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Paper Trader: A Virtual Stock Trading App

Paper Trader, developed by us, is a simulator of the actual trading scenario. The main aim of this app development is to help get the stock trading world by analyzing and practicing the trade simulator. The users can trade real stocks in real time with real price without risking any actual money through Paper Trader app.

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Trading Mobile App

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We have used clean and minimalistic UI design with bright accent colors to make it look intuitive.


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Trading App Development

About The Virtual Simulator App

Paper Trader – A Trading App is built to get into the world of traders and to know the currency exchange market in a way that is accurate and real. It deals with virtual money, minimizing the risk of losing to zero. This app makes the stock exchange market more open with social financing. For this particular app, a precise data collection is done with the use of the Yahoo Stock Exchange, a reliable and active resource.

By following other investors, the users can analyze their investments as well as their related statements of the market. This app has features like stock searching and listing, purchase/sell, profit/loss analysis, professional advice that brings confidence in a user in trading realistically.

Let’s Build Your App

  • Provided Services UX / UI Design, App Development, QA
  • Platforms iOS App, Android App
  • Year 2016 – 2017

Some Of The Key Features From The
Virtual Stock Trading App

Stock Search

A beginner can easily learn to trade and find stocks through the search feature of the app. Searching relevant stock and knowing the market prices can help them analyze their profit/losses.




After searching a stock’s current status, one can come to a decision of buying or selling with some apt news that is mentioned regarding the present stock. It makes a user’s trading decisions sane and builds confidence in the stock exchange business.

Profit/Loss Status

This feature shows profit or loss on a particular stock in a percentage and ranking pattern. It shows a list of stocks in which one has been trading the virtual money and makes the analysis easier about the purchase and distribution of the holdings.



Professional Advice

The user of this simulator mobile app development can follow professional trading analysts and can know more insight on the currency exchange market. The advice comes in a notification form in the simulator application which has some investing as well as some important statements from the said trader about current market situations. The user cannot do a message to the followed person.

Watch List

This works as a wish list stock data for a user. Any stock in which one is interested to trade can keep in his watch list for the daily update of market price and analysis.


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