Eden App

Even drivers work with ease as they have the power to accept or reject a job request. A job request is sent to drivers who are in a 30-kilometre radius.

When you invest in snow removal app development, make sure there is ease of service for both customers and snow plowers.

#2. Reliability and security in services

This is one lesson you must learn from Eden. Eden lawn and yard services provide the customers with insured and top-rated professional snow plowers in your area. These contractors are members of the Landscape Ontario trade association. 

This snow clearing app always uses a secure third-party billing service, Stripe, to manage the sensitive information with confidentiality. The private information is never shared with any third-party.

After your service is done, the user can rate the contractor on the basis of their experience. The receipt is emailed to the user after this. they only pay after the service is done, this way the customers also have control over the quality of work.

If you are planning for an Uber for snow plowing service, you must make sure that your service is reliable and secure. 

#3. Having a powerful feature-set

A feature decides whether the app is going to be success story or not. Eden snow plow service app has a lot of features that even you should include in your app.

Whenever you request for a job through the app, you need to enter driveway/parking details. These details are required in order to get a free estimate of the service, instantly. 

The users also receive real-time updates on when the contractor will arrive at the property. They can even chat with the snow drivers if the users need to convey any messages or information to them.

The most unique feature of this app for snow removal is probably the before and after image. The users get before and after photos of their lawn, garden, or driveway.

snow removal app development

Source: Edden App

When you plan a snow removal app development, you must have a powerful pack of features and you can also integrate unique features that are not in the Eden app.

Let It Snow!

An Uber for snow shovelling app is incomplete with powerful features and top-notch service. This is why when you dive into the process of app development, these lessons can melt the snow easily. For developing an app like Eden you need to hire an iPhone or Android app development company. 

If you have any queries or doubts, feel free to communicate them to us. We are am eminent mobile app and web development company based out of Canada. We have experience in developing Uber for X apps including snow plowing apps for iPhone and Android platforms.

Known for our performance-oriented apps, feel free to share your expectations and app idea in a completely confidential consultation with our experts. You may ask your questions related to the app development cost, timeline, or hiring app developers or anything that comes to your mind regarding it. 

This 30 min consultation is free of charge. Just fill the Contact Us form given in the footer and one of our sales representatives will follow up within 48 hours. 

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